In what ways is Nigeria better than United States?

Nigeria is 11 times smaller than the US with it being 9.39% the size of the US. Nigeria might have a lot of downsides to it especially as a Third World country,

and you might think that it’s a lame idea to compare a first world country and a Third World country. But, there are many instances where Nigeria is better than the US that you just can’t deny.

First of all, the United States is 4.4 times more expensive than Nigeria. That shouldn’t exactly be a shocking fact given the currency exchange rates of the dollar.Nigerian and US

Clothing, housing, child care, groceries, entertainment and sports, transportation, etc is more expensive in the US when compared to Nigeria.

What are the good things about Nigeria?

Nigeria is known to be the most populous black nation on planet Earth. It has the second largest film industry in the world, and it represents the technological and creative spirit of Africa.

Here are some of the good things that Nigeria is known for:

  1. It is home to Africa’s oldest dying pit located in Kano state in Nigeria. Their methods are still preserved and handed down from generation to generation.
  2. A Nigerian playwright, Woke Soyinka was the first black African playwright to win a Nobel Laureate.
  3. Nigeria is known to be one of the world’s largest diversity of butterflies boasting an abundance of fauna and flora. This is due to the unique biodiversity of the nation.
  4. Nigerians are known to be hard working and intelligent. They have a pushing spirit that is very admirable.
  5. Nigeria is the economic heartbeat of Africa(it has the largest economy in all of Africa).
  6. Nigeria is blessed with a number of natural resources including oil and gas. It is Africa’s largest producer of oil and gas.
  7. Inasmuch as English is the official language of Nigeria, about 500 different languages are spoken. It is seen as one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of native languages spoken regularly.
  8. It is one of the most industrialized nations in Africa. About 75% of the country’s population uses social media regularly.
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What is Nigeria best known for?

  • Nigeria’s movie industry, known as Nollywood, is bigger than the all-popular Hollywood. It is second in the world, only to Bollywood, which is India’s movie industry.
  • Nigeria is home to the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, born in Kano, and known to have a net worth of $13.6 billion. He is the 191st richest person in the world on the world billionaire’s list.
  • Nigeria is known for its nickname, the Giant of Africa.
  • It is the seventh-most populous country in the world.
  • Nigeria is known for their traditional weddings because of a number of different styles to be experienced due to the diverse ethnic groups in the country.

Why is Nigeria important to the rest of the world?

According to the World Bank, Nigeria was crowned the 31st country with the largest GDP in 2018. It is known to be the world’s 21st largest economy, and consistently experience growth.

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According to the United Nations, Nigeria has the seventh largest population on Earth. According to The US Energy Information Administration, Nigeria is the 13th largest producer of oil in the world.

Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria is a prosperous “world city” that has a strong financial and economic foundation.

The Nation’s film industry is ahead of the US, and behind Bollywood.

Nigeria keeps to its dedication to the UN especially during peacekeeping missions where Nigerian troops and police serves in peace operations. In a recent peace operation, Nigerian troops were the military backbone of the UN mission in Liberia.

Why is Nigeria the centerpiece of Africa?

Since Nigeria has the highest concentration of black people in the world, it sees itself as the leading black country, that should be ready to defend the rights of black people around the world.

Nigeria is termed the Giant of Africa, so there are certain roles it has to play in taking the image of Africa far enough.

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Nigeria has the fastest growing economy and highest GNP in all of Africa. It also has the highest population in Africa.

The country have various cultures with rich histories and backgrounds that says a lot about the history of Africa as well. Africa is rich in cultural heritage consisting of both tangible and intangible heritage that helps to create a connection between the past and present.

Nigeria is the mother of afrobeats, and helps to channel African music into the Western world.


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