NYIF Loan Portal not opening|email confirmation not received?

NYIF Loan Portal not opening|email confirmation not received? Plus other problems
nyif.nmfb.com.ng portal

Have you been trying to access the NYIF Loan Portal portal @ nyif.nmfb.com.ng but finding it difficult to access the page even after receiving mail or sms from the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund to login?

Or are you finding it difficult to receive emails or sms we got the solution here for you.

For those who are getting blank page, First you should check if your network is working very fine. If your network is slow you are to find it very frustrating accessing the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund portal..

Another thing to look out for is the device you are making use of, if you are accessing the portal from your phone and still experiencing any problem, try and set the browser to desktop mode with that, a lot of features will be displayed to you.

Another thing you should do is to make use of another browser or better clear the cache of the browser you use.

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Have you considered turning your VPN on? you can try opening the site using a good vpn.

Not able to register using BVN?

At times the portal might tell you that your names does not correspond. It’s likely that the name on your BVN is different from what you register on the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund portal.

Always put down the names as it appears on your BVN. Everything should correspond very well. So check your bank name and BVN name so as to be sure.

Error message when submitting your description?


Keep on trying, don’t lose hope, also try at night hours. The culprit here is the portal which is not designed to handle large number of requests.

You are not eligible to apply:

Are you getting this message that you are not eligible to apply for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund? Please be rest assured that only those who falls between 18 to 35 years of age can apply.

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If you are above this age, then you cannot apply.

didnt receive their comfirmation mail!?

  1. 1 Go to login, click on reset password.
  2. 2. Type in your email address, and click on send
  3. 3. You should do this at interval of let’s say 2 minutes. Please click on interval and wait for some minutes if you didn’t receive it, you click again and still wait.
  4. 4. It’s better you attempt the above by midnight. This is the best time to go about this.

this user has not been verified?

Some might get the above response, if you get it please. Try to create an account as this will allow you validate your BVN.

Also note that if you have not verify or confirm your email you might receive this response.

But if you have been verified and you are sure about this, then you can use the forget password button to reset your password.

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All the above should be done in the night to get high success rates of getting things done rightly.

How do I apply for NYIF funding?

NYIF is open to Nigerians between the age of 18 to 35 years of age.

Here is the application link

But before you sign up here is the requirements you should have:

Requirements for NYIF Application Form

  • Your BVN Number is needed
  • Your full Names also needed
  • Your Business information is needed
  • Age requirement for this year application is 18-35 years
  • NYIF application is for male and female applicants.

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