CBN P-AADS Loan Application form 2022/2023 How do I apply

CBN P-AADS Loan Application form 2022/2023 How do I apply for P Aads loan?

CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme: have you heard of P-AADS? Well it’s a programme sponsored by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with aim to helping farmers.

Well, this time around The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has open the application portal, asking suitable Nigerians who are mostly farmers to come apply.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given the go ahead order to money banks or commercial banks to assist with the sum of N2 billion maximum loan to youths who are into agriculture or are willing to go into commercial agriculture.

About 370,000 youths that have showed interest in commercial agricultural related activities will be targeted under this programme.

Nigerian farmers stand a chance to benefiting from the Private Accelerated Agriculture development Scheme (PA-AADS), as they will be getting access to private sector-driven funding.CBN P-AADS Loan

The CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme, farmers will now get loan to cover expenses and cost on land clearing, irrigation, building of laboratory and stage facilities, and also support infrastructure for domestic commodities.

What are the Goals of the CBN P-AADS Loan?

The aim and objective of CBN P-AADS Loan are as follows:

  • CBN P-AADS Loan will help farmers secure loan which will enhance their production capacity of staple foods and industrial raw materials.
  • there will also be job security and by extension job creation with respect to economic expansion and prosperity.

Who is Eligible for Participation in CBN PA-AADS Loan Scheme?

  • farmers who engages in the processing of agricultural commodities.
  • Participants under the Anchor Borrowers Programme(ABP) with a proof of contiguous and availability for clearing and cultivation.
  • individuals and business entities in possession of landed property that can be used for agricultural farming.

What are the Focal Commodities?

Here are the list of agriculture commodities that are captured under the CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme:

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Oil Palm, Cocoa, Livestock, Sorghum, Fish, Poultry, Wheat, Tomato, Cassava, Rice, Maize and other products listed by the CBN.

What is the Criteria for Eligibility?

  • if you are applying then you should be into agricultural related activities
  • 20 hectares or more land for agricultural activities
  • you should have a Good credit record.
  • collateral are needed to prevent default in loan repayment hence you should provide listed collaterals
  • there should be a proof that you are cultivating any of the listed commodities by the CBN.


Have it in mind that the Private Accelerated Agriculture development Scheme funding will be done through the Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP).

Loan Limit, Tenor and Interest Rate of CBN P-AADS Loan Scheme

  • N2, 000, 000 (Two Million Naira Only). This loan credit will be repaid from the Economics of Production (EOP) for cultivating farmland.
  • Annual crops should be 6 years with a six (6) months moratorium while perennial crops should be like ten (10) years with one year moratorium.
  • there is an interest rate, please remember this and the Interest rate is 5.0% and 9% respectively.
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Like stated earlier, collateral is needed and you will present it which is one of the major requirements for accessing the loan.

This collateral should be cleared landed property or collateral as approved by the CBN.

Please take this serious : APB/CBN shall be liable for 50% of the credit risk if a participant defaults.

Loan Repayment

You are mandated to repay your loan on installment as this will reduce the impact of withdrawal of large amount of money from your business.

Just spread the loan over EOP of the cultivated products and you are good to go.

When you repay to the participating banks, they will remit the funds back to CBN

Visit for more details.

What this means

The federal Government has realised the need to provide continuous support to critical sectors of the economy.

(e.g. You must have heard about the National Young Farmers Scheme, Anchors Borrowers Programme, etc.),

All this are prove that the government is committed at diversifying the economy and also halt the impact of food shortages, help boost productivity in key agriculture produce

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