Cost of Flights from Nigeria to USA (2022) in naira

How much does it cost to travel to America from Nigeria?Is there a direct flight from Nigeria to USA? If you have previously asked any of this question today you are going to get the answer to these questions as we show you the price list of various Airlines operators in Nigeria.

Getting your US VISA is the most important thing and first step to be taken if you want to travel to the United States, then what follows next is your flight ticket which doesn’t give much stress compared to getting a visa.

Although we have several companies that engage in the sale of tickets, but actually you don’t really need to pay a visit to them physically before your transaction can be prefected or considered valid.

In this era of Internet, Flight ticket can actually be booked from anywhere, anytime as far as you are connected to the internet to place an order. Infact you can book your US flight ticket with your smartphones, Laptops and other device that will help you connect online right in your room.

In this article we shall be giving you price list of flight tickets for various airline trading between the United states and the federal Republic of Nigeria.

Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to USA 2022

Although the fee most Airlines charges from Nigeria to USA varies from airline to airline. The prices also depends on the date and period you decides to buy them Like in festive period prices can sour high. . According to cheapairt fares can change because airlines purposefully raise or lower them, or start or end fare sales.

Another aspect that affects the prices of flight tickets, is the time you decide to book them, its widely known that flight that are scheduled to take off by 8am will be far cheaper compare to those scheduled to take off by let’s say 6pm to 8pm.

how much is flight ticket from nigeria to usa in naira

Delta Airlines

  • Economy: N500, 000 – N700, 000
  • Business class: N1, 000, 000 – N2, 000, 000

Royal Air Marok

  • Economy: N550, 000 – N700, 000
  • Business class: N800, 000 – N1, 000, 000

Etihad Airways

  • Economy: N600, 000 – N800, 000
  • Business class: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 300, 000

Qatar Airways

  • Economy: N700, 000 – N880, 000
  • Business class: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 380, 000

British Airways

  • Economy: N900, 000 – N1, 000, 000
  • Business class: N800, 000 – N2, 000, 000

Ethiopian Air

  • Economy: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 200, 000

United Airlines

  • Economy: N800, 000 – N1, 100, 000
  • Business class: N1, 600, 000 – N2, 100, 000
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KLM Royal Dutches

  • Economy: N900, 000 – N1, 100, 000
  • Business class: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 500, 000

Air France

  • Economy: N800, 000 – N1, 100, 000
  • Business class: N1, 300, 000 – N1, 750, 000

how much is first class ticket from nigeria to usa

How long does it take to fly from Nigeria to USA?/flight time from nigeria to usa

The flight duration depends largely on the type of Aircraft, the nature of the wind (jet stream). For instance if wind is streaming behind the plane you will surely experience a shorter flight duration than usual.

On the average, The flight time from Nigeria to USA is just 13 to 16 hours and this depends largely on the city or Airport you want to land which is just less than a day journey.

Take for instance, it will take you 16 hours 35 minutes for you to fly from Lagos to John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York. And the distance is about 8440 kilometers.
If you decide to fly to other parts of the United states of America, like the Western part e.g California you might spend additional hour in the air.

is there a direct flight from nigeria to usa

Yes there are direct flights from lagos to United States of America. It will be worthy to note that not all Airlines operate direct flight to the US, some Airlines, run stop-over airlines where they have to stop at certain points before they continue the journey.

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List of Airline that flies from Nigeria to United state of America

  1. United Airlines
  2. British Airways
  3. Turkish Airlines
  4. Brussels Airlines
  5. Kenya Airways
  6. Emirates
  7. Air France
  8. Air Peace
  9. Etihad Airways
  10. EgyptAir
  11. KLM
  12. Air Italy

Popular routes from Nigeria to United States

Here are popular routes most airlines take from Nigeria to united States of America. Go through the list and familiarize your self with these routes:

  • Nigeria to Boston
  • Nigeria to New York City
  • Nigeria to Houston
  • Nigeria to Washington
  • Nigeria to Miami
  • Nigeria to Indianapolis
  • Nigeria to Chicago
  • Nigeria to Minneapolis
  • Nigeria to Los Angeles
  • Nigeria to Atlanta
  • Nigeria to Philadelphia
  • Nigeria to Dallas
  • Nigeria to Detroit
  • Nigeria to Baltimore
  • Nigeria to Charlotte
  • Nigeria to San Francisco
  • Nigeria to Cincinnati
  • Nigeria to New Orleans
  • Nigeria to Seattle
  • Nigeria to Denver

Things You Should Know About Flight from Nigeria to USA

Right from the very moment united States became the world super power, the States become a destination not only for businesses minded people but also for students who want to get access to the best learning facilities in the world.

The United States has grown from strength to strength in all sphere of life. When you talk about the best as far as the world today the US is rival to non. From the best military, health care programme, education etc.

It’s advisable that one should have enough knowledge as regards to accommodation, climate, transportation etc as this will enable you make adequate preparation prior to the departure date.

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