Is Alaska bigger than Nigeria?

Well, in terms of land mass, Nigeria is about half the size of Alaska. While Alaska has an area of 1,717,856 sq km, Nigeria has an area of 923,768 sq km.

Nigeria is therefore 0.5 times as big as Alaska in land mass.

Alaska is known to have the largest land area in the US. The US state has a larger land area than all the next three largest states in the country combined; Texas, California, and Montana.Nigerian and US

Which state in the US is bigger than Nigeria?

The only state in the US that is bigger than Nigeria is Alaska. However, the African country, Nigeria is only made up of 36 states, so it is quite unfair to make that comparison.

Nigeria is a Federal Republic found in West Africa, and bordered by the Republic of Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger. Nigeria is said to have a total area of 923,768 sq km.

The country took its name from a river, the river Niger which runs through it. It currently has a population of 212 million, and is the seventh most populous country in the world.

Meanwhile, Alaska has a small population compared to Nigeria with about 731,338 people spread over 1,717,856 sq km.

Alaska is 425 times bigger than Rhode Island, which is known to be the smallest state in the US. Yet, Alaska is less densely populated, and is even known to be the least densely populated of all the American states.


Half of its population live in the Anchorage area which is situated in the far North West of North America. Alaska shares a border with Canada, the Arctic, and the Pacific Ocean.

Alaska officially became the 49th star of the US on the third of January, 1959.

The second largest state in the US is Texas with a land mass of 695,662 sq km which is significantly smaller than Nigeria.

Is Alaska bigger than the US?

At 663,300 square miles, Alaska is the largest state in the United States, which is almost two and a half times as large as Texas, the second largest state in the US. Most map projections depict Alaska to be more than half the size of the lower 48 states of the US, meanwhile, in reality, the continental US is 4.7 times as large.

What is the largest city in Nigeria by land mass?

Ibadan is the country’s largest city by geographical area. In 1960, it was known to be the largest and populous city in Nigeria, and the second most populous city in Africa behind Cairo.

It is located in the south west of Nigeria, and also serves as the capital of Oyo State, a state in Nigeria. The state covers 3,080 sq km.

What’s the population of Alaska compared to Nigeria?

Nigeria has a larger population of 191,000,000 185,989,640, and Alaska, a population of 741,849 with most of them living in the Anchorage area.

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Alaska is twice the size of Texas, and twice the size of the country, Sweden.

Are there Nigerians living in Alaska?

Yes, Nigerians live in Alaska.

There are a handful of Africans living in Anchorage. But, Alaska has a very small population, so the number of Nigerians living there is quite small. Although the exact number of Nigerians is unknown, there are about 3,000–5,000 Africans living in Alaska.

Facts about Alaska’s size

  • Alaska is actually bigger than most countries. If it were a country, it would rank 33rd largest countries out of 239 countries in the world. The “country of Alaska” would probably fall between Nigeria and Venezuela in size.
  • Texas, California, and Montana come after Alaska as the biggest states in the US. Alaska is bigger than all three of them combined.
  • Alaska is two times the size of Texas and the country, Sweden.
  • Alaska is one fifth the size of all the Lower 48 states in the US.
  • Alaska contains 54 of the 84 million acres that is kept specially for the National Park system. This is almost two thirds of all the National Park lands in the US.
  • Alaska’s shoreline is longer than the Atlantic Coast.
  • Alaska has two time zones. There were formerly four time zones in 1983.
  • In winter, two different parts of Alaska could have an entirely different temperature from each other.(40<0>40 degrees).
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Know Alaska!

Alaska is found in one of the most interesting places on Earth. It firms the top rim of what we know as the “Ring of Fire”. It runs from the southern tip of South America up to the West Coast of North America to Alaska’s southern coastline through the Aleutians, then finally to Russia.

It further goes through Southeast Asia south to New Zealand. Natural disasters like earthquakes occur within these areas, and volcanoes can also be found. Two major tectonic plates collide in Alaska which makes it one of the most active earthquake zones on earth.

Alaska crosses between a polar region to temperate rainforest which is found in the far North and Southeast respectively. In between them, we can find most of the biggest mountains that can be found in North America.

More lakes, rivers, and wide animals are also found. The glaciers that once covered the land have melted away and more of the land can now be seen.

As much as Alaska has a big land mass to accommodate a lot of people, it doesn’t have many people. People still call it the Last Frontier because of how most of the lands remain wild and untouched.


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