Download NECO Timetable 2020/2021 out|PDF June/current July NECO SSCE/starting date and latest news

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Download NECO Timetable 2020/2021 out|PDF June/current July NECO SSCE/starting date and latest news

Is NECO Timetable out? Are you looking for the latest neco timetable 2020? If you want to get the NECO timetable 2020 for SS3 then this is the right post.

The NECO 2020 timetable is not out. For those asking when the 2020 NECO examination will start should note that the 2019 NECO timetable started around MAY 20th. Keep this in mind that this year’s NECO will commence around same time.

NECO Timetable: All You Need To Know About The Exam:

Neco timetable

NECO is one of the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations that guarantees a Secondary School graduate the chance to progress to the next academic level (Tertiary institution).

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), and The National Business And Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) are the other SSCE examinations that provides you with an easy passage to any university of your choice as far as you pass them and you pass your UTME examination (JAMB).

Most people often wait till they get to SS3 before sitting for Neco Examination because they are ignorant of the fact that all students ranging from SS2 are qualified to register and partake in the examination.

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NECO Registration, Timetable 2020/2021, Type And Exam Period


NECO registration often begins from December and closes May (judging from past experience) but this could change at any time depending on government’s education policy.


After the close of all registration process across the country, the examination body will release the Timetable which will include examination dates and time for all subjects.


NECO examination is of two types: The Internal NECO exam and Private NECO.

The Internal NECO examination is type of exam attached to school, what this means is that you must be a student of accredited or approved schools before you can sit for it.

Private NECO is also known as NECO Gce, it is created for students who are not officially or academically attached to any school. They register individually and were given a specific exam number and centre.

Exam Period

The Internal NECO is often done between June and July while the result will be available by July or August.

As for the private type (NECO GCE), it always comes up between November and December while the result is expected to be released by January the next year.

Pre-examination Activities That Can Positively Influence Your Performance During NECO

While preparing for this examination, it is essential you engage yourself in some pre-examination exercises which will enhance your chances of coming out in flying colors.

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It is quite possible to achieve an “A” in all your papers but success isn’t come easily achieved because it takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work to be successful.

To this effect, we’ve come up with some of the best tips that will help you record impressive grades in your NECO. See them below:

* Be Zealous And Be Positive
Have a positive conviction towards the exam you are about to write because your life-set is determined by your mindset. It is important to understand the place of zeal in everything you are about to do in life.

Your zeal as a NECO candidate is seen in your preparation and studies before the commencement of the examination.

* Have An Understanding Of NECO Examination Questions
Get yourself acquainted with how NECO usually set their examinations by studying with the exam syllabus and past questions. Never underestimate the power of syllabus in passing your NECO examination.

* Join A NECO Study Group or Class
It has been confirmed that carrying out a group study usually helps in effective understanding. Ask questions from your reading colleagues, answer their questions and read together as that will help you retain and master all that you’ve read.

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* Make Your HandWriting Legible Enough
Just like all other examinations, your handwriting counts a lot. This is why it’s important to work on your hand writing before the start if every examination.

Ensure that your handwriting is legible enough for markers (examiners) to see . Most examiners does not really have the time to stress the eyes beyond normal as a result of the multitude of work ahead of them. Therefore, they tends to reduce the score of everyone with bad.

* Crosscheck Your Answers Before Submission
This is done to figure out all errors and mistakes. Hence, always ensure that you have time to cross-check your work before your final submission.


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