Branch Loan:Login | How to Get A Loan From Branch

Branch Loan:Login | How to Get A Loan From Branch

Branch Loan is a leading online loan platform that offers instant loans to millions of Nigerians.

Branch uses data science to offer its users loans based on its analysis of personal accounts.

Branch operates in Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, India, and Tanzania. Branch Loan is designed to help customers grow and meet their needs.

Branch Loan App

The Branch loan app with over a million users and over one million disbursed loans was launched in 2015.Branch loan

It became available for Nigerians in 2017 and it has seen an incredible growth rate to its service demand and usefulness over the years with over N9 billion users in Nigeria alone.

Go to the Play Store on your smartphone, search, install and download the Branch app. The branch app makes use of the “Evolve Bank & Trust” banking services to issue debit cards to customers.

But, a branch loan is credited to all registered financial banks in Nigeria

How Do I Get a Loan from My Branch App

You can get a branch loan within minutes. But first, you need a working phone number or Facebook account, a bank verification number, and a bank account number to apply. There are five different loans you can apply for on branch

  • You can get medical loans in case of an emergency
  • You can get business loans to raise capital
  • Traveling loans for vacations
  • And finally, personal loans.

Branch will deposit a small amount of money into your account and then verify the account to ensure that the transaction was successful.

After a successful loan application, you will be credited within three working days. Follow the steps below to get a branch loan within minutesBranch loan app

  • Download the Branch Loan app on your smartphone, tap on “Create an account” and then fill out your details in the form.
  • Check for your eligible loan offer and then Apply. You will be credited within 24hrs upon successful application
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Note: most instant loan apps use logarithms to collect your data such as your SMS, your contacts, your banking transactions, your social media, your phone type, etc.

Most loan apps are practically spying on you. It is based on your data that your loan is either approved or declined

What Happens When I Don’t Pay My Branch Loan

As it is the rule of most financial institutes, you’ll be penalized, your interests on your loan will pile up, and it may be harder to grant you a loan in the future.

Branch doesn’t extend your loan payment time, you have to pay back on the scheduled repayment date. So ensure you have a means of paying back before taking a loan.Get your loan from branch

If payment isn’t made on the scheduled date and it doesn’t look like you are repaying your loans soon, Branch may place your name and details on the “National Credit Reference Bureau” (NCRB)

What is the Interest Rate of Branch Loan?

Depending on your credit rating, the interest rate is between 1% to 21%. Branch Loan adapts to individual requirements and helps users to grow. They have lending ranging from ₦1,000 to ₦200,000.

Branch collects and uses the information you provide to analyze a loan amount you can comfortably pay back within few days.

You will unlock large loan amounts when you create loans with Branch and all loans are authorized, disbursed and paid back directly from the app.

Also note, Branch will not charge you with late fees or rollover fees which makes them a better option for users.

How Legit is Branch Loan?

Branch loan is a trusted and secure lending platform that provides its users with the very best service. There are no hidden charges, no late fees or rollovers, and no overdraft charge.

Just ensure to make your loan repayment on the due date to avoid having any issues.

How to Repay Branch Loan

  • Head to the Branch Loan app, go to ‘My Loan’, tap on ‘Tap to pay and then fill in the amount you want to payback
  • Select a payment method and then click on Continue. You can pay it back with cash or with your debit card. That’s it!

Also, note that you can choose between a weekly or monthly payment method.

Go “Select Loan Terms” in the branch app and select your preferred method.

Branch will automatically deduct the loaned amount from your bank account on your next scheduled payday.

Your loan repayment would be processed within 24 hours. In case of any issues, contact the Branch Loan customer service on or for assistance..

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What happens if you don’t pay branch loan?

All you need to apply is your phone number but before then you should have maintained a bank account with any Nigerian banks with a clean financial records.

More also you should have a BVN which must be linked to your bank account, with out having a BVN it will be difficult to apply and get your loan request granted by Branch.

Lastly Branch app must be installed on your device and they usually ask for permission to read your data and extract your information to help process your loan and also know you better.

How much can I borrow from branch?

Branch loan is designed for those who need urgent financial assistance to meet little financial needs as they arises.

This means that Branch loan are not helpful to fund your investment ideas and other huge financial needs as the interest rate will be higher than Norma.

Therefore the minimum amount you can borrow is just 1500 naira and the maximum amount is pegged at 150,000 naira. Note that this are for new customers when you build up your profile with them then they will unlock the limit.

How long does it take for Branch to process a loan?How long after my loan is approved do I receive the money?

The loan processing period before your money gets or hit your account is within 24 hours after your loan request has been granted.

But at most it might take up to 3 working days but they will be in touch with you within this period giving you timeline and details why they are having issues delivering your loan to you.

How do I get a loan from my branch App?

First you must download the app from your app store.
Then you are required to sign up with them thus providing your details in the right format as they are asked.

Your personal details must be correct and accurate, because if they find out that you are trying to give them fake information they will have no option to decline your loan request.

When you are through with the whole process of registering, just view your available loans offer listed for you and pick the one that suit your immediate needs.

Please remember that all loan comes with interest that build up within a few period of time as this is not a long term loan.

What bank does Branch app use?

Here are list of banks Branch loan operates with. This means that you need to have account with any of the bank listed below before you can access loan from Branch bank:

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ALAT by Wema Bank, ASO Savings and Loans, Abbey Mortgage Bank, Access (Diamond) Bank, Access Bank, , Union Bank, United Bank for Africa, Unity Bank, VFD Microfinance Bank Limited, Wema Bank, and Zenith Bank, Merchant Bank, Ecobank Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, First City Monument Bank, GT Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Chartered, Sterling Bank, Suntrust Bank, Enterprise Bank,Guaranty Trust Bank, Keystone Bank, Kuda Bank, Polaris Bank,Citibank Nigeria,Lagos Building Investment Company Plc.

Others are

Bowen Microfinance Bank, CEMCS Microfinance Bank, Coronation Ekondo Microfinance Bank, Eyowo, FSDH Merchant Bank Limited, Globus Bank, Hackman Microfinance Bank, Hasal Microfinance Bank, Heritage, Ibile Microfinance Bank, Infinity MFB, Jaiz Bank, , Mainstreet Bank, Mayfair MFB, One Finance, PalmPay, Parallex Bank, Parkway – ReadyCash, Paycom, Petra Mircofinance Bank Plc, Providus Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, Rubies MFB, Sparkle Microfinance Bank, TAJ Bank, TCF MFB, Titan Bank

Does branch contact your employer if you don’t repay on time ?

Remember that loan default is not something to be proud of and it kills business, this is the reason commercial banks in Nigeria makes customers pass through tough screening before a loan is given out.

We have heard instances where loan providers contact employees, contact details etc to report an individual who default in his or her repayment obligations.
Know this for sure that your BVN will be flagged making it impossible to obtain loan from other institutions. Your bank might also be notified.

Is branch a bank?

Branch is not a commercial bank per say but they offer mobile banking service that revolves around granting loan to customers.

To make their operations smooth and easy they get in touch with commercial banks and integrate their services with them

How long does it take branch to verify?

Before your account will be funded they must verify if the account is a dormant account or if they account is functional and capable of receiving funds.

To get this verified, branch will credit your account with little token and within 24 hours your account will be verified. Note that within this period they will also run a check on your account to see if its qualify to receive loan.


Currently, the Branch loan application is one of the most downloaded funding applications in Africa and used extensively in comparison with other lenders.

The app quickly manages loan needs, enabling you to concentrate on business growth and personal goals

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