National Cash Transfer Programmes 2024 Application portal

What is National cash transfer, when did it start, how can you apply for National cash transfer program, what are the requirements, and what are the important of the National cash transfer

Are you looking for answers to any of these questions above, well it’s my pleasure to have you here as we are set to discuss everything to know about the poverty-alleviating program.

Cash Transfer Program

Cash Transfer Program is a federal government initiative which involves giving a bi-monthly stipend to the poorest members of the country.

It is an integral component of the National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) aimed at providing a quality and better life for Nigerians and their households.National Cash Transfer Programmes

Also known as the Household Uplifting Program (HUP), the national cash transfer program is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Meanwhile, the Cash Transfer program isn’t only about the monthly stipend; beneficiaries are equally taught how to engage in small-scale business that would boost their financial status.

The National Cash Transfer Program Application Portal

The  National cash transfer program application exercise is strictly online, meaning you are to visit the portal to access, fill and submit the form.

The national cash transfer program  registration portal is visit the portal to begin the application process. However, the portal isn’t available at the time of this publication. Keep refreshing this page for updates as we promise to keep you posted as events unfold.

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How to apply for Federal Government Conditional Cash Transfer

The CCT application process is slightly different from the National Cash Transfer program application because as it is done offline. The registration needs you to be physically present at a designated registration location.

Meanwhile, follow the following step-by-step instructions to apply for Federal Government Conditional Cash:

Step 1: Locate the Registration Center

The Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) representatives will choose some spots as registration centers. It could be in your community or a nearby area. Make sure you discover the nearby registration center to apply.

Step 2: Register With The YESSO Agents

Having discovered the application center; the next phase requires you to register with the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) agents. You must provide your name, state of origin, and other important details during registration.

Your face will be captured by the organizers for future use and ID card purpose. You are compelled to provide accurate details before leaving the application ground to stand any chance.

Step 3: The YESSO Agents Will Take Over

The YESSO agents will veto the submitted names and compile a list of applicants who meet all the requirements. The newly-compiled list will be forwarded to the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO) for the next process.

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Step 4: The NCTO Will Oversee The Next Registration Phase

The NCTO will go through the list for further confirmation before giving it back to the YESSO agents who will paste it at open points in the community.

Step 5: Collect Your ID Card

Lastly, the NCTO will provide ID cards to successful applicants. It confirms your status as an eligible applicant qualified to benefit from the program. You must present the card to the NCTO or government representatives whenever it’s time to receive your monthly stipend.

Who Are Beneficiaries of National Cash Transfer

The Beneficiaries are vulnerable and poor households in the state of the federation. They include parents finding it difficult to feed their children, sending them to school, or providing the necessary health amenities.

Geographically, all states of the federation are entitled to participate in the program. However, every state government and the concerned ministry will determine the area and community that would benefit from the initiative.

How to Check Federal Government Cash Transfer Code

Every state has its cash transfer code you are expected to know the code belonging to your state. Unfortunately, we don’t have the codes for all the 36 states of the federation at the time of the publication.

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We will keep refreshing this page once there is any update regarding the codes.

Meanwhile, you can check the Federal government transfer codes available in the list below to see if your state is included:

  • Bayelsa (yenogoa): * 9 6 9 * 3 1 #
  • Abuja: * 9 6 9 * 6 7 #
  • Katsina: * 9 6 9 * 7 7 #
  • Adamawa: * 9 6 9 * 2 2 #
  • Yobe: * 9 6 9 * 1 2 #
  • Maiduguri: * 9 6 9 * 1 0 #
  • Jigawa state (Selected Areas):

Hadejia: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 0 #

Malam madori: * 9 6 9 * 2 3 6 #

Kafin hausa: * 9 6 9 * 2 3 8 #

Babura: * 9 6 9 * 2 3 9 #

Birniwa: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 1 #

Dutse mazabar limawa: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 2 #

  • Anambra State (Selected Areas)

Anambra east: * 9 6 9 * 22#

Onitsha south: * 9 6 9 * 2 3 #

Ogbaru: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 #

Oyi: * 9 6 9 * 2 5 #

Orumba north: * 9 6 9 * 2 9 #

Dunukofia: * 9 6 9 * 2 8 #

  • Sokoto State (Selected Areas)

Shagari: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 4 #

Kebbe: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 5 #

Wamakko: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 6 #

Tangaza: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 8 #

Bodinga: * 9 6 9 * 2 4 9 #

Sabon birni: * 9 6 9 * 2 5 0 #

Dange shuni: * 9 6 9 * 2 5 1 #

Tureta: * 9 6 9 * 2 5 2 #

  • Yobe state

* 9 6 9 * 1 2 #

When did Conditional Cash Transfers start in Nigeria?

According to one of ResearchGate’s report, the conditional cash transfer began in 2013 as part of the government’s measures to reduce the mortality rate among the poor and vulnerable pregnant women in the country.

It was equally geared towards providing better and quality life for all households in the country

In its report, over 2,000 women benefitted from the first two edition editions of the poverty-alleviating program between 2013 and 2014.

However, we later discovered that the program’s origin can be traced back to early 2007 when the Nigerian government introduced the Care Of The People (COPE) CCT as one of NASSCO’s schemes.

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