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How To Buy Original Sumec Generators

Generators are Good machines to keep around you. Though you might reside in developed environment with a 24hours power supply, But that doesn’t Change the fact that a generator is important to keep in your home.

In recent times, several cities in Nigeria have reported issue of temporary power outage although this is normal .

This might be caused by a problem in the power supply unit or a malfunction.

Some months back , it was reported that kaduna state suffered a temporary power outage and the residents were in total blackout for some days. This is where the need for a generator emerges.

Today, we are going to look into a particular brand of generators. We are going to discuss about The Sumec Firman Generator Set, you guys knows that it’s one of the best if not the best in the market right now.

The Sumec Firman Generator Sets are durable and affordable machines that has been in existence for over 4 decades.Sumec Firman generator

This brand has many positive reviews and they manufacture products with amazing features alongside their affordable prices.

Below, we are going to outline several points about the brand.

Sumec Firman Company review.

Firman has been known to be generating equipment brand under the Sumec Group. The well known Sumec group which was founded in 1978 and they specialized in trade, service, engineering contracting and investment development.

The group has been know to initiate development everywhere it’s located.

30 years after its development, the group has become an international manufacturing group with a wide experience in manufacturing.

The Firman Group has gotten trademarks worldwide by registering in 92 countries.

This information above is enough to educate you on the origin of the company..In order to be accurate, some details were pulled out of the company’s website. ( us)

How To Buy Original Sumec Generators.

Buying an original product matters a lot as it determines the amount of utility you receive while the product is in use.

There are several ways you can purchase the original Sumec Firman Generators. However, you need to lookout for certain details while purchasing the generator.

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The Generators can be purchased online and offline. You can order your favorite generator of online marketplace

When getting offline or from a dealer

Always have it in mind that there are fake sumec generator. It’s best you go with a technician to help you check the coil of what you are getting.

Don’t mind the appearance of any generator. The most important thing there is the coil. Is the coil made of pure copper? that is the most important thing to look out for.

Note that some dealers who are not trustworthy might want to play a fast one so as to drive their revenue up.

What they do is to get a genuine generating set and remove the coil while they insert a bad coil.

You looking at the Generator you will believe that everything is okay. But a good technician will have to open the coil section and analyse the coil, checking every details about the coil.

More also ask the dealer if he has a return/refund policy. Tell him or her if you are not satisfied about what you get then you will return it immediately usually within an agreed time frame .

Trust me I have once returned a Generator I got from the market after realising that I have been trick to buy a fake product. That made me to put out this post to you.

Online stores like Jumia, Aliexpress are trusted sites you can order goods from but most Nigerians are not used to getting things they have not feel or touch.

If you are purchasing offline, Locate any trusted certified Generator dealers around you and request for Sumec Firman Generators You can now select the one that suits your budget.

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You can get it from Amazon and get them delivered at your doorstep or your local post office but this usually takes a little time.

However, when ordering goods online, you need to watch out for fake websites and stores in order to Avoid getting duped.

Beware of fake products by checking the body of the generator as Sumec Firman always inscribe the world “FIRMAN ‘’on Its fuel tanks, AVR, Engine block, Cylinder and muffler.

Sumec Firman Fuel Consumption.

The Sumec Firman Generator does not consume fuel rapidly. This only happens when the Generator works for long duration. Their products are Unique in nature.

Are Firman Generators Made In China?

Several questions, Including this one has been asked recently about the origin of Firman Generators.

Yes, Firman Generators are manufactured in Nanjing , China. Their headquarters is located in China and they have several branches scattered over the cities of China.

The company was formed in China and they are known for manufacturing several varieties of products which are tested and trusted.

Are Firman Generators Good Generators?

Yes, Firman Generators are good generators as they are known to undergo series of tests before they are sent out for sale.

Their products has been used by individuals worldwide with positive reviews from the buyers.

Their products is said to have meet up with the requirements and standards expected from any generators.

Your requirements might differ from that of others but the Sumec Firman Group can assure you a 90% satisfaction on every product you purchase from them.

Their products is being used in several countries. Individuals who purchased their products has dropped positive reviews concerning it.

I personally bought the medium-sized Sumec Firman Generator(SPG 3800) in the year 2010.The Generator has served it’s use perfectly without much glitches .

I make changes in the parts of the generator to make it appear like a new machine. I order parts of the generator to keep it working fine. Isn’t that amazing?

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Sumec Products are one of the leading products in this present day. You don’t have to worry about its durability and price as their products are durable and equally affordable.

How Quiet Are Sumec Firman Generators?

Generally, Generators are expected to generate high level of noise but the Firman Group manufactures generators that generates low noise which cannot be harmful to the ears nor disturb the vicinity.

Noise is measured in dB and the normal level of harmless noise that the ears can receive is noise below 85dB(Decibels).Any noise above that can be harmful to the ears.

Sumec Firman Generators are manufactured to generate a noise rate of 75dB. This rate is perfect for your ears as it can’t cause any damage to the ears or disturb the environment.

Sumec Generators are known for low noise generation so you shouldn’t bother about that.

Who Produces The Engine For Firman Generator?

The Firman Generators are a part of the Sumec machinery. The Sumec machinery was set up in 1978 with its headquarters in China.

The Sumec machinery is the body responsible for the design and production of the engines of the generators produced by Sumec Firman.

Their Engines are known to be strong, durable and efficient. The engines work with a low oil detector feature and auto shaft feature. The Sumec Machinery worked tirelessly to make the engine stand out from its rivals.


The Sumec Firman product is a tested and trusted product that is used around the globe. Going for a Sumec Generator won’t be a bad idea as the need might arise unexpectedly.

This article has pointed out important factors to consider when buying a new Sumec Generator. Follow the guidelines pointed out here as you won’t regret doing that.

Happy Reading.

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