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We know you might be interested in the CBN COVID -19 loan application, that is why you are here today. Be you a private person or Business man or woman you can’t just miss this CBN COVID -19 loan opportunity.

The CBN COVID -19 loan application is made available by the Federal Government of Nigeria to eligible Nigerians with genuine concerns.

The loan is here and made available by the Government to better your life and help your business scale through the hash economic crisis bedeviling the country.

Are you in need of the CBN COVID -19 loan for business, to better or improve your life as the covid-19 hit harder? This article contains the right step to follow so as to get your loan today.

Purposes /objective of the CBN COVID -19 loan application

Without being told, the covid-19 is here and it impacts is being felt by all, truth be told the adverse economic effects of the pandemic will still be felt years to come.

In the light of this, the federal government is calling on interested members of the public whose life and livelihoods has been made worse by the pandemic to come forth and apply for the loan.

The loan is for all Nigerian citizens and has its main objective which is to primarily tackle the adverse effects of the recession which was caused by the Corona virus.

So if you have ever tried to get assistance from the Government, the time and opportunity is now here for you to benefit from the national cake.

Before applying for the loan it’s best you read and understand the basics about the loan and what is the federal government main objective for making the loan available to you.

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Reading the article to this point shows that you have great interest to know more about the loan and you wouldn’t want to get disappointed as the article covers a lot of details concerning the loan.

Sit back and educate yourself as you peruse through the article.

The CBN COVID 19 Loan Application Portal 2024 Login Form

The federal government through the Nation’s apex Bank has launched a programme known as the central bank of Nigeria Covid 19 loan scheme and the application form has been released to the General public,

and those who are interested in getting the loan has been asked to pick the form, fill it and submit it before the application closing date.

It is important to note that filling the online forms alone won’t guarantee that you will get the loan there are checks and verification that should be carried out by the the central bank of Nigeria and this forms will enable them to do that instantly with out coming in contact with you.

But we are not ruling out any hope of being picked or selected as a successful beneficiaries, but just have it in mind that filling the form is the first step needed because it is used to determine candidate’s eligibility and also their status.

After you have filled the form and submitted it through the online portal ,

the form will be received by a team set up by the central bank which will look into the your details for approval and if you are successful, you will be part of the successful beneficiaries who will get various disbursement from CBN.

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Please while filling the form online ensure the right details are entered in the required spaces provided for them, if you have no adequate knowledge about how to fill the form, just follow the steps we have outlined below.

Requirements of the CBN COVID – 19 Loan

Following the release of the Covid – 19 Loan application form, the general public and those wishing to apply are advised to adhere to the following requirements :

If these requirements can be meet, there won’t be any issue concerning the loan application.

Below are the requirements that are needed from applicants:

  • Get ready a written application letter, this latter should best describe what you need the loan for (purpose of getting the loan from the federal government)
  • Another important document demanded is your Payroll before the Covid – 19 pandemic actually started, this should just give in details a figure of those employed in your organisation, this could be part time or full time.
  • A Financial statement is needed from you, this should be from either on individual basis or the business with 20% ownership.
  • Copy of commercial lease.
  • Don’t forget your tax returns that covers the following year 2018, 2019 or 2020 business tax returns.
  • Your business Recent balance sheet and profit and loss for previous months

How to apply for the loan

A first stop at the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank portal at

  • and you should click on COVID-19 support page when the page opens up.
  • Go through each category and settle for the one that best suit or falls in line with your interest.
  • Remember we have: Household, Microenterprise or SME.
  • Now its now time for you to Fill in Your Personal Details accurately and the rest step to follow need little help, just follow the rest of the steps.
  • Now that you are done with the application, go through what you have filled before and correct errors that needed to be corrected if need be and Submit your application along with your evidence.
  • Now that you have successfully submitted your online application, just sit back and wait. See what will happen: the bank and team involved that review application will go through what you have submitted before making their recommendation to CBN.
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Please remember that the central bank of Nigeria has the final authorization in disbursement of funds to NMFB.

All about the Central Bank of Nigeria covid-19-support loan

The Central Bank of Nigeria Covid 19 loan is a scheme set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria, meaning its a brain child of the FG piloted through the Central bank of Nigeria with other relevant bodies with aims to to support individuals.

Following the Corona virus pandemic which led to so many disruption in every sphere of life, brought untold hardship on the ordinary Nigerians, there was several cancellation of events worldwide.

The Government of the day has been sympathetic and are working all round the clock to reduce the impact, raise the purchase power of the Nigerians and help businesses be on their feet again.

The CBN COVID -19 loan came right on time, the 50 billion targeted credit facility will in no doubt provide great support to households, macro and micro businesses.

More information about the Loan

The scheme covers Agricultural activities, health activities, airline activities, manufacturing and trading activities.

The interest rate is 5%


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