Get Xcredit Loan Now: Is Xcredit Legit? App, Customer Care,official website Etc.

Get Xcredit Loan Now: Is Xcredit Legit? App, Customer Care,official website Etc.

Xcredit is an online loan app created by a fintech company located in Lagos.

The platform is only online, with a physical office in Lagos Nigeria. However, you do not have to visit their office to use their services.

At the time of this writing, the Xcredit loan app is only accessible by Android devices on Google Play Store with no version for iPhone or windows.

With the app, you can effortlessly get a personal loan. This is done by using your phone with data connection including your SMS history to assess you are verify then create a credit score.Xcredit Loan

XCredit makes getting a personal loan easy by utilizing the information on your phone such as your SMS history to assess your identity and generate a credit score.

The data from your phone – that you chose to share with Xcredit- is encrypted to protect your privacy.

The Xcredit loan app for Android devices

How To Apply For A Loan

Accessing Xcredit loan on Android devices is easy. Follow the steps below to access loan:

  • • open an account
  • • Apply for a loan
  • • loan will be granted straight into your bank account
  • • Customize your loan limit each time you repay a loan

Is Xcredit Loan Legit?

Because we’ve seen people get loans from them, we can say it is legit. If a loan platform should be able to grant loans before been seen as legit, well, this fintech grants loans.

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Customer Care

We have received lots of criticisms about the Xcredit customer service. Some users say that the customer service personnel have been inexperienced in response to their clients especially when your loan expires.

You can reach them, on their Facebook page ‘Xcredit’. The page has no customer care number nor any other Xcredit contact. All you can do is send them a message on the platform.

Pros and cons of Xcredit Loan


  1. Instant and simple access to loans.
  2. No collateral.
  3. No documentation.
  4. No service fee charge.


  1. Xcredit is payback tenor is a maximum of 180 days. This makes it desirable for only short-term loans.
  2. They presently only offer loans up to N500,000.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts you can borrow from Xcredit?

The Minimum loan you can get on Xcredit is N5,000, while the maximum loan you can access is N500,000.

Interest rates

Xcredit interest rate is 12% of the amount borrowed. For instance, if you access a loan of N10,000, the total interest it will amass after 120 days, would be:

N10,000 * 12% = N1,200.

Are there other charges applicable to Xcredit?

All Credit charges are at 0% service fee on all loans you obtain. The loan amount is sent immediately and straight to your chosen bank account.

What are the minimum requirements for taking an Xcredit loan and how do I apply?

To get a loan from Xcredit, all you require is an active bank account and a profile with Xcredit. Use the guide below to apply for a loan:

  • 1 Download and launch the XCredit mobile app from the google play store.
  • 2 Signup for your XCredit account and answer all directed information.
  • 3 Apply for a loan.
  • 4 The loan will be paid directly into your bank account.

Remember that your loan limit is amassed every time you repay a loan.

How quickly are Xcredit loan funds released?

Within a matter of minutes after application, the loan will disburse into your account.

Download Xcredit Loan app

Xcredit Repayment terms

Terms and Conditions for repayment of Xcredit loans are:

  • Every loan attracts an interest rate of 12%.
  • A maximum tenor of 180days to pay back the loan.

Is it safe to get a personal loan from Xcredit?

Yes, it is the safest and easiest platform for online loans. All you have to do is payback the loan on or before the expiring date.

Xcredit customer care number

Xcredit only has a Facebook platform but as of this writing, there is no provided customer care number.

Xcredit loan login

To be able to login Xcredit loan app, you need to have an account with Xcredit.

After which all that will be required of you after the app has verified your information, you will be provided with a username and password to enable you login.

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Launch the app then click on login, fill in the username and password. After logging in, you’ll be presented with a dashboard showing all your information such as repayment date, loan amount, bonuses, and other data.


Applying for loans is simplest with Xcredit. No collaterals, no document, and it is available to anyone with a bank account.

You should benefit from this seamless loan given by Xcredit to cover urgent and unexpected needs.

Ikechukwu Youwin

this articles was written by ikechukwu for, Ikechukwu is a University graduate, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nigerian Nsuka (UNN).Read more

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  1. I have paid my loan by transfer to your wema account 7411537341 and they have not remove the loan

  2. I have paid since on the 26th of this month , up till now, they are still sending me messages that my payment is over due, I have even attached my payment to the WhatsApp number,. Pls rectify and stop sending me messages.

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