MTN Cheapest Data Plans, Prices, and Codes 2024

MTN Cheapest Data Plans, Prices, and Codes ( 2024)

You might have been in a position where you have to view an Instagram picture, status, watch video, download some large files but at the same time you are being mindful and careful because of the little data you are managing.

Not having enough data to complete a task, browse the net or download a file can be really frustrating and also annoying most times. Well this time around, we have a good news on the cheapest data plans that should cheer you up.Mtn data plan

We understand that you must have heard about  MTN Cheap data plans, right? Yes, MTN is not only the largest network provider in Nigeria, they are also one of the most generous and reliable in terms of providing cheap data to the market. In this article we have researched and made a list of MTN Cheapest data plans, their prices, and ussd codes.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

If you search the net you will discover that there are hundreds of blogs talking about various MTN data However, what everyone needs right now is the cheapest amongst data plans on the list.

Subscribing to cheap data plans means paying less for more and this ensures that more money is saved at the end of the day while at the same time you get more satisfaction and value from your money.

Now the main question comes to mind; How much does MTN cheapest data plans cost? This article will do justice to that by listing various MTN cheapest data prices, we will also show the various cost of this MTN cheapest data plans.

1) MTN Double Data Plan

You might have heard of the MTN Double Data Plan; with this data plan subscribers will get 100% extra data bonus they purchase, in a simple word if you purchase 1GB worth of data you will get extra 1GB worth of data as bonus. This is one of the exciting thing about this plan and many Nigerians have embraced this plan with open arm.

Don’t worry this article will show you the step by step on how you can activate the MTN Double Data Plans right now so that you can join others in this amazing offer.

2) MTN Data4me

The MTN Data4me offer is a plan that is designed to give prepaid customers and subscribers alike the ability to access data at extremely cheaper prices suitable to address certain special needs of theirs.

According to MTN, the MTN4ME is a platform from which eligible prepaid customers could access special offers from various available products category

Benefit of MTN Data4me

  • You get 100% Data Bonus each data purchase and Discounted Data Bundles also
  • subscribers get the Best Value Data and also best Voice Bundle
  • Bonus on recharge Offers

Lets show you a list of the available data plan that you can subscribe to under the MTN Data4me plan:

  • 9GB goes for 2,000 Naira
  • 2GB goes for 500 Naira
  • 24GB  goes for 3,500 Naira
  • 40GB goes  for 5,000 Naira

Note that access to this bonus or bundle wont be visible once but rather the amount of data that will be displayed on your screen will be based on how often you subscribe and how often you recharge.

The more and higher you recharge the larger your data options become giving you the better chances to enjoy juicier data deals from MTN Data4me.

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MTN Cheapest Data Codes tha Ensures you subscribe

We have just taken time to list the various cheapest data plans on MTN and also we listed their various prices.

We understand that without giving you their various activation code this article will not be complete, so let’s do justice to that by showing you the various activation Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (ussd) code.

MTN Double Data Plan Code

As we mentioned earlier, MTNDouble Data Plan is a unique platform where customers gets to double Their data without spending more rather they spend less, it doesn’t matter if their SIM are old or new SIM all are eligible.
Secondly you can purchase the data via two ways:

  • Via text message
  • Via USSD code


  1. You have to just Launch your messaging app .
  2. You now have to send the word “DOUBLE” to 131. Immediately MTN should notify you, just move to the next step below while ignoring the message from MTN.
  3. Again you should send the word “PROMO” to 131. MTN wont fail to send you some messages, you just have to move on with what you are doing.
  4. SMS “FREE” to 131.

After completing this task, don’t worry anytime you purchase data be rest assured that MTN will double the data based on what you purchased.

For subscribers who are making use of their SIM for the first time there is a process which is quite different so as to get it activated.
Lets show you the process right away.

  • You have to send the word “PROMO” to 131. A message should pop up telling you that you are successful .
  • You have to reply back with just “1” to proceed. Mtn should notify you with a confirmation SMS again .
  • Proceed to purchase the data by Dialing *131# from now onwards you should get double data anytime you purchase a data.

We hope the table provided below will best help you understand the various data plans on double the data on MTN:

Data PlanPrice (NGN)Activation CodeValidity

MTN Data4me


What we discussed above is the SMS method of subscribing to the MTN double data bundle. Lets show you how to subscribe via USSD code
The steps below should help through this process:

  • On your Smart device, just dial *121#.
  • There should be a popup with various options for you to pick from.
  • Now you have to just Select “3” you do this by just typing 3 in the space provided and tapping “Send.” Option three is the ‘Data4me” bundle.

The system at this point displays an array of data bundles, go through them and subscribe for the one you want to.

Data bundle balance

Irrespective of the amount you subscribed for, your data can be checked using the *131*4# USSD code. More also to get your data balance via SMS option you can send “2” via text to “131.”

Other Cheap MTN Data Bundles and their Activation Codes

MTN has cheap data plans that you can subscribe to or activate with USSD code for yearly, quarterly, or monthly plan. MTN Nigeria Data plans that gives 2GB and above 2GB come with 4GB free YouTube streaming when purchased. Here are a list of  some of the plans we have compiled below:

  • 5GB at N1000 (valid for 30 days) – text 106 to 131
  • 2GB MTN Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 130 to 131: N1200
  • 3GB Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 131 to 131: N1500
  • MTN 4.5GB Mobile Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 110 to 131: N2000
  • 6GB Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 147 to 131: N2,500
  • 10GB MTN Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – dial *131#: N3000
  • 12GB MTN Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 107 to 131: N3500
  • 20GB Package (valid for 30 days) – text 116 to 131: N5000
  • 25GB Package (valid for 30 days) – dial *131#: N6000
  • 45GB MTN Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 163 to 131: N1000
  • 40GB MTN Data Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 117 to 131: N10000
  • 75GB Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 150 to 131: N15000
  • 120GB Plan (valid for 30 days) – text 149 to 131: N20,000
  • 200GB Package (valid for 30 days) – dial *131#: N30,000
  • 30GB 2-Month Bundle (valid for 60 days) – text 119 to 131: N8000
  • 100GB 2-Month Bundle (valid for 60 days) – text 118 to 131: N20000
  • 160GB 2-Month Bundle (valid for 60 days) – text 138 to 131: N30000
  • 400GB 3-Month Bundle (valid for 90 days) – text 133 to 131: N50000
  • 600GB 3-Month Bundle (valid for 90 days) – text 134 to 131: N75000
  • MTN 800GB 6-Month Bundle (valid for 180 days) – text 115 to 131: N90,000
  • MTN 1TB Yearly Bundle (valid for 360 days) – text 136 to 131: N100,000
  • 5TB Yearly Bundle (valid for 360 days): N250,000
  • 5TB Yearly Bundle (valid for 360 days) – text 137 to 131: N450,000
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MTN Nigeria remains the only telecom that has presence in all smaller or less accessible parts of Nigeria not only that, they still remains at the top when it comes to data plans that are cheaper and network quality less likely to fluctuate.

Although some customers complained that their data got exhausted but truth be told, android phones drains data in an alarming rate. Most apps are known to run at the background draining more data.

MTN is amongst the largest telecoms network out there that have all it takes to give you affordable data plans to feed your ever hungry devices.

No matter who you are, the size of your pocket, MTN has data plans that will suit your special need and budget.

Hence you can subscribe to daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly MTN cheapest data plans and connect with friends and family.

MTN N50 for 25MB Cheap Data Plan Code:

This plan is for your urgent needs but its not that big.

Recharge just N50, once you subscribe you should get MTN 25MB.

  • To subscribe, Text “114” to 131. Valid for 24 Hrs (1 day).a`

MTN N100 for 75MB Cheap data plan code

This plan promises you 75MB for just N100, this is not okay for heavy data users

  • When you want to subscribe you should Text “104” to 131. Valid for 24 Hrs ( 1 day).

MTN N350 for 1GB data Cheap Data plan code

With N350, you will get MTN 1GB data for one day.

  • To subscribe, Text “155” to 131. Valid for 24 Hrs.
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MTN N1000 for 1.5GB Cheap data plan code

MTN Nigeria will give you about 1.5GB worth of data that will last for 30 days for N1,000. to subscribe,

  • Text “106” to 131. Remember it’s Valid for 30 Days.

MTN Pata Plan Code for 500 Naira for 2GB.

Here is the USSD code you can use to subscribe MTN 500 for 2gb . With N500, you can get; 2GB valid for 2 days

You Just have to Text “154” to 131. This is one of the best offers on the list. The data is huge and will be enough for a moderate browsing needs.

  • # 500= Text 154 to 131 for 2GB=Valid for two days.

MTN 1GB Data Plan for Weekly Services

You can get 1GB volume of data plan which is currently available in daily and weekly plans, so you can make your choice ;

  • MTN 1GB for N500, Text “142” to 131. Valid for 7 days
  • MTN 1GB for N350, Text “155” to 131. Valid for 24 Hrs

MTN 1.5GB data plan code

MTN have the 1.5GB that is designed to last for 30 days . If you are please for this offer then here is how To subscribe,

  • Text “106” to 131
  • Valid for 30 Days.

MTN 6GB Data Plan Code and Subscription Price

Again there is a 6GB plan, this MTN 6GB data plan will likely last for 30 days with no option to rollover. More also you can subscribe to the weekly plan for 7 days . See their subscription codes below;

  • MTN 6GB for N1,500, Text “143” to 131. Valid for 7 days (one week)
  • MTN 6GB for N2,500, Text “147” to 131. Valid for 30 days (one month

MTN Weekly Plans:

  • There is a 6GB Weekly data that works on all device (7 days) – text 143 to 131 – 1,500 NGN
  • 1GB Weekly Browsing, this will be enough for your daily need for Mobile (7 days) – text 142 to 131 – 500 NGN
  • 2GB Weekly Browsing for Mobile (7 days) – Dial *131*105# – 1,000 NGN
  • 750MB Weekly Browsing for Mobile (7 days) – text 103 to 131 – 500 NGN
  • 350MB Weekly Browsing for Mobile (7 days) – text 102 to 131 – 300 NGN

Note that when subscribing for any of this data you will surely get 100% Data bonus with the exception of the 6GB package, for an example if you subscribe for just 1GB data plan, MTN will give you 2GB.

Note that, there are terms and conditions attached to this offer. Although this terms can be modified at anytime but at the time of writing this article its valid

MTN Daily Plans

  • 1GB MTN Daily (24 hours) – SMS 155 to 131 – ₦300
  • MTN Daily Data Plan for Mobile, 100MB (24 hours) – SMS 104 to 131 – 100 NGN
  • MTN Daily Plan for Mobile, 40MB (24 hours) – SMS 114 to 131 – 50 NGN
  • 2GB 2-Day Plan (48 hours) – text 154 to 131 – 500 Naira
  • 2.5GB 2-Day Package (48 hours) – 500 Naira
  • 200MB 3-Day Package (72 hours) – text 113 to 131 – 200 Naira

To check if your data is almost exhausted while browsing just SMS 2 to 131 to check your remaining data.

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