How to send NIN to JAMB email /55019 and 66019

JAMB has released new guild line for the 2023 Jamb registration and some of them involved the introduction of double fingerprints, exemption candidates etc

In recent times, the National identification number being requested by JAMB during registration of students has stand to be a main challenge to aspirants seeking admission.Nin for jamb For everyone familiar with the previous JAMB system, the process of registration was quite different from the current process which was adopted in last registration for JAMB.

The National identification number has become a criteria for registration which stands as a great challenge for students who don’t have it. Today, we are going to look into this particular issue as well as treat other related, so sit back and educate yourself as we let you in on certain things regarding the National identification number and it’s involvement in JAMB registration.

How to send NIN to JAMB email /55019 and 66019.

The process is so clear and concise to adapt and utilize. Since JAMB improvised the process of requesting students NIN, it has been considered some sort of hectic task, however, this task isn’t hectic as most people may think.

The only hectic process might be the process of acquiring the National identification number which will later be explained in this article. You can send your NIN to JAMB via SMS by typing ‘’ NIN to 55019’’

The ‘’ NIN ‘’ should be replaced with your real National identification number eg : ‘’0000000188’ to 55019 or 66019 as the receiver. If this process is carried out effectively, your NIN would be linked to your Jamb profile.

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How do I link my NIN to JAMB?

Linking your NIN to JAMB can be done in two different ways. You can link your NIN to JAMB via email or you could do that via SMS. Below are 2 different steps you can take to link your NIN to your JAMB profile.

Nin linking via SMS

  • You are expected to have at least 50 Naira airtime on your SIM before embarking on this process.
  • Type your NIN into the message box and set the receiver to 55019 or 66019.
  • Click on send. Once it goes through, you’ll be notified that your NIN has been linked successfully to your JAMB student profile.

Process via mail.

  • Login to your mail, click on the new mail address.
  • Insert the JAMB mail address for NIN linking and input your NIN in the message box.
  • Click on the send icon.

Which number will I send my NIN to?

55019 /66019

If you wish to send your NIN to 55019 or 66019, you are free to do that, both numbers are being used for the same purpose.

Is the NIN necessary for JAMB registration?

Yes it is. In previous JAMB registration , the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board made an announcement regarding the implementation of the use of NIN during registration so yes,

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it is highly necessary as someone without NIN wouldn’t be allowed to register for the screening exercise. If you are reading this and you are yet to register for the examination and you don’t have the NIN, I suggest you start making moves to get yours.

Can I get the NIMC for JAMB online?

Yes you can! You can acquire the National identification number by visiting their website online, following the due process and finalizing it by reporting to the closest branch close to you however, I’ll strongly advise anyone seeking to get his /her NIN to visit any local government office close to his vicinity and apply for the NIN so as to avoid complicating things.

How much does the NIN cost?

You can acquire the National identification number for just 2000 Naira. This actually depends on the place you live. It could be higher than that in some places, it could still be less than 2000 Naira in some areas.

What is JAMB email address?

Now this is a very sound question. The National identity management commission email address is an email address which was specially created to address the issue of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination, due to several complaints from students regarding the linking of their NIN to their JAMB profile.

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The SMS process of linking NIN seem to be overloaded by students some time which usually leads to inefficiency which led to the creation of the new email address. The new JAMB email address is [email protected].

Students who experience difficulties in linking their NIN via SMS can utilize this email address. The next heading would explain how you can link your NIN via mail.

How do I send an email to JAMB?

This is considered an easy process, all you need is an active email address and data on your SIM card and you are good to go. Below is a detailed process on how you can do it easily.

  • Log in to your mail and click on the ‘’New mail ‘’ icon on the top corner of your email app.
  • Insert the JAMB Nimc address in the receiver tray in your mail.
  • Type in your NIN as a message and click the send button.

This process is considered an effective mode of linking your NIN to your JAMB profile.

Final Words

The use of NIN for JAMB registration is still considered a hectic process for some aspirants. However, if you wish to avoid complicating things, I’ll strongly advise anyone without the NIN to get it and follow the guidelines pointed out in this article for a smooth process.

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