Are Nigerian Dwarf Goat A Good Pet ?

are Nigerian Dwarf goat a good pet?

Because of their playful and affectionate kind of nature, the Nigerian Dwarf goat will make a good pet, they are excellent family pet with large heart and big personalities.
They like to be loved and rubbed and also petted.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

When it comes to selecting your Nigerian dwarf Goat, its recommended you get at least 2 of its kind because they are basically social animals which likes to be in groups and its recommended you get them both from the same farms because in that way they already know each other, they are already socialised.

Which Nigerian dwarf goats is best for pet

Now when it comes to choosing a Nigerian dwarf goats as pet, its best you either go for Wether which is a a castrated male goat or a Doe which is a female Nigerian dwarf goat.

Always avoid the Buck which is the sexually matured male goat which tends to smell very bad and also have bad behavioural nature and trust me you wont like that either.Nigerian Dwarf Goat

If you will ask which is the best pet between the Doe and the Wether i will always recommend you go for the Wether because they fit all round.

When getting your pet Nigerian dwarf goat, its best you get it from a reputable breeder which will ensure that it comes with a full or complete health certificate. Also ensure that the horns are removed because they wont be needing that in your house anymore because those horns can injure you when they are playing with you.

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Housing your Nigerian dwarf goat

When it comes to housing the Nigerian dwarf goats, you really don’t need a large space for them. This is due to their small body size, hence you should ensure that their shelter is about 20 square feet minimum. Also ensure that they are safe from predators mostly at night.

When it comes to feeding the Nigerian dwarf goat its really not that expensive to raise as they are cost effective to raise
Apart from being a good pet , the Nigerian dwarf goats are also useful in other aspects such as in milk production which is highly rich in fat content well suitable for production of soaps, lotion etc

What’s really nice about these potential pets is they don’t need a lot of space. As long as you have a backyard you will have enough space.

The Nigerian dwarf goats are easier to coexist with other animals which are not threat to them. They can easily coexist with chicken, cats,Nigerian Dwarf Goat

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Ensure you keep your Nigerian dwarf goats away from your domestic dogs. This is highly recommended because dogs are known to chase them into exhaustion in an attempt to play with them rather than eat or kill them.

Also remember to routinely take them to your veterinary doctor to vaccinate them to keep them healthy.

Also ensure that you have their hoof trimmed very well so they don’t get you injured because nature made them to have those features to grip on rocks and other objects.

Do Nigerian Dwarf goats make good house pets?

Yes Nigerian dwarf goats will make a good house pet, their sweet temperament makes them an excellent house pet. The Nigerian dwarf goats are known for their gentle look. Baby Nigerian dwarf goat with its friendly disposition will definitely not be a threat to visitors or babies around.

Do Nigerian Dwarf goats smell?

Yes adult male Nigerian dwarf goats do smell a lot if you dont keep their living space clean, they tend to have this offensive odor that is usually as a result of their urine, making it difficult to keep them inside as pet.
This is the very reason we advise you to get the kid (baby goat) or Wether because they are tender and are likely not to smell or stench.

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You have to note that any animal you don’t properly care for will definitely stink but as long as you keep their living area clean and they are healthy enough they wont smell bad.

To make your Nigerian dwarf goat smell nice and fresh its recommended that you do the right thing which is to clean their shelter regularly.

Are Nigerian Dwarf goats hard to take care of?

When it comes to raising and maintaining the Nigerian dwarf goats, its very easy. Like we have stated before they are very cost effective to raise.

The only few areas you should be more concerned about is their living space, if you are keeping them in a fenced environment you should ensure that its properly constructed because they could easily escape due to their small body size.

Another area you should be concerned about is the feeding aspect. If you expose them to much feed they have this habit of trying to just eat everything and this could cause bloating.
Also they (baby Nigerian dwarf goats) tend to have rapid temperature changes, alway ensure you keep them inside when the weather is cold.

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