Moniepoint: POS machine, transaction charges /Mobile Money Platform

Moniepoint: POS machine, transaction charges Reliable And Trusted Mobile Money Platform

Have you heard about Moniepoint before? Let’s give you a quick review about Moniepoint, how they operate and how to benefit and earn through their platform.

What is moniepoint agency?

With Moniepoint you are limitless, the door of opportunity is open, where you can become a mobile money agent in your community providing Essential monetary services like cash transfer and withdrawal or even airtime top up with various network service providers.

Moniepoint is a secured platform, infact their point of sale (POS) terminal is not only secure but fastest leaving customers with no failed transactions.Moniepoint

Do you need Moniepoint point of sale (POS) terminal? Don’t worry you will get the steps to get your POS with ease.

Just like we said, Moniepoint POS remains the best right now, we notice that their charges are not outrageous as when it comes to performance its a top notch.

Do you want to run a POS business or simply put, become a POS agent ? Trust me With their mouthwatering charges, Moniepoint tops the chats with their great customer care service which is designed to assist their agent to resolve any issues arising from failed transaction if any ever occurs.

We understand that POS services comes with some level of risk arising from failed transaction, network issues. That’s why you should choose a platforms where they can attend to your needs without you going through protocols that are time consuming.

How to get Moniepoint POS Machine

getting Moniepoint POS is quite straightforward and simple and only requires you to sign up on their website, indicating your interest in owning a POS.

You are to fill in some details about your self on the form provided but remember that you are expected to have a place where your business is located (business location) before your request will be taken into consideration

Features of Moniepoint POS Machine

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Instant Settlement
  • Payment of Utility Bills

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does moniepoint POS works?

With moniepoint POS you could receive money in form of payment of goods and services or otherwise make payment for goods and services. All operations are done or carried out directly from the account you maintained with moniepoint

With moniepoint mobile app, you can also pay for bills, betting and withdraw cash using point of sale (POS).

How do I become a Moniepoint Agent?

  • First sign up on this site and access the agent registration form.
  • Fill all necessary details and information as required.

A dashboard will be created for you with login details after your application has been granted.
It usually takes like 48 hours or more for you to get a response via mail or better still your phone contact number.

How do I apply for Moniepoint POS?

Applying for Moniepoint POS doesn’t just end there, you still have to wait untill you have been approved to operate as their agent before you can operate your account.

Here are some basic information you are needed to summit at the registration portal so as to process your application:

  • Such as:
  • First name
  • last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The gender.
  • Email address.
  • Username.
  • Phone number.
  • Mother maiden name.
  • Two address line.
  • Country and city.

Apart from the above minor personal information, you still need to provide some document because this involves financial transactions

Below are a few documents you will likely be ask from you:

  • Business License.
  • Bank Account number.
  • Nepa Bill of your house.
  • Identity card (National,Voters Card).
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).

BVN remains a critical component of any financial transaction carried out in Nigeria. It carries your information and serves as know your customer (KYC).

The CBN has mandated all financial houses to demand for it before account could be open.

How will I contact moniepoint teams if I have issue?

There is a Moniepoint 24/7 customer support services and you are expected to contact them for any problems you encounter :
Moniepoint whatsApp number: 08141500017, 09093170000, 09030009613

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Moniepoint support email: [email protected]

Moniepoint office number: 08141500017, 09093170000, 09030009613

Moniepoint on Facebook:

Moniepoint on Twitter:

Moniepoint on Instagram:

How can I get moniepoint POS machine?

moniepoint POS machine is usually free as long as you are Their agent and meets their requirements, for further directive on how to get yours, you will need to contact them with the details we provided above.

How much is moniepoint POS machine?

Moniepoint POS machine is not really on the high side. With 25,000 naira you can Walk into their office and buy one for your self instead of waiting for long process to get the free POS machine.

How much is moniepoint transaction charges?

Charges could be influenced by so many factors such as the banks, the volume of transactions you want to carry out etc but on a normal rate Moniepoint transaction charges 20 naira flat when you want to transfer.

How much is moniepoint POS charges?

If you want to withdraw funds its usually low which is why most agent prefer them, infact Moniepoint POS charges as low as N6.2 for withdraw for minimum withdrawal.

What we mean by minimum withdrawal is cash withdrawal that is not more than 5000 naira but charges do increase if you cross this limit.

Note: you are free to fix your charges to what suits your location.

Does moniepoint POS give commission for bill payment?

Every transaction you execute on moniepoint POS as an agent comes with commission which is a win win situation. Please check the information below we provided


  • MTN 3% commission
  • Glo 4% commission
  • Etisalat 4.5% commission
  • Airtel 4% commission

FOR TV Subscription.

  • DStv 2% commission.
  • GOgtv 2% commission.
  • PHCH 2% commission.
  • Startime 2% commission.

moniepoint POS login

When you talk about moniepoint POS login you are referring to the login path to your dashboard where you can access all information concerning your daily transactions.

To get data seamlessly you will need to download and install the app on your android device

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Want to login with your Firefox browser or chrome browser? Then visit everything is still simple from there.

How do I solve the transaction exceed the daily transaction limit.

Every financial institution has limit place on an account and this defines and spells out how that account can be operated. The limit of funds to be received or withdrawn at one time.

The same scenario plays out with moniepoint. If you gets this message
the transaction exceed the daily transaction limit” this simply means your limit for the day is reach and you have to wait for 24 hours for the system to allow you carry out transaction.

Or rather you can decide to upgrade your account from KYC level 1 to a higher threshold called business level.

How To Upgrade Moniepoint KYC Level.

Upgrading your account can seamlessly be done on the login dashboard area. It’s simple and straightforward.
On the menu you need to click sittings to check the current level you operate on.

Click on the upgrade button and select the level you like.

If you gets confused about the whole process you can just call the the helpline and let know and make sure you visit their office in person if you want them to upgrade your account for you.

Where is moniepoint head office address?

Moniepoint head office located at number 12, Wole Ariyo street, Lekki phase 1., Lagos State, Nigeria.

This company is legit and not fake or scam and their services is top notch. If transaction is not executed and your account got debited such transaction will be reverse and your account credited.

Where to download moniepoint app.

All official apps are gotten from play store but you could still find them on other sites that provides a link to download the app from their server. But it’s best to download it from play store

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    1. Please dear connect me to the Head office, or any legit office where you bought your POS. My number is 09031743941.

      I paid 50k for Hamza Comarade, a monie point Aggregator since January 2021. Since then he failed to pick my call. Non of their lines in this site is going through

      1. Their charges are outrageous..
        I reached my limit today and made just 1300 due to the weather and money point took 518n leaving me with the bare .. what nonsense

  1. Monie Point is good as I heard. I paid Mr. Hamza Comarade the sum of 50k, one of the Monie Point Aggregator in Kanu whose number is 08164389751. While my sister in Lagos paid 25k to the same person. Since January 2021, he has not delivered the POS after registering us. Rather he fails to pick our calls.

    Please, Kindly reach him to supply us with the POS or better send back our money.

  2. Does moniepoint have target… How much is there target? And what happens if we dnt meet up to target

  3. I want to become an agent and do you people have office in Abuja? You can reach me on this line 08031851857. Thanks

    1. What state are you in? Cus I’m an aggregator in port harcourt,river state. Here’s is my number 07036926643

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