MTN Double Data Code & Bonus Offer Activation 2024

MTN Double Data Code & Bonus Offer Activation 2024

Double data tariff plan is now one of the the latest strategies used by telecom companies to retain and attract customers to their network.
This is not only peculiar to MTN, but we have seen same Double data plan on Glo , 9mobile and Glo double tariff.Mtn

We are about to show you steps to get the MTN double data plans; you will get to see the code to get 2X of what ever you subscribe for giving you more value.

Maybe you have heard your friends who gets hefty amount of data from MTN and you are wondering how they got it ;

well this post will explain so many things to you so as to clear your doubts while putting you on same path of doubling your data each time you subscribe.

Remember this is not cheat code but rather a genuine way to double your data without breaking any rules. So you just have to be calm and learn the steps to get started.

MTN DOUBLE Data Plan explained

For your information, the MTN double data is not for certain group of people, just everyone is eligible, both new and old SIM will get two times the data volume they purchase once they have activated this plan.

According to MTN, you are expected to just buy a prepaid SIM card and they will double your data instantly for you while on this plan.

The reality of MTN DOUBLE Data is;

MTN double data plan is a plan that allows subscribers who are on MTN double data bundle to easily 2Time or double the value on every subscription or Recharge they make.

Just as the name implies, you get double of what ever you subscribe to, let’s take for instance you subscribe for 1GB monthly data plan, MTN will give you extra 1GB data making everything 2GB.

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What about if you are buying 1.5 worth of data, what happens? Well MTN will still keep to their promise by giving you extra 1.5GB making everything 3GB.

You can subscribe to this plan which ever way that suit you, either via USSD code or via SMS option or rather still get started using the MyMTNApp.

How to upgrade to MTN DOUBLE Data Plan

You can now Activate your 3G or 4G LTE sim any of this will work smoothly for the DOUBLE data plan. The whole process will take you less than 2 minutes, all you just need to do is to send a short SMS to MTN and you will be upgraded to DOUBLE data plan.

Here is the steps to Follow to activate DOUBLE data on MTN easily:

  • You will send the following SMS to 131, just type in “DOUBLE” as SMS and send it to to 131: “DOUBLE”to 131
  • MTN are likely to send you sms notification that contains a successful message, don’t worry about the message as all is not yet done. proceed with the next step below.
  • You will send SMS “PROMO” to 131.
  • As usual MTN will inbox you some notification just ignore them
  • Finally, sms “FREE” to 131.

Thats all, just purchase airtime and subscribe to any plan.

Activate DOUBLE Data On New MTN SIM Card

If you just purchased your new prepaid SIM, here is the process of getting it upgraded to Double data plan although the step below is very similar to the step given above.

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To get started with DOUBLE Data on your New SIM;

  • Just send a message e.g ‘PROMO‘ to 131.
  • After this, you’ll get a successful popup message.
  • Reply ‘1‘ to proceed.
  • Next just dial *131# , that’s all you should do to start enjoying or flexing your data

If you are using MTN South Africans , there is a simple code to migrate to Double the data which is *142#, and follow the on screen option

How To Get Double Data On MTN 4G SIM

The process still remains the same for all SIM ( 3G or 4G)
Once you follow the process above you will be upgraded to DOUBLE data deals.

For those who are migrating from 3G to 4G LTE for the first time should expect to get 4GB of data, this is free of charge. Please note that this data does not have anything to do with MTN DOUBLE data offer as explained above.

  • send sms, type in “PROMO”, then
  • Send it to 131.
  • FREE” to 131
  • If you are just getting your sim the first time then
  • Reply ‘1‘ to proceed.
  • Next just dial *131# ,

Thats all,

Note: You may be lucky and get the free Bonus without the above processes.

How To Qualify Or Check MTN DOUBLE Data Eligibility

If you are a starter, don’t worry this section was written for you to explain certain things you ought to know.

At times its better to check if you are eligible or not for the MTN Double Data most especially when you tried upgrading to the plan and still yet unable to enjoy the benefits of MTN Double Data.

To check your eligibility, send PROMO to 131, if it happens that you received a congratulatory notification message then you are eligible but if otherwise then you aren’t eligible

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MTN Bundle & DOUBLE Data Deals

Data PlanPrice (NGN)Activation CodeValidity

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate MTN bonus data?

To activate the MTN data bonus you should Simply dial *121#, you will be given a list of available data best deals on their list. At times MTN are known to give data that best suit your special needs

How can I get MTN 24GB for 3500?

Some eligible users can get 24GB for 3500, to get started just dial *121# and see the displayed available options created. At times you might not really get to see that of 24GB for 3500 but rather you might be given more better options based on how often you recharge.

Can u share MTN bonus data?

You can’t share or gift the MTN bonus data to your family and friends. It cannot be transferred to another SIM card. It can only be used on the sim it was activated from.

How to check MTN double data eligibility

To check the eligibility status of the MTN double data plan on your SIM you should first try to subscribe to that plan by sending “DOUBLE” to 131, followed by
PROMO to 131. , you will get a response if you are eligible or not.

How can I get 4G data bonus on MTN?

The process is still the same, to activate it on 4G network just sms
“DOUBLE” to 131, followed by
PROMO to 131.

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