MTN 100 Naira Data Plans Code: 1GB, 500MB, 250MB 2024

MTN 100 Naira Data Plans Code: 1GB, 500MB, 250MB 2024

What is the cheapest MTN data plan?How do I subscribe for MTN 100 naira? If you have asked those questions above then you will get your answers here.

We understand that you are interested on the MTN N100 for 1GB, 500MB, 250MB huge data plans.
This post has been written with you in mind, the aim is to shows you the step by step approach to take so as to subscribe and get the N100 for 1GB, 500MB, 250MB.Mtn data plan

With the introduction of MTN 4G/LTE service in Nigeria, MTN has promised an improved service delivery aimed at ensuring steady and uninterrupted internet speed, with this services put in place, subscribers will be able enjoy a blazing browsing speed like never before.

Its a known fact that With the 4G/LTE service, subscribers will need more data than before because 4G/LTE no doubt consumes more data ; Irrespective of the fact that 4G/LTE consume data, the benefits that comes with it is second to non besides the newly introduced 5G network.

MTN 100 Naira Data Plans In Nigeria

The MTN 100 data plan guarantees cheap data of 1GB for just 100 naira. Here is the steps to get started with this amazing offer from our big brother MTN :

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How do I buy 1GB data on MTN for 100 Naira?

  1. You should Load a recharge card of 100 Naira on your sim card.
  2. Next is to dial *131*100# to subscribe.
  3. Your Data given will be activated and it is valid for 1 Month
  4. To Check your balance Dial *131*4# for data balance.


Not everyone is eligible for this offer though, please if you don’t get it then you should check if you are eligible by following the next steps below :

  • before you start the step, your minimum balance should be below 100 naira on your MTN line
  • Then dial *131*100#
  • If you are eligible you will be given an option to accept auto renewal or subscribe.
  • if you Fellow the step above to subscribe and receive an insufficient balance response, it simply means you are eligible for the offer.

MTN 250MB For 100 Naira Data Plan

  • You should just dial *131*65# and reply ‘1’ on the next menu that comes up on your screen to activate
  • MTN 250MB For 100 is a plan that is amongst the MTN Welcome Back data plans, you will see it on the list of MTN cheap plans if you dial *131*65#
  • You can also SMS WBD1 to 131 to subscribe. It’s valid for 3days.
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For you to be eligible for this plan then your sim should have been dormant for some months. Most MTN subscribers are of the habit of leaving their sim card un-recharged for a period of 180 days just to be eligible for this data plan.

MTN 500MB For 50 Naira Data Plan

We decided to add this data plans among the list of our cheap data plans for today.

This plan is called the MTN Night Plan On Pulse and it can only be used at night from 11pm to 5am.

So if you are on MTN Pulse, please consider this plan

Here is how to subscribe for this plan beloy:

  • Dial *406# and select your preferred bundle plan from the Pulse Nightlife bundle menu. or dial *406*3*1# for 250MB/₦25 bundle and *406*3*2# for 500MB/₦50 bundle.

MTN 250MB For 50 Naira Data Plan

There is also the MTN 250MB for 25 naira. Please note that this is also a night plan but comes with just 250mb attached to it.

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Nightlife bundle



500MB/₦50*406*3*2#SMS NT2 to 131
250MB/₦25*406*3*1#SMSNT1 to 131

Step 3: Start browsing

Please remember that the subscription code is just
*406*3*2# and you should be on pulse plan before attempting it.

MTN 100MB For N100

This is a smart daily plan that last for just 24 hours and nothing more.

If you are a heavy data user this plan might not be enough for you, you might consider MTN data plan 1000 for 4GB

Simply dial *131*104# to subscribe. That’s the code.

Have you seen MTN Data Plan 200 For 1GB 7 Days? We believe that this data plan willbe perfect for your need because its cheaper here is the link

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