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A loan is a sum of money that any individual, group or other legal entity borrows from an individual, group or an organization.

Most individuals take loans due to the present financial situation at hand which might require immediate financial assistance.

Moreover, these loans are being given with a reason that actually makes sense to the lender. Have you heard about the CBN COVID 19 loan that is proudly sponsored by the Federal government?

Have you wished of something similar happening like this? Have you ever tried to take a certain amount of money from the government? Then worry no more as the CBN COVID 19 got Nigerians apply

Interested individuals can receive the loan and utilize it to to their preference. The loan covers all Nigerians and was actually set up to tackle the recession which was caused by the Corona virus.

Individuals interested in receiving such loans from government agencies are urged to read and understand certain details about it and it terms and conditions as they might apply.

Reading the article to this point shows that you have great interest to know more about the loan and you wouldn’t want to get disappointed as the article covers a lot of details concerning the loan.

Sit back and educate yourself as you peruse through the article.

The CBN COVID 19 Loan Application Portal 2021 Login Form

The central bank of Nigeria Covid 19 loan scheme application form has been released and interested individuals who wish to participate in the loan can obtain the form and proceed to filling it.

The form doesn’t guarantee the applicants instant approval for receipt of the loan, however, it is a form by which the administrators access the background of the applicants.

In most cases, the form are used to determine the candidate eligibility and status.

After the form is being submitted, the form will be sent to the central bank for approval and after its approval, the candidate would be part of those that are actually benefiting from the disbursement.

Candidates are advised to follow the right procedures when filling in the form. In cases of candidates who possess no knowledge about the form, researches can be made to avoid mistakes.

All about the Central Bank of Nigeria Corona Virus Loan

The CBN Covid 19 loan is a scheme set up by the Central bank of Nigeria under the directives of the CBN to support individuals.

Following the Corona virus pandemic which led to unplanned interruptions in the business cycle, the cancellation of several events, including sports, financial markets and entertainment led to economic restrictions and travel ban across the country.

The result of the pandemic led to several consequences on household and businesses activities, resulting into a drop in demand and decline in production.

This has led the central bank of Nigeria responding by introducing the 50 billion targeted credit facility in order to support households, macro and micro businesses.

Requirements of the CBN COVID – 19 Loan

Following the release of the Covid – 19 Loan application form, candidates wish to apply forgetting the fact several requirements are demanded from applicants.

If these requirements can be met, there won’t be any issue concerning the loan application.

Below are the requirements that are needed from applicants:

  • An application letter that describes your interest in the loan and your reason for requesting the loan from the government.
  • Payroll before the Covid – 19 pandemic showing the number of full and part – time employees.
  • Financial statement from either the individual or the business with 20% ownership.
  • 2018, 2019 or 2020 business tax returns.
  • Recent balance sheet and profit and loss through the end of last month.
  • Copy of commercial lease.

How to apply for the loan

  • Visit NIRSAL Microfinance Bank on
  • and click on COVID-19 support page.
  • Click on the category that suits your application (Household, Microenterprise or SME.
  • Fill in Your Personal Details and follow the rest of the steps.
  • Submit your application along with your evidence.

After these, the bank will review your application and forward your application to CBN for final approval. CBN will review your application and consequently give final approval for disbursement of funds to NMFB.

More information about the Loan

  • The scheme covers Agricultural activities, health activities, airline activities, manufacturing and trading activities.
  • The interest rate is 5%

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