MTN Hynet Flex Data Plan 2024 Renew HyNet Subscription

Telecommunication Giant the MTN Mobile network is not planning to back down from delivering competitive data plan anytime soon, this time they have introduced a different new plan all together.

The new MTN Nigeria data plan is simply known as the Hynet flex data plan; and it seems it has come to stay as it guarantees you an unlimited access to Internet allowing you to make that conference call, download that large file and surf the Internet with out disruption.

When it comes to speed, trust MTN they never fails to deliver at this point, although one will agree with me that their data doesn’t come cheap but getting value for what you paid for is something we can’t deny.

MTN Hynet Flex

This article have been put up to further help you explore the amazing benefits and make you know what you stand to benefits if you subscribe to the MTN hynet flex data plan.

What is MTN hynet data plan?

The Hynet data plan is the new data plan that does promise one thing: “delivers high speed internet service to subscribers” more better and convenient than the conventional dial up service.

With this high speed Internet plan, users or subscribers will be guaranteed uninterrupted streaming experience, also be able to upload content and at the same time download content of their choices or preferences.

The hynet flex plan is gaining momentum and has become a household name among Nigerians. If you are a heavy data users, the solution to your worries has come if the conventional data plan you are subscribing to is not able to meet your need.

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hynet flex plan stands better from other data plan, apart from its unlimited Internet access, your Internet speed won’t be throttled for any reason. This means this plan is idea for business and also for pleasure.

To get started with the MTN hynet you will be needing an important tool which is a router. This is a special kind of router called the MTN hynet flex 4G LTE routers. You might ask what’s the work of the routers? Well the routers serves as a connecting device that connects your browsing device to the Internet.

The main purpose of router is to serve as a booster to help user achieve a high browsing speed, helping heavy data users to meet their daily needs when it comes to data usage.

The MTN hynet data plans

Hynet flex data plan has an individual package that serves your personal needs, this plan is known as MTN Hynet, this plans comes in two. This plan is best and suits those that needs the data plan to meet their needs in the offices.

One thing about this plan is the speed which comes with an unlimited downloads at an affordable price. To make it appealing it has a customized WIFI enabled modem that won’t disrupt connectivity indoor and outdoor.

Remember that we said that MTN hynet data plans comes with two plans, so they are WIMAX and the LTE and are further subdivided into standard and unlimited plans.

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How to subscribe for hynet flex plans

Subscription for any of the plan we mentioned above is simple and straightforward and thus it goes like this :

  1. You should first visit or log to the official portal of MTN hynet flex at
  2. You will see the plans displayed there on the portal, just chose the one best to your need.
  3. Not done yet, to get started you just have to click on the subscribe button to subscribe for that plan and that’s it.

How to get your mtn hynet router or modem

  • Just pay a visit to any mtn walk-in center and ask them to give you a form to fill about the mtn hynet router.
  • You are to complete the form, fill in your details in the right format accordingly.
  • The reuter is not free, so you will need to make payment
  • Get the modem, the indoor one and install it and you are done

How do I renew my Hynet data on MTN?

Renewing your MTN hynet data has been discussed below and here is how it can be done:

  • First, plug in your modem and head to
  • Now,you are to login using your password and username (username name is the one on your modem manual, the password is on the base of the modem which is the MAC address)
  • Now you should Click on recharge account on your functional menu tab left side
  • Then type/input just the 12 digits recharge pin and click submit
  • Immediately your account is recharged, click on select service on the left side functional menu tab
  • Choose the service you want to subscribe and tap submit to start browsing.
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What is the speed of MTN Hynet flex?

The mtn hynet flex comes with the CAT 6 router, this is the game changer because it supports up to 300mbps download speed and at the same time it supports about 50mbps upload speed. You won’t regret your browsing session with this.


Mtn network is known for one thing, which is reliability. It is the most reliable network provider in Nigeria with presence all over Nigeria. They offer convenient and affordable data packages for your personal and business needs.

Today we are talking about the MTN Hynet data plan. With this plan users will enjoy a 4G+ broadband internet. So the users would also be enjoying speeds that are up to 200mbps.

With the MTN Hynet data plan speed you will never have a bored moment when it comes to heavy downloads, video calls and streaming experience.

So if you are looking to have a better data plan experience then going for the mtn hynet flex plan might just be your best


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