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Bank of Industry Nigeria Recruitment : Get first-hand information about the much anticipated Bank of Industry mass recruitment exercise.

We have carefully put down this article to help you start and successfully complete the bank of industry application process.

We are going to show you the practical steps to apply for Bank of Industry Nigeria Recruitment through the official portal with out asking anyone to help you apply, because there won’t be any need for that.


The Bank of Industry, BOI remains the largest and the oldest Development Finance Institution (DFG) still operating in Nigeria. The bank is a jointly owned venture by the Central Bank of Nigeria (5.19%), private shareholders (0.01%), and the Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOFI) Nigeria (94.80%).

Bank of Industry

Founded in 1959, the Bank of Industry is a government-owned corporation and is a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. It is charged with the responsibility of providing financial assistance for small, medium, and large projects establishment. It is responsible for modernizing, diversifying, and expanding in all ramifications existing small, medium and large businesses.

Also, the Bank of Industry focuses on key sector industrial financing which is in line with the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). Among the sectors financed by the Bank of Industry are light manufacturing, creative industry, agro and food processing, solid minerals, gas and petrochemical, and engineering and technology.

With 11 members on its board, the Bank of Industry has four (4) major subsidiaries including BOI Investment Trust Company (BOI-ITC), BOI-Microfinance Bank Limited (BOI-MFD), BOI Insurance Brokers (BOI-IB) Limited, and LECON Financial Services. Among the products being provided by the Bank of Industry are savings, trustee services, term loans, working capital loans, and leasing services.

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The Bank of Industry is headquartered in Lagos and is headed by the Managing Director, Olukayode Pitan.

Bank of Industry (BIO) Requirements:

  • You should be a graduate with either B.Sc or HND degree.
  • Bank of industry placement are reserved  for Nigerians.
  • You shouldn’t be above 35 years of age.
  • Interested applicants must be computer literate.

As at today being 25th June 2024, The Bank of industry recruitment form is not out.We are going to inform you immediately it’s out.

How to Apply for Bank of industry recruitment 


  • Avoid double registration
  • Bank of industry application form is free of charge.

What are the Functions of the Bank of Industry?

Like every other organization, Bank of Industry has certain functions it is expected to carry out. These functions include;

  1. The Bank of Industry is responsible for financing plant and. For example, the Bank of Industry will finance equipment such as tractors, harvesters, dryers, freezers, or any machinery.
  2. The Bank of Industry provides funds to vendors and suppliers of the equipment small, medium, and large businesses’ needs.
  3. To support growth initiatives in the country.
  4. To position small, medium, and large businesses for long-term viability.
  5. To help small and medium businesses develop bankable business plans.
  6. The Bank of Industry disburses funds to the vendor of the equipment that the loan is intended to finance.
  7. The Bank of Industry ensures that the price quoted is equivalent to the kind of equipment being purchased.
  8. The Bank of Industry BOI collects collateral for loans.
  9. The Bank of Industry helps source working capital requirements through its partners.
  10. With proof of relevant experience, the Bank of Industry helps in starting up businesses at its own discretion.
  11. Encourages corps members to become employers rather than job-seekers.
  12. Creates an environment for students to start their own business 
  13. Making the members of NYSC eligible for concessional loans.
  14. Making the National Youth Service Corps worthwhile and less risky.
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What is the Strength of the Bank of Industry?

The Bank of Industry’s strength lies in its staff strength and its operational efficiency. So far, the Bank of Industry has financed numerous small, medium, and large businesses across the country. The Bank of Industry has equally started up a good number of youth empowerment initiatives including the notable Graduate Empowerment Fund (GEF). Also, the Bank of Industry has an estimated number of 335 employees.

What is the Primary Role of the Bank of Industry?

The primary role of the Bank of Industry is explicitly stated in its mandate. On this note, the Bank of Industry was incorporated with the mandate of providing financial assistance including loans and equipment procurement for the establishment of small, medium, and large enterprises. BOI is also mandated to expand, diversify, and modernize other existing enterprises and rehabilitate them where necessary.

Altogether, the Bank of Industry sets the Nigeria economic sector in the right direction by funding the sector through the provision of funds for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. More interestingly, the Bank of the industry does not just provide the funds but also facilitates the entire process including the pre-loan application.

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Monthly Salary of Bank of Industry

The Bank of Industry is reputed to be one of the best paying corporations in the banking sector but this isn’t surprising as the Bank of Industry boasts of a Net Income estimated at over N14.57 billion and assets estimated at 682.97 billion.

Altogether, the Bank of Industry employees averagely earn between…and…monthly.

What are the Branches of the Bank of Industry?

Like every other organization, the Bank of the Industry has about twenty-four (24) strong branches in several states across Nigeria. These states include;

  1. Oyo State.
  2. Anambra State.
  3. Abia State.
  4. Cross River State.
  5. Bauchi State.
  6. Abuja
  7. Borno State.
  8. Benue State.
  9. Rivers State.
  10. Taraba State.
  11. Sokoto State.
  12. Kebbi State.
  13. Kwara State.
  14. Delta State.
  15. Osun State.
  16. Gombe State.
  17. Kaduna State.
  18. Niger State.
  19. Lagos State.
  20. Ondo State
  21. Ogun State
  22. Katsina State.
  23. Kano State.
  24. Enugu State.

The Bank of Industry also has about four (4) subsidiaries including;

  • Bank of Industry Investment Trust Company.
  • Bank of Industry Microfinance Bank Limited.
  • Bank of Industry Insurance Brokers.
  • LECON Financial Services.

Also, the Bank of Industry has about three (3) Youth Empowerment Initiatives including;

  • Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (GEF).
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme.
  • Youth Ignite Programme.

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