How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme 2024/2025 grant 750m

How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme – grant of 750 million .

You must have heard of the COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus, which is a programme designed by the government to help tackle challenges that comes along with the pandemic.How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme

Over $750m World Bank facility is available to make the programme a success and also help drive FG’s social investment, poverty alleviation programmes

The federal Government has again brought another programme that is aimed at mitigating the effect of Covid-19 pandemic. This time the programme is supported by the world Bank..

NG CARES Stimulus Programme – grant

The name of the programme is NG CARES which simply means National Covid 19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus.
With a mandate to tackle food crises, poverty and also recovery of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Is was said that this programme will go a long way helping poor Nigerians during this pandemic era.

With this program on board, help will also be extended to small farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises that have been hit badly with the covid19 pandemic.

Fund available for NG CARES

Wold Bank is said to be bringing in about 750 million dollars from the period of 2021 to 2023.

750 million naira is no small money, trust me the most Nigerians will feel the impact of this support programme soon.

The plan arrangement has it that within just two years about 20 million dollars will be sent to each state to make NG CARES a reality while Abuja will get 15 million dollars

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Target Businesses:

a) Micro businesses (3 – 9 employees): this means that a micro business unit should have like 3 to 9 employees before they will granted access to the loan

b) Small businesses (10 – 50 employees): for small business unit they will need to boast of 10 to 50 employees.

Application Supporting documents:

  • 1) Proof of identification (NIN, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card, etc.)
  • 2) Proof of residence (Utility Bills, Voters Card)
  • 3) Proof of age (NIN, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License)
  • 4) Proof of Bank Verification Number (BVN Printout duly stamped by the Bank)
  • 5) that you have suffered financial set back
  • 6) you need to own any business for business categories

Key note:

  1. NG-Cares is a scheme of the federal and work bank
  2. It was established to help reduce the high level poverty and access to funds as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. About 750 million dollars has been made available by world Bank.
  4. Federal government will play a supervisory role.
  5. State are to implement the usage of the fund as they are the ones to locate those vulnerable people in the grass root.
  6. There is no central portal created for this scheme now.
  7. Individual state have their portal open for this purpose.


  • Abia CARES
  • Adamawa CARES
  • Akwa Ibom CARES
  • Anambra CARES
  • Bauchi CARES
  • Bayelsa CARES
  • Benue CARES
  • Borno CARES
  • Cross River CARES
  • Delta CARES
  • Ebonyi CARES
  • Edo CARES
  • Ekiti CARES
  • Enugu CARES
  • Federal Capital Territory Abuja
  • Gombe CARES
  • Imo CARES
  • Jigawa CARES
  • Kaduna CARES
  • Kano CARES
  • Katsina CARES
  • Kebbi CARES
  • Kogi CARES
  • Kwara CARES
  • Lagos CARES
  • Nasarawa CARES
  • Niger CARES
  • Ogun CARES
  • Ondo CARES
  • Osun CARES
  • Oyo CARES
  • Plateau CARES
  • Rivers CARES
  • Sokoto CARES
  • Taraba CARES
  • Yobe CARES
  • Zamfara CARES
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How To Apply For NC-CARES Stimulus Programme

There are enumerators in each local Government so it’s advisable you make contact with them for registration purposes but if you couldn’t get in touch with them you can still meet your community CDC Chairman, Women Leader, or Youth President.

Below are the Application Link to All State in Nigeria:

  1. Abia State > Click here
  2. Adamawa State (Yola) > Click Here
  3. Akwa Ibom State (Uyo) > Click Here
  4. Anambra State (Awka) > Click Here
  5. Bauchi State (Bauchi) > Click Here
  6. Bayelsa State (Yenagoa)> Click here
  7. Benue State (Makurdi)> Click Here
  8. Borno State (Maiduguri)> Click Here
  9. Cross River State (Calabar)> Click Here
  10. Delta State (Asaba)> Click Here
  11. Ebonyi State (Abakaliki)> Click Here
  12. Edo State (Benin City)> Click Here
  13. Ekiti State (Ado Ekiti)> Click Here
  14. Enugu State (Enugu)> Click Here
  15. Gombe State (Gombe)> Click Here
  16. Imo State (Owerri)> Click Here
  17. Jigawa State (Dutse)> Click Here
  18. Kaduna State (Kaduna)> Click Here
  19. Kano State (Kano)> Click Here
  20. Katsina State (Katsina)> Click Here
  21. Kebbi State (Birnin Kebbi)> Click Here
  22. Kogi State (Lokoja)> Click Here
  23. Kwara State (Ilorin)> Click Here
  24. Lagos State (Ikeja)> Click Here
  25. Nasarawa State (Lafia)> Click Here
  26. Niger State (Minna)> Click Here
  27. Ogun State (Abeokuta)> Click Here
  28. Ondo State (Akure)> Click Here
  29. Osun State (Oshogbo)> Click Here
  30. Oyo State (Ibadan)> Click Here
  31. Plateau State (Jos)> Click Here
  32. Rivers State (Port Harcourt)> Click Here
  33. Sokoto State (Sokoto)> Click Here
  34. Taraba State (Jalingo)> Click Here
  35. Yobe State (Damaturu)> Click Here
  36. Zamfara State (Gusau)> Click Here
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We understand that there are various government programmes that deals on job creation programmes ongoing both in state and federal level.

What NG-Cares does is to complement and leverage on these programs.
This means that states will be an active participant here, states will be given the money to identify those who its meant for in the grassroot.

In other word the NG-Cares is to become a bridge between existing job creation programs in states while the federal Government will play a monitoring role, evaluation role and will also provide technical assistance to all participating states.

We are going to update you more about the NG CARES news and any other National Covid 19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus update all you have to do is keep visiting this page.


54 thoughts on “How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme 2024/2025 grant 750m”

    1. Emmanuel Okon Effiong

      I’m pleading for FGN to also consider my application I’ve heard success stories from other how they are touch through FG Grant but I’ve never received mine once please kindly help. I really need help and I will appreciate it.

  1. My small business corraps since 4 months ago and I find it very hard to even feed my family now I need not too much to start over again a loan that I can pay back in short time.

  2. Idris Musibau Bolanle

    I am the Coordinator of Agbeloba Farmers based in Ewekoro Local Government of OGUN state
    We are adequately registered
    But, we need loan to start off.
    I have visited the Ewekoro Local Government. But, no assistance
    We need the assistance of Nigeria Care to start
    Our documents is in our custody for inspection
    Who is the field Officer for Nigeria Cares in OGUN STATE or Ewekoro Local Government
    Thanks and stay blessed
    Idris Musibau Bolanle

  3. Akinseinde oluwole

    Please don’t give this monkey to the portfolio farmer again,I am one of the zealous farmer,hoping that my idea of farming can tourch many lifes if only I see good founding. B and g agro matte. SME


    Good idea but can it be accessible to those who need it ?
    I need more of this program a farmer but no support..

  5. No doubt third world countries have received bountiful support from developed nation which are made to support the poor but unfortunately it does not get to those that are targeted the same rich ones at the top hijacked the program for them and their carnies

  6. Ajiboye Aanu Rachael

    I also want to be a beneficiary of this program, people have been testifying here and there how they been given grants.

  7. I am indigene of Kogi state but doing business and resident in Gboko- Benue state. Am I eligible to apply in Benue state, if not how so I go about it because I really want to bep part of it.

  8. Pls can anyone post the NG CARES registration link… Many people out there don’t have a means to register.

  9. please how to apply? We are very interested. As i am in kano state, where we can contact our area enumerators? To apply or register our sell?

  10. Zakari dauda malami

    I’m in very highly needed for this program and I’m always looking and checking if it’s open to be among the first, first come first have ,we have experienced from different programs like nyif, survival and so many

  11. Ezeugwu,Ugochukwu Samuel

    it is a very wonderful socioeconomic relief programme for the states to cushion the effect of Covid-19 impact in Nigeria.36 States including FCT had enrolled and also passed the eligibility participation criteria. I am most excited that this programme in happening in our own time. Kudos to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  12. Abubakar Galadima Nguru

    We wish all the best on this
    I hope it’s accessible to all kinds of business especially agribusiness, I’m farmer I need support

  13. Ejunka Solomon odey

    It’s obvious that I suffer some major set back in my business that I need little capital to start up again in my business.

  14. Godswill Ledornu

    I want to thank the federal government personnel for the bold step, and how can we know when River State will open their portal

  15. Abdullahi Adamu Sudawa

    For peoples benefits it supposed to be online application direct. It will be better and will touch those who deserves to get it. But I know our state Kano will not open it for everyone to benefit.

  16. For people to benifitit supposed to be online application detect. That is better but I knowing our state zamfara so will open to everyone to benifit.

  17. From what i have seen the program is not made for grassroots people is for elite,please open up and remove the issue of enumerators

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