How to upgrade my MTN,Glo,9 mobile,Airtel SIM to 4G and 5G

How to upgrade my MTN, Glo,9 mobile, Airtel SIM to 4G and 5G

Upgrading your MTN, Glo, 9 mobile and Airtel SIM to 4G LTE will be one of the best decision for anyone that is making use of smartphone should make.

Knowing fully well that being connected to a 4G network guarantees a smooth and an unstoppable internet session, upgrading to 5G network will be a plus.

The 4G LTE stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology, while the 5G stands for the 5th generation telecommunications technology standard for broadband cellular networks and it differs a lot from the 3rd generation of telecom technology (3G)

in as much that 4G LTE will effortlessly and efficiently deliver high data speed, 5G network will solve your problems about slower data connectivity, giving you supper fast HDVideo Streaming experience, a feet that 3G network can’t boast of.

We understand that so many Nigerians are still making use of 3G network; well without being told you should know that 3G network is now old fashion and comes with lots of limitations especially when you are making use of a smart device that is 4G enabled.Migrate to 4G

It will interest you to know that most network providers desperately want subscribers to move over to 4G network because that’s where all the juicy goodies and offers are.

Though they can’t force subscribers rather they are willing to reward subscribers with FREE 4GB data when they are able and have successfully upgraded their SIM to 4G/LTE network.

How to know if my MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile sim is 4G

When you want to confirm as to be sure if the SIM you are using is 4G or not there is a code you should send.

  • MTN : Simply send ā€œ4Gā€ as SMS on your mobile phone to 131. With this you will receive an sms
  • Glo Sim Card: you should just Text 4G to 400 and wait a few minutes for feedback
  • Airtel Sim Card: you should just Dial *121# and select 4G services for Airtel subscribers, that’s all
  • 9mobile SIM card: 9mobile is far ahead, they have upgraded their SIMs to 4G, so subscribers shouldn’t border, only ensure that your device is 4G compatible that’s all

For sure in no time, your network provider will forward you an SMS stating your status.
Note that for 4G to work very well, your phone have to be 4G enabled alongside your sim, if not it won’t work.

Is MTN 4g sim upgrade free?

The new MTN 4G comes with the MTN 4G+ hence its important you upgrade as soon as possible to ensure you get the best and fastest downloading speed.

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Now you might ask is this offer free? You shouldn’t be afraid about migrating or upgrading your sim to MTN 4G because it is absolutely free of charge you aren’t required to part with your hard earned money before you can upgrade to the fastest network.

How can I upgrade my MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9 mobile 3G SIM to 4G

Now the main question comes to mind which is “How can I upgrade my MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9 mobile 3G SIM to 4G?”well the process is straight and forward which is to simply follow the steps below or visit nearest office closer to you and they will upgrade it for you.

How to get on Airtel 4GAirtel

Airtel said that subscriber who want to upgrade should just get a 4G SIM or if you want to upgrade your old SIM you;
Simply visit an Airtel Store near your location.

How To Upgrade MTN Sim To 4G/5G LTE

Before you can upgrade to 5G you have to be sure that your phone is 5G compatible, this is necessarily before taking the step below :

How to upgrade MTN SIM To 4G/5G by your self

  • First you should simply have your SIM card Swap for a USIM, this is the first step to take.
  • Now after the swap to USIM, now Text 4G to 131,
  • Thats all, just wait a few of a second, You should have gotten an SMS right now which should notify you of a successful swap.

How to upgrade Glo SIM To 4G/5G

  • Similarly, you have to still Swap your 4G SIM for a USIM to allow for a smooth transition.
  • Done with the SIM swap; also Text an sms “4G” to 400,
  • That’s all that is needed to be done from your part.

If it is successful you should receive SMS notification.

Subscribers who want to upgrade their SIM just have to visit any Glozone, SIM Swap or Gloworld outlet and SMS 4G to 400

How to upgrade Etisalat/ 9mobile SIM To 4G/5G

Etisalat won’t require you to undergo the stressful process of a SIM swap.
See what happens here; provided that your smart phone you are making use of is 4G LTE compatible then no issue, the system works perfectly well by detecting if your phone is compatible and adjust the settings from their end.

How to upgrade Airtel SIM To 4G/5G

Airtel as a network seems to be lacking behind as far as 4/5G network is concerned, as a matter of fact Airtel has not been able to make provision for the 4G/5G LTE.


We believe they are on it and soon they will catch up with the latest trends but for now you can contact them via tweet @airtelcare for a status update, reminding them for update.

You might ask” Do i need to go with my ID card? “this is an important question but from the last time we checked, it was not listed as a requirement for SIM upgrade but rather its needed when your SIM is stolen. So just walk to MTN, Glo, 9 mobile or Airtel office with your sim only and request for a sim upgrade.

How to check if your phone supports 4G

Before you decide to upgrade your SIM to the latest network connectivity either from 3G to 4G or to 5G you have to first of all check if your phone is meant or manufactured to support such network.
Now even though you upgrade your SIM but your phone does not have the capacity to receive 4G or 5G signal, it will revert to 3G.

Below are the steps, just follow it for you to be very sure what network your phone truly support:

  • 1. You to Click on ‘Settings’ like from the menu of your phone.

Phon 4/5G enabled

  • 2. Click on the Network and Internet tab.
  • 3Click on ‘Settings’ from the menu then click on the Network and Internet tab
  • 4. Not yet done, you should click on Mobile Network, just as shown below

4/5g phone

  • Next, you should Click on mobile network as displayed below

4/5 g phone

  • 5. Tap on preferred Network

When getting your next phone you can always checkout and confirm if its 4G or 5G enabled devices from the pack just as below:

Benefits of getting 4g and 5G sim and smartphone

Now you might ask “what is the benefits attached to upgrading your SIM”? The benefits are enormous most especially when you are making use of a smartphone:

  1. With a 4G enabled SIM you should be able to Browse at a high speed , update and upload and also download at a very high speed with almost 200Mbps speed.
  2. If you Stream movies a lot you will agree with me that 3G won’t give you a perfect Streaming experience you crave for but with 4G you your streaming season won’t be interrupted
  3. With 4G you got a super fast network to help you Engage with web pages of your choice with no hitches.
  4. When it comes to Uploading and downloading of your favourite videos you can do that within seconds no matter their sizes.
  5. More also you got to Stream music if you chose not to have it downloaded.
  6. You get free lots of data
  7. There are offers that will enable you double yours data and airtime most especially if you upgraded recently.
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How Can I Upgrade My Glo SIM to 4G?

When you upgrade your Glo SIM you stand to enjoy a lot. You know that Glo is good at giving bonuses. Now when You are on 4G, Glo will give you 10GB after an upgrade plus a 25% bonus each time you make a purchase.

First, you just have to Swap your current SIM for a USIM. Thats all, move to the next step;
Then, SMS 4G to 400. That’s all

How Can I Upgrade My Phone To 4G

Your Mobile Phone have to be 4G compatible before you can enjoy the unlimited benefits that’s attached to 4G. If otherwise there is no way to convert a 4G if your phone don’t have the facility necessary for 4G Long Term Evolution capability.

How Do I Upgrade My Sim To 4G?

To Migrate your sim to 4G all all depends on the particular network (MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile) you have as each network has their own process of doing things.

When you upgrade your SIM on Airtel you stand to gain the following :

  • Airtel will dull out FREE 4GB data just to say thank you for updating and upgrading your SIM, it last for for 7days
  • Not done yet, Airtel will give be giving you like 100% bonus on every data plans you subscribed to, more also this will apply for transaction that exceed N500 and above for the first 3 months
  • According to airtel you will enjoy 25% bonus on airtime bought on your new 4G sim, N500 and above for the next 3 months

When you upgrade your SIM on Glo you stand to gain the following :

OfferOne time benefitSubsequent Benefits
3G to 4G Upgrade10GB25% Extra data bonus can be availed for 6 months
Validity7daysBased on Data Plan Purchased
  • Glo our Big brother will dash you One-time Data worth 10GB. Thats their promise.
  • When you get your One-time Data that worth 10GB it’s going to last for just 7 days
  • Not yet done, subscribers who migrated successfully should get 25% Extra data bonus when they purchase data plans that worth between N500 and N5000.
  • Interestingly Glo said that they are willing to dash 25% Extra data bonus for the next 6 months.

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