How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect 2024 100% Data/Call Bonus

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect & 100% Data/Call Bonus

Over the years, telecom operators are busy rolling out amazing and competitive data offers and plans that are packed with mouth watering offers .

All this are either ways to better appreciate their loyal customers and subscribers support alike or try to beat their competitors in the game thereby increasing their subscriber base.

Introducing Airtel Smart Connect Work

You might ask what is Airtel Smart “CONNECT”? Well it’s one of Airtel’s tariff plan customised for it’s prepaid customers. From the look of things no doubt this plan comes by default on getting a new Airtel SIM card, not only that old SIM can also be migrated to this plan.Airtel smart connect

Users stands to benefit from this offer, of which is instant 100% bonus on every data plan subscribed to, what we mean here is that you will get 100% MORE ON EVERY DATA BUNDLE,
More also there is a bonus on top up, that is you will have 8-fold bonus on every top-up.

During the first three months on the Airtel “CONNECT” you will have the privilege to enjoy 100% bonus on data you purchase. It is a proven fact that Airtel “CONNECT” offer you the best tariff plan.

Like we pointed out earlier, the
airtel smart connect is designed to provide cheaper data at affordable prices to new airtel subscribers. Its a simple market strategy that is serves one major aim; win more subscribers over to the Airtel network. Which is working like charm.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect

  • On every bundle you purchase on Airtel Smart connect you will be given 100% Bonus
  • Airtime top up are not left out, you will be given 8x Bonus on every airtime recharge you make on Airtel smart connect.
  • Subscribers on this plan will be rewarded with more data at the end of the month, though this is based on the number of times they subscribed.
  • This plan gives you the opportunity to add your family and friends to your SIM. Although you are limited to only 10 contact.

How To Activate / Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

We hope the steps given or outlined below will help you migrate / activate Airtel Smart “CONNECT” bonus

Note: If you have an old Airtel SIM card then you should skip this step below and move to the next tutorial

  • First, you should Purchase a new Airtel SIM Card so as to enjoy all benefits on Airtel smart connect. New SIM by default are on Airtel smart “CONNECT”.
  • You know that you can’t just insert the SIM immediately so you have to get the SIM registered at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  • Now that it has been registered, you now have to Insert the SIM in your Smartphone or device.
  • Lastly you should Purchase a data bundle or Airtime based on your needs.
  • Now start Enjoying the amazing benefits and bonus accrued.
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How to migrate to airtel smart connect on an old sim

Do you have an old AIRTEL SIM? okay lets help you out on how to migrate to Airtel smart “CONNECT”.

While on your old Airtime SIM you can make use of a USSD code provided by Airtel to migrate, join or switch back to airtel smart “CONNECT”

  • Just dial *311# and Select 1 (To Migrate) to airtel smart connect or
  • you dial *121# >
  • Select 5 (Billing & Tariff) > then
  • Select 1 (Smart Connect).

Below is a table showing how Bonuses are served on the Airtel Smart connect package

Data Bundle (Naira)Standard ValueBonusTotal ValueValidity
5025MB25MB50MB1 Day
10075MB75MB150MB1 Day
200200MB200MB400MB3 Days
300350MB350MB700MB7 Days
500750MB750MB1.5GB14 Days
10001.5GB1.5GB3GB30 Days
15003GB3GB6GB30 Days
20004.5GB4.5GB9GB30 Days
25006GB6GB12GB30 Days
30008GB8GB16GB30 Days
400011GB11GB22GB30 Days


Main Account creditN100N200N300N500N1,000
Bonus Credit – VoiceN300N600N900N1,500N3,000
Bonus Credit – DataN400N800N1,200N2,000N4,000
Total CreditN800N1,600N2,400N4,000N8,000

How to Add a Number to Family and Friends

You can now seamlessly Register your family and friends to join you and enjoy the family and friend’s bonus on every recharge you make.

Here is how to add the number :

  • Dial *311*2*Airtel number# to register number.
  • Dial *311*3*Airtel number# to delete the number.
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Here is the Call Rate Calculation for Airtel Smart Connect

Main Balance

  • Calls From your Airtel to All Local Networks with Nigeria & also Top 5 International Destinations: you will be charged just 50 kobo/sec
  • You will be charged SMS to all Local Networks (SMS within Nigeria) : N4/SMS
  • If you decides to send SMS to International number : N15/SMS
  • You will charge on Data: 5 kobo/KB
  • Here is the Top 5 International destinations you can call on lower rates: USA, Canada, China, India, UK Fixed. You will be charged just 50 kobo per second.


  1. From the bonus you are given, when you decide to call Airtel to All Local Networks: 60 kobo/sec
  2. Here is the bang, when you call Family and Friends Calls: 40 kobo/sec
  3. On Bonus for Data: N10MB
  4. On Social Data Bonus: N10/MB

What we have said so far:

  1. To start enjoying Airtel smart “CONNECT” offers, you just need to get a new SIM.
  2. But if you have an old SIM you should just dial *311# and select 1 to migrate.
  3. To recharge your number you should dial *126*pin#. Remember that you can recharge from your banking app.
  4. On airtime smart “CONNECT”, any recharge you makes guarantee you of (8x) the value of all top-up.
  5. Please note that you must recharge up to 100 Naira for you to enjoy (8x) the value of all top-up .
  6. If you what to check your Airtel balance you should use the following code : *123#
  7. Airtel smart “CONNECT” is meant for NEW prepaid customers.
  8. Airtel smart “CONNECT” will only last or 90 days.

Faq on Airtel smart connectAirtel 200 naira for 1GB

Question: Who is eligible to take Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: By default The Airtel smart “CONNECT” is available to NEW prepaid customers but old time users are welcome.

Question: How does a customer get unto Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: customer or subscribers only need to Buy a new SIM, they should also register it, then next step is to insert it into their device and get it recharge, then instantly they are on Airtel smart “CONNECT”

Question: What do I stand to enjoy on Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: subscribers will benefit hugely and greatly on Airtel smart “CONNECT”, it’s just simple recharge and enjoy 8 times the amount of money you recharge (N100 and above please take note)

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Question: How do I recharge?

Answer: Dial *126*pin#

Question: do i stand a chance to enjoy 8 times bonus if I Recharge with ERC?

Answer: Yes. ERC recharges also qualify for an 8 times bonus.

Question: How do I check balance on Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: Dial *123#

Question: Can I use my bonus Airtel smart “CONNECT” to call ALL NETWORKS including home and abroad?

Answer: Yes. A bonus gotten from Airtel smart “CONNECT” can also be used by you for data and calls Irrespective of network you call.

Question: How long can I use my bonus?

Answer: your bonus last for only 7 days from the day it was activated.

Question: Can I rollover my unused bonus gotten from Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: Yes, only that you got to quickly get recharge before your bonus expires, that way you can rollover.

Question: when i make calls on Airtel smart “CONNECT”, how much will i be billed?

Answer: we understand your concerns, you will be charged chikele money (our Nigerian slangs for small) from your Main Account and Bonus alike, no difference. Charges is 50k/sec.

Question: How can i add family and friends on Airtel smart “CONNECT”!

  • Answer: Dial *311*2*Airtel number# to register number.
  • – Dial *311*3*Airtel number# to delete the number.
  • – Dial *311*4# to view your registered friends and family.

Question: after 90 Days on this Airtel smart “CONNECT” what should i expect?

Answer: its pretty explained by Airtel, they said After 90 Days on Airtel smart “CONNECT” you will still get to enjoy 6 X ( times) the Value of your Recharge in addition to the existing.

Question: How do I check My Data Balance on Airtel smart “CONNECT”?

Answer: you just have to Dial *140#


In this article, we have introduced the airtel smart connect and also show you a step by step guide on how you also can migrate to it and start enjoying its amazing benefits.

Like we said To enjoy any of the airtime amazing offer, starters have to get just new SIM while existing subscribers will have to migrate making use of the USSD migration code.

You wont be charged for Migrating to airtel smart “CONNECT”, everything is free of charge unless you opt out and want to opt in again within 30 days period, that’s where you will be charged.

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