jamb result checker 2024/2025 portal login|www.jamb.org.ng

jamb result checker 2024/2025 portal login|www.jamb.org.ng portal |print jamb result

This is to inform every candidate who partook in the 2024/2025 JAMB UTME examinations that the results have now been released for the public to access. If you have written your exams, then you might want to check your score.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) releases the results of candidates 48 hours after the completion of their exams.

It is a Computer Based Examination, so it is usually marked by the computer, but the results can not be released immediately.

After marking scripts by the computer, the board reviews the examination over again and ensures the process is free of any form of malpractice before releasing the results for candidates to check.

Is the 2024/2025 JAMB UTME Examination result out?

Yes, the results have been released and you can proceed to check your scores if you partook in the examination. The examination was scheduled to take place from  The examination will last for two weeks.

All the candidates who registered for  JAMB UTME were assigned different dates in this interval to write their examination at selected centers.

Like I said earlier, The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) releases the results of candidates 48 hours after the completion of their examination. Therefore, if it has been 48 hours since you wrote your JAMB examination, you can now check your results.

In case you don’t know how to check your results, I will show you ways in which you can check your JAMB results without stress. Everything you need to know is contained in this article.Jamb result checker

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How do I check my 2024/2025 JAMB Results?

Yes, here we are. Many candidates already know about the JAMB Result Checker and how it works. However, there is more to using a JAMB Result Checker to check your JAMB results.

There are two ways or methods to check your JAMB results. These two methods have different procedures, advantages, and disadvantages. All will be mentioned in this article.

Using the Online JAMB Result Checker.

First send UTME RESULT to 55019

This is the most common way to check JAMB Results. Most candidates use this method and have been using it even before the second method was introduced.

  • To check your JAMB results using this method, follow this simple procedure;
  • Visit the JAMB Main Results Notification portal. You can use this link to make it faster.
  • http://jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  • You will see a space where you have to input your JAMB Registration number. Enter the registration number in that box.
  • Click the “Check My Results” bar. If your results have been uploaded, the page will load and your results will pop up immediately.

This process is very simple and easy. You only have to use your mobile data connection to access the portal. There is no extra fee attached to check your results.

There are negative sides attached to using this method, however. I will let you know them later in this article.

Let’s get to know the second method and how to go about it.

Using SMS.

This involves sending an SMS to check your results. The process is also easy but at an extra cost.

You will be charged N50 for each SMS you send. Don’t panic, you only have to send a single SMS to receive your results, except in some cases.

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One advantage of this method over the online result checker is that you can have early access to your results.

Most times, results are not released on the portal till when all candidates are done with their examination.

Therefore, you can send this SMS and get your results immediately as long as the 48 hours duration is reached.

Another advantage is that you are given private access to your results as long as your phone number is being used by you.

The online JAMB Result Checker needs only your JAMB Registration number to retrieve your results. Therefore, anyone who knows your registration number can see it.

The opposite is the case for the SMS Method. So how does this work? Let’s get to know.

With the phone number, you used to receive your profile code, send RESULT to 55019.

Your examination results will be sent to you within a while.

Unlike the online result checker method which does not involve any extra cost, you will be charged N50 using this method. However, there are lots of issues attached to this method.

Depending on the network provider you used in sending the SMS, there might be a delay. This is why many candidates send the SMS and do not receive their results for hours.

Sometimes, you have to send the same SMS two to three times before you finally get your results.

This issue might not be from JAMB, and sometimes it might be from them. So what else can delay your results via the SMS Method? Let’s get to know them.

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Remember I have mentioned that you must use the phone number used to generate your profile code to send the SMS to 55019.

The reason why you must do so is that your details have been tied to that phone number, and you can not use a different phone number to check your results.

You might not also get your results on time if it has not been released yet. Sometimes, JAMB withholds the results of certain candidates so they do not have access to it.

It might be that these candidates were caught cheating or engaging in examination malpractices.

Hence their results will be withheld till the board confirms that they are innocent of the charge against them.

If need be, legal authorities will be involved in the case. You should know Examination malpractice is a crime.

What next after seeing my results?

Yes! If you have seen your results, that is not all. After seeing your results, the next thing is to print out your original JAMB Result slip.

This slip will be used for admission processing.

To print out your original JAMB Result slip, visit the JAMB e-facility portal and log in to your account.

You will have to provide your email address and password to log in.

Upon login, proceed to print the Original JAMB Result slip. You will be charged a fee of N1,000 to make use of this service. Please ensure you are supervised by an expert if you are doing this for the first time.

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