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The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Result: Where And How To Check It.
It is the desire of all students who sat for the UTME examination to see their results as soon as possible in order to know their score.
JAMB to release 2021 UTME results  — Oloyede

Jamb UTME 2021 result is being released in batches , You can now check your result now on JAMB portal or through SMS. The link is below 

After a successful conduct of the UTME, the result is expected to be out after few hours on normal circumstances.

You can now access or check your JAMB UTME Results 2021 through SMS or ONLINE via JAMB Portal. To check your JAMB UTME Result 2021 with your jamb registration number, kindly follow the steps given below.


However, this article has been well written with the all steps provided by JAMB to check your UTME result. Actually you don’t need any scratch card here. It’s free of charge.

What you need to do right now is to Take your time and process everything we have put down here. understand the steps most importantly.

Now there are two different methods of checking your jamb score as approved by jamb which are SMS methods and online checker methods …. Keep reading to get your score now!!!

After the announcement, you can proceed to check your exam result to know the category of students you belong — either pass, fail or withheld/ ceased.

Jamb has disabled the SMS options you can now log to Jamb portal to check your results

www.jamb.org.ng/check result 2021/2022 | how to check jamb result

  1. First  Send UTME RESULT to 55019. Wait for 5 minutes or follow this link below which is being activated any moment from now
    Visit the JAMB exam result checking portal at
  2. Jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  3. Or the link below which will be activated soon
  4. JAMB result checker will be visible and clickable in few hours.
  5. https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults.Jamb result checker
  6. Enter your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address in the required column.
  7. Click on ‘Check My Results’.
  8. The portal will load your result if it’s ready.

How to Check 2021/2022 JAMB Result With SMS via 55019?

  1. Type RESULT
  2. Send it to 55019
  3. Wait for few few minutes to get a response.
  4. SMS charges is 50 naira.

Instructions from JAMB

  • All candidates can simply send RESULT, via SMS, to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration.
  • After entering the information correctly, the result, would be replied as an SMS shortly after.
  • Step 2: kindly Type ‘RESULT’ followed by candidate’s surname, first name, and middle name, and

The above is the correct format.

Reasons for delays of JAMB result

JAMB Registrar, says that the portal will be open from 23rd June 2021 for checking.

He said why there was delay was because he has been in the field monitoring full compliance from CBT centers Nationwide.

He said the portal can’t be open unless he arrives at jamb headquartres Abuja.

Jamb boss said there is no reason to continue holding candidates result for no just cause.

He said the use of NIN has helped reduce fake or double registration and they discover that the usual 500,000 thousands extra candidates they had expected were fake, the use of NIN had eliminated that.

Not that only 1,415,501 candidates registered for jamb and 1,122, 095 actually sat for the exam on the 3rd day and more 66,111 are expected to take the exam as the exams continues.

Is the Jamb Result 2021 Out?

This is one of the burning question in the mind of jamb candidates :

Is Saturday jamb result out?

Is Monday jamb result out?

Is Tuesday jamb result out?

Is Wednesday or Thursday result out? Etc

If you have any of this question on your mind right now, just understand that result are being uploaded to Jamb server for checking.

Most times what made jamb to delay is that, they always want to check or analyse all videos they collected from the camera mounted on each center.

They Check against possible malpractices and any irregularities. You might have heard about jamb delisting centres.

Let me tell you the truth, your results are ready few hours after the exam but jamb will likely wait a little while before activated their portal for online results checking.

Can I Print my result by myself Online?

Immediately JAMB portal is activated for checking of results then you can print your results.

All you need is your jamb registration number, most times you will need to login into your jamb portal to make a print, like original results etc.

How long does it take for jamb results to be out?

jamb results are expected or are usually released at least 48 hours after the results. But some times what causes delays is simply jamb trying to maintain credibility.

Let’s try to understand that some irregularities some times occure in some centers but most of this centres are being rounded up and delisting.
But when there are recorded or sensed abnormalities like malpractice, the result will be delayed until all abnormalities are corrected and those who practice examination malpractice are completely fished out.

They will also announce the number of those results withheld as a result of examination malpractice and other offensive actions carried out by students.

After all actions are carried out against culprits, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will announce that the release of result and they will give provide important stats on the number of students who failed or passed.

I didn’t see my 2021/2022 JAMB results after sending RESULT to 55019:

There are some possible reasons why you couldn’t get your result which am going to explain here.

  • First make sure the sim you are making use of is the same SIM used in registering JAMB and your profile.
  • Ensure that the SIM has a minimum balance of 50 naira.
  • Ensure you type the word RESULT in capital letter

I want to check my jamb result via jamb portal 2021/2022

One of the fascinating thing about checking your result on jamb portal is that it gives you a complete breakdown and also gives you the option to print out your result in an acceptable format. click here to check your JAMB results on JAMB portal
To make things easy for all Jambites — as students who sat for the UTME exam are fondly called —

the Board has put in place two platforms where you can easily check your result without hitches. These procedures include; the use of the UTME result checker and Short Message Service (SMS).

All candidates that were able to check their result via 55019 must still check their result on jamb portal as the SMS/TEXT message format is only for an emergency.


What does a Result Checker imply?

A result checker is an online platform put in place by many examination bodies which grant you the chance to check his/ her result.

Exam bodies like the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO) require a scratch card before you can have access to their result checker platform.

Luckily, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation (UTME) doesn’t need a scratch card before you can check your result. This is because the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has put in place an easy to access result checker that does not need a scratch card to check her Tertiary Institution entrance examination (UTME).

Nonetheless, you need to duly follow the following procedures to check your UTME result using the online result checker:

  • Visit the UTME website and locate the result checker’s icon or go straight to the UTME result checker portal.
  • Type-in your registered Email Address or your Registration Number at the appropriate column.
  • Then select the “Check My Results” icon. After clicking the icon, your result will automatically open (if only you don’t have problem with JAMB)


Out of the curiosity of candidates to know their UTME result, The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board have made a provision that will help you access your result even when you are not financially buoyant to check it online.

With just 50 naira and your registered sim card or phone number, you can see the outcome of your UTME exam via SMS as long as you follow the right and simple guidelines on how to successfully carry out the exercise.

To check your result via SMS, send (RESULT) to 55019 with your registered phone number, and JAMB will swiftly reply to your text message. The reply that you will get from the exam body may varies, depending on the category — see below — you found yourself.

  • When you send the text message with unregistered phone number, JAMB’s response will be: “This phone number was not used for registration.”
  • When you did not have any problem and your result was released, JAMB’s will be: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows…” (then your exam detail will be given).
  • If your result is withhold by the organization for wrongdoings during the exam, JAMB’s response will be: “Result Withheld”
  • When your result is among those results that the examination board is doubting and they need to carry out some finding, JAMB’s reply to your message will be: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/ document required from you”
  • If you fail to sit for the exam, Jamb will simply reply you that: ” CANDIDATE ABSENT”
  • Incase you didn’t apply your accurate registration number during the exam, Jamb will simply reply: ‘CANCELLED’ to your message.
  • When you illegally enter an examination hall or entered a wrong hall or center, JAMB’s reply will be: “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall.”

The result of any examination could either be a pass or a fail. When your result is satisfactory, good for you.

If it turns out to be below expectations, it is an indication that your preparation is not enough. Hence, you have more work to do, more studies to do. Prepare for another UTME exam. All in all, we wish you a good success in all of your exams.

How is Jamb 2021 Result Mark Calculate

If you want to know the way JAMB arrives at their cut off mark, then this part of this article (titled jamb result checker) is for you.

Let’s dive into how Jamb determined their cut off mark.
Like for an example you have like 40 set of questions by jamb and you are really brilliant enough to score really high e.g all of the 40 questions. Your score should be 100 or 100% in this subject under review e.g physics

Just like we said, the Total mark obtained for physics =40
The JAMB score on physics =40
Total percentage obtained =100%
What if you now scored lower, like Now 25, what will happen? it means your 25 *100/40= 62. 5
now if you scored let’s say 10,it means your 10 *100/40=25

This new system was introduced by JAMB not very long ago and it has been a blessing to those who got very high score because getting a lower score with this system will bring down a candidate over grades.

Does it apply to English language?

This grading system is applicable to all subject, although in jamb use of english language each question/section set by the joint admission and Matriculation board carries different score.

  • One passages is five questions
  • Two passages equals 10 questions.
  • One question carries 3 marks.
  • 10 times 3 equals 30.]

Jamb New Grading System

This Jamb grading system works very well on O level results.

Before, candidates performances in O level were not really appropriated but with the new jamb grading system a lot of changes has been introduced.

If you happen to get lots of A and B’s in your O level results, you will be appreciated with high point which will further boast your chances of securing admission.

If you are only making use of one sittings then you will be appreciated with 10 marks as against 2 marks for two sittings

Pay attention to this; if you have A1 you get like 6 points while B2 gives 4 points.
Now if you get C you will get like 3 points.

This same point is used in the university, so when you get admitted you will get use to it.



About Joint Admission Matriculation Board

Jamb is a body under the Federal ministry of education that conduct entrance examination into our Higher institution of learning.

When you talk about a reliable measurement that determine a candidate ability to be able to study a particular area of interest then you have to give it to Jamb

The body is legally recognised by the constitution to help institutions in admission processes.

When we talk about higher institutions of learning we are talking about monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of educations, universities; both private and public. For more information on JAMB click here

How to check your JAMB 2021/2022 admission status on CAPS

You must have heard about jamb CAPS and admission process.

This system only works if you guess you have been offered admission by jamb or by your institutions.

  1. With your browser on mobile / PC this could be checked.
  2. Now browse through JAMB eFacility Portal through this link http://jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  3. To Login, make use of the Email and Password used for registration.
  4. Look at screen of your system you will see ‘Check… The year… UTME/DE Admission Status’ on CAPS. Now Click on it
  5. Right now you should click on Admission status.
  6. All details that has to do with you will come up
  7. You will either see “Accept Admission” and “Decline Admission” button if actually you have been offered admission.
  8. If no admission then you won’t be able to click on the “Accept Admission” and “Decline Admission” button.
  9. If you got your admission you can click the button, only click if you like the Institution you have been offered admission into.

How To Check My 2021 UTME Result Via Jamb Mobile Service

  • Visit Google Play or App Store depending on your mobile device
  • Search for ‘JAMB Mobile Services e-Facility’
  • Download and install the app.
  • Launch It
  • Provide your Registration number and’ Check your result’

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out for those that wrote today?

Steps To Re-Print JAMB 2021 Slip Online

Method 1:

That’s all

Method 2:

  • Click on Jamb Reprinting portal @ jamb.gov.ng/PrintExamslip
  • Enter Jamb registration number, Email or SMS
  • Re-Print Jamb slip.

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