MTN Hynet Flex Data Plan 2021 Renew HyNet Subscription

Telecommunication Giant the MTN Mobile network has come up with a data plan different from its usual data plans for her teeming user base.

The new plan is the Hynet flex data plan; this is becoming a household name currently in Nigeria. The outstanding thing about this awesome plan is the ability it gives the users to have unlimited internet access.

This plan has an unbeatable high internet speed; it can’t even be compared to the traditional dial-up access that has been in existence for years.MTN Hynet Flex

So if you have never heard about the MTN hynet flex data plan or you have been trying to get the information on how the plan works? This article is coming your way to furnish you with all the information you need to know.

What is MTN hynet data plan?

This mtn plan offers a high speed internet service to user and the speed is higher than that of the conventional dial up service.

The users of this plan can quickly upload, stream and download at a very fast speed. The hynet flex plan is very popular now because it has proven to be an effective internet solution to heavy internet users.

The greatest benefit of this plan is that one can have unlimited access to the internet using it. The plan can be used for both business and pleasure, you would be able to have quality time with extraordinary speed streaming, downloading and uploading your data or files.

To get going with this plan, you need a router which is known as the MTN hynet flex 4G LTE routers. The router is a device that connects between the devices you are using either in your home or office and the internet.

The whole essence of the router is to boost superfast internet service. This will be a great help for heavy internet users but medium or small businesses can also find this plan very useful.

The MTN hynet data plans

The network has provided an individual package which is the MTN Hynet with two plans. These plans are highly recommended for large and medium scale companies.

The plan offers great speed, good availability and unlimited downloads at an affordable price. It also offers its own customized WIFI enabled modem and this can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The two data plans under mtn hynet are the WIMAX and the LTE then these two are subdivided into standard and unlimited plans. Each of the plans mentioned has its own allotted availability, speed and bandwidth.

How to subscribe for hynet flex plans

Subscribing for a plan under this plan is very easy. Just follow the below steps to get it right:

  • Head to the official portal of MTN hynet flex at
  • Go through the hynet data plans to choose the plan you want
  • Then click on the subscribe button to subscribe for that plan and you are done

How to get your mtn hynet router or modem

  • Get to any mtn walk-in center and request to fill the order form
  • Complete the form and attached all needed documents to the form
  • Make cash payment for the subscription you want
  • Get the modem, the indoor one and install it and you are done

How do I renew my Hynet data on MTN?

Renewing your MTN hynet data can be done in a breeze following the below steps:

  • First, plug in your modem and head to
  • Now, login using your password and username (username name is the one on your modem manual, the password is on the base of the modem which is the MAC address)
  • Click on recharge account on your functional menu tab left side
  • Then key in the 12 digits recharge pin and click submit
  • Immediately your account is recharged, click on select service on the left side functional menu tab
  • Choose the service you want to subscribe and tap submit to start browsing.

What is the speed of MTN Hynet flex?

The mtn hynet flex comes with the CAT 6 router which supports up to 300mbps download speed and about 50mbps upload speed. With this speed there’s provision of seamless high speed internet service


Mtn network which can be adjudged as the most reliable albeit oldest telecommunication company has introduced a data package that will be ideal for businesses and heavy internet users.

This data plan is the MTN Hynet data plan. With this plan users will enjoy a 4G+ broadband internet. So the users would also be enjoying speeds that are up to 200mbps.

With this speed level it means very fast downloads, clearer video calls and better streaming experience

So if you are looking to have a better data plan experience then going for the mtn hynet flex plan might just be your best bet.

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