Opay /Okash Loan Review: Requirements, Interest Rate |How To Borrow

Opay /Okash Loan Review: Requirements, Interest Rate |How To Borrow

Accessing loans in Nigeria is now seamless, thanks to the advance in technology and the wealth of online loan companies in this modern year.

These businesses give quick, short-term loans to their clients without imploring any collateral. Recently, you can effortlessly get student loans in Nigeria, payday loans, and so on.

About Opay

Okash loan app is a very unique choice that you can employ to resolve your urgent need without any element of stress in terms of documentation.

Okash loan app is a platform that is the best place to access cash loans within a few minutes.

Getting a loan for your business or for other personal intentions, Okash certainly got you covered with their differences in loan options that will promptly solve any issue at hand.Opay loan

The useful aspect of this type of loan is the comfort of getting the loan, where you don’t need to present documents or attend long procedures that traditional banks operate before you can finally take a loan.

Established by the internet star Opera, OPay is a mobile-based platform that provides crucial assistance such as payment, mass transportation services, food and grocery deliveries, and others.

OPay is an acronym for Opera Pay. It’s an extensive online payment outlet that permits you to accomplish a host of transactions.

These transactions include purchasing airtime, purchasing data, subscribing to Pay TV, paying electric bills, hailing a rider with OCar and OTrike, you can also order food with OFood, transferring money,

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sending and receiving payment with QR, investment with OWealth, loan services with OKash, financing your gambling account, documenting your products and services with OList and amassing an online platform with OLeads.

Opay loan app interface

Opay Loan App Review (Okash Loan)

Okash loan is the loan outlet of the OPay group. With this platform, you can get a loan in Nigeria at any time within a few minutes.


  • Quick and safe request for loan payments
  • zero collateral and deposit requirements.
  • Seamless sign-up procedure
  • They offer gifts such as bonuses.
  • The process can be done using your mobile phone. You don’t have to pay a visit to their office.


  • Privacy is not safeguarded
  • Interest rate is high. However, the interest rates are flexible.
  • Loans are only for short-term tenor
  • It has a limited amount you can be granted.

You can easily get loans by filling in your personal information such as name, address, employment status, email, passport photograph, and so on.

This guarantees the loan request is as quick as possible. After making an application, your request will be filtered and your credit history will be scrutinized to verify if you have any outstanding debt with any other financial institutions.

If you have outstanding debt, your loan request will not be approved, but if you do not have an outstanding loan, then you can be sure of getting a loan.

How to Borrow Money from Opay

The main point is to download and launch the OKash mobile app. Sign up for an account and fill in the required information; this will take less than five minutes to finish the signup. You will receive a call or text alternative for verification.

Apply for a loan on the app, go through the Terms and Conditions to see the interest rate and the repayment date. Then select and confirm your loan request, and you will get the money instantly.

Maximum or Minimum Amount You Can Borrow

The maximum amount you can request as a loan on OKash is N50,000. And the minimum amount is N3000.

Download Opay App From Play Store

Opay Loan Requirement

The necessary requirement for requesting for an OPay loan is easy. The loan service is meant for all Nigerians and doesn’t have any strict regulations the regular Nigerian cannot afford.

  1. You must be a Nigerian resident
  2. The age limit ranges from 20-55 years.
  3. You need to have a monthly pay or the reason for the loan should be stated.
  4. Valid ID Card
  5. BVN Number

Opay Loan Interest Rate

The daily interest rate ranges from 0.1% to 1%, while the annual interest rate ranges from 36.5% and 360%. Apart from this, you will have to pay an initial fee with your loan between N1299 to N6000. The tenor of the loan is 91 days for the short-term and 365 days for the long-term.

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Is kash kash loan real?

Okash is an associate of the series of apps developed by Opera. It is acquired by a China-based association under the regime led by Yahui Zhou.

He is associated with the development of the Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., which is one of the most well-known game producers in China.

Who’s the owner of Okash

Okash is owned by a China-based organization whose President is Yahui Zhou.

Yahui Zhou is also attributed to the building of the Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., which is one of the most distinguished game professionals in China.

Yahui Zhou has a total net worth of $2.5 billion at the time of this writing. There is no sufficient data on the structure and grouping of the organization.


OKash (a subsidiary of OPay) is a reputable firm for getting easy loans in Nigeria. With the high inflation you can get easy loans with easy steps.

You get it disbursed into your account within minutes. to end all urgent worry on expenses, log into your Okash app and get a loan.

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