Survival Fund Registration Closing Date 2022 Deadline for Application

Survival Fund Registration Closing Date 2022 Deadline for Survival Fund Application

Have you sign up for the federal Government survival Fund registration? If you have not then you have a very good opportunity to apply through this link right now.

The main gist right now is that the survival fund registration closing date approaches and its time we show you the date when the portal will be shut down from accepting new application.

Before we continue we will like to let you know that the survival fund application form is free of charge. Please don’t pay anyoneSurvival Fund closing date

Survival fund registration deadline and closing date 2022

Let’s we forget the Portal has been re opened since 27th January, 2021. But the question right now is about the closing date.

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What you need to know is that the portal was shut down in February 2nd but was reopened again and the programme will run till 2023

Eligibility of survival fund

  • Your business should be recognised by law. This means it should be registered with CAC. With this the Government will now be able to tax it
  • Your business should not be one man’s business. It should have some number of staffs i.e 3 to 10 or even more.
  • You should have BVN.
  • You should be a Nigerian citizen with identification ID card.
  • You should get your NIN
  • Your business should be located in Nigeria

What to Know About the Survival Fund Program

The survival fund was put in place to help the economy bounce back to life. The economy has recently been hit by the recession and the woes was further compounded by covid-19 pandemic.

Another way to look at the programme from another angle, it’s the aim of protecting small businesses from closing shop. Small business is the driver of the economy and offers a great number of jobs.

There are only 3 categories to apply from for now and they are :

  • Payroll Support – if you have problems paying staffs salaries then this is the option for you.
  • Guaranteed Offtake – is your business at the verge of collapse? You can access this loan to build up or startup a nez business.
  • MSME Grant – this is for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises.
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How you can Register for Survival Fund 2022/2023 before the closing date

If you decide to register here is the link to do that right now;

  1. You to to sign up at the portal @
  2. The ‘Start Here’ button, is there for you to click to begin your application.
  3. It is important you chose the category you are to apply for. Here is a quick example :‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register’
  4. Then enter your information. Entering wrong information might put your application at risk.
  5. After successful registration, you will;
  6. Get the Activation Code on your mobile, with the activation code you can activate your your profile
  7. Login to Your Profile to proceed with the onbording process.

Hope is not lost, you can still apply for the federal Government Survival Fund Program. The Government is really determined to help small businesses because they are the engine room of the the whole economy.

Note that this programme won’t just end this year. In fact its going to keep running till 2023.

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