Uniport School Fees – Departments, Accommodation and Acceptance Fees 2024/2025

Looking back to the history of Nigeria’s tertiary education, University of Port Harcourt obviously ranks among the best universities when it comes to impacting knowledge on students from Nigeria and beyond.

The institution has produced notable alumni in time past, and it is still in the business of creating dependable leaders for the future.

What You Should Know About University Of Port Harcourt

As we continue to unveil information on Nigerian institutions that are gaining ground among students in the country, we are set to provide you with every detail you need to know about the University of Port Harcourt, also known as Uniport.



Uniport is situated in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, and it was initially known as university college in 1975. Two years after its establishment, Uniport saw a change in status as it became a federal university in 1977.

Having developed into a major stakeholder in Nigerian education, the tertiary institution now boasts of having more than 50,000 students.


The institution started with just six faculties, and it currently has 12 and many departments. The faculties include the following:

  1. Faculty of Humanities
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Education
  4. Faculty of Engineering
  5. Faculty of Management Sciences
  6. College of Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  8. Faculty of Science
  9. Faculty of Dentistry
  10. Faculty of Pharmacy
  11. Faculty of Agriculture
  12. Faculty of Law

University Of Port Harcourt School Fees

Uniport is an institution that requires relatively cheap amount of money as school fees. This is because of its status as federal government-owned university. You can see the list of monetary figures required to be paid by Uniport student (either newly admitted or returning) at the end of this part of the write-up.

Uniport School Fees By Faculties/Department For Freshers (Year One Students):

Crop and Soil Science 127,150
Animal Science 127,150
Agricultural Economics Extension 127,150
Forestry and Wildlife Management 127,150
Fisheries 127,150
Human Kinetics And Health Education 97,950
Adult and Non-Formal Education 97,950
Educational Foundations 97,950
Educational Psychology 97,950
Educational Management and Planning 97,950
Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology 97,950
Library and Information Science 97,950
Theatre Arts 111,450
English Studies 111,950
Foreign Languages and Literature 111,950
History and Diplomatic Studies 121,450
Linguistics and Communication studies 111,950
Philosophy 111,450
Religious and Cultural Studies 111,950
Fine Art and Design 111,450
Music 113,450
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
Physics 125,500
Biochemistry 116,500
Plant Science and Biotechnology 116,500
Animal And Environmental Biology 116,500
Microbiology- 115,500
Geology 125,500
Computer Science 115,500
Mathematics and Statistics 115,500
Pure And Industrial Chemistry 115,500
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
Medicine and Surgery 97,750
Nursing 102,750
Human Anatomy 97,750
Human Physiology 97,750
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
Civil Engineering 114,600
Electrical Engineering 114,600
Electronic and Computer Engineering 114,600
Mechanical Engineering 117,100
Chemical Engineering 114,600
Petroleum Engineering 114,600
Gas Engineering 114,600
Environmental Engineering 114,600
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
Accounting 92,150
Finance and Banking 92,150
Management 92,150
Marketing 92,150
Hospitality and Management Tourism 92,150
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
PHARMACY 113,950
Economics 112,150
Geography and Environmental Management 112,150
Political And Administrative Studies 111,150
Sociology 111,150
SCHOOL FEES Varies as per department, so check beside the dept. name.
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— Crop and Soil Science

— Animal Science and Fishery

— Agriculture Economics and Extension

— Forestry and Wild Life management

— Fisheries

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N95,000


— Medicine and Surgery

— Nursing

— Human Anatomy

— Human Physiology

School Fees speculation:  N88,750 – N95,000


— Dentistry and Dental Surgery

School Fees Speculation: Unavailable


— Human Kinetics and Health Education

— Adult & Non- Formal Education

— Educational Foundations

— Educational Psychology

— Educational Management and Planning

— Curriculum Studies Educational Technology

— Library and Information Science

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N94,500


— Electrical Engineering

— Mechanical Engineering

— Civil Engineering

— Petroleum Engineering

— Gas Engineering

— Electronics and Computer Engineering

— Environmental Engineering

— Chemical Engineering

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N90,000 – N93,000

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— Music

—  Theatre Arts

— English Studies

— Foreign language and Literature

— History and Diplomatic Studies

— Linguistics and Communication studies

— Philosophy

— Religious and Cultural Studies

— Fine Arts and Design

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N85,450 – N92,000


— Public Law and Private Law

School fees speculation: Unavailable


— Accounting

— Finance & Banking

— Management

— Marketing

— Hospitality Management and Tourism

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,650 – N90,000


— Pharmacy

School fees speculation: Unavailable


— Physics
— Biochemistry
— Plant Science & Biotechnology
— Animal and Environmental Biology
— Microbiology
— Geology
— Computer Science
— Mathematics And Statistic
— Pure And Industrial Chemistry

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N95,350 – N98,000


— Economics
— Sociology
— Political and Administrative Studies
— Geography and Environmental Management

School fees speculation: School fees ranges between N88,000 – N95,000


— Physics With Electronic Technology
— Physics With Production Technology
— Biomedical Technology
— Biochemistry and Chemistry technology
— Microbiology Technology
— Geology and Mining Technology
— Industrial Chemistry and Petroleum Technology
— General Techniques and Instrumentation
— Herbarium Techniques and Management
— Microbial Culture Management
— Material Science and Electrical Instrumentation
— Safety and Environmental Techniques

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School fees speculation: Unavailable


Uniport has just one Campus, which is located in a strategic area part of Port Harcourt. The campus is characterized by clean and healthy environment, beautiful flowers and a very attractive main gate. It is large enough to contain all the classrooms for every department.

Uniport Cut-off Mark For All Admission Seekers

This segment is strictly dedicated to anyone seeking an admission into the institution. You’re also advised to pay attention if you have a relative whose dream is to be a Uniport student in the next academic session.

It is believed that admission-seeking candidates must score nothing less than 180 in their UTME (JAMB) exam to stand a chance of being admitted to Uniport.

Unlike many Nigerian universities that have different cut-off marks for each department, Uniport doesn’t have departmental cut-off marks. The logic is simple, the higher your UTME score, the better your chances of getting admission into the Port Harcourt-based tertiary institution.

Quality Education

There is not doubt over the quality of education delivered to student of this awesome university. Take a walk to the school and attend class in order to see the quality of the university’s teaching staffs.

You can equally take a quick gaze at the list of graduates produced by the school to decide whether they deserve the accolades they are receiving from Nigerian students.

Post-graduate Programmes

The school is equally involved in postgraduate programmes as it currently has over 10,000 students who are enrolled for their master’s degree program. Students in this category are likely going to pay much higher fee than undergraduate students


2015 Best University In Nigeria: Based on its commitment and dedication to producing higher standard of education in the country, Uniport was ranked the sixth best University in Africa and first in Nigeria by Times Higher Education (THE) five years ago.

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