How To Subscribe To MTN 1.5gb & 1GB For N300 (MTN4ME)

MTN data plan 300 for 1.5GB

How To Subscribe To MTN 1.5gb For N300 Valid For 7 Days now bring to you simplest ways you can now subscribe for just 300 naira and get 1.5gb on the mtn network

Right now as an MTN subscriber you can now get an affordable data plan that is not only cheap but have “a one week and 24hours validity period” , all for just 300 naira. Note that this data is of two type so we are going to explain how to subscribe to them below:Mtn

You might ask, is it possible to get MTN 1.5gb for N300? To clear your doubt, Yes its possible and this data plan is available to every subscriber on MTN network. Please note that the validity period is just for a week, which is just 7 days before it expires.

How To Subscribe To MTN 1.5GB For N300 Valid For 7 Days

I believe you might have gotten or received an sms message from MTN4ME which advertise spacial data plan known as data4me?

Mtn data

To subscribe and activate your MTN 1.5GB for 300 naira you have to just make use of the USSD code provided by MTN which is *121*1# and proceed to subscribe.

Should in case you have dialed or followed the process and steps above and still yet you aren’t able to get the data, you can still try this code *567# .

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Remember that this plan is on selected SIM and it depends on how often you recharge your line. There are chances that you might get higher offers that are way cheaper that what we discussed here.

How Can I Activate MTN 1.5GB for N300?

  • Ensure you have at least 300 naira on your MTN SIM card.
  • You can Launch your MyMtnApp and click on Mega Deal Zone
  • Then you should click on the Top Deal egg to crack and an image like the one below will show up
  • Click accept to subscribe.

How To Subscribe To MTN 1GB For N300 Valid For 1 Day

Mtn has made available One of the best and cheapest daily data plans for subscribers to meet their daily Internet needs. This article will give you step by step method and ways to subscribe to this cheapest plan

  • Just dial *121#
  • Then enter 1
  • Then proceed to select 5

Please remember that this data offer only last for just 1 day and its available to everyone unlike that of DATA4ME

The MTN 1GB for 300 naira which we have taken time to explain above is not a promo but just the regular Daily mtn data plan that only last for just 24 hours. This data is available 24/7 and it can be accumulated.

Though MTN 1.5GB for 300 is not always available though it last for just 7 days. The downside is that MTN makes it available based on the level of credit/airtime recharge one makes.

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All these data bundles we have taken time to explain do come handy most especially when you need to urgently download musics, video files, browse the Internet or even make a voice or video call.

About The 1.5GB Data Plan For 300 Naira

It’s amazing to know that MTN understand that not all subscriber can be able to subscribe for bigger data bundle hence they make provision for this cheap data.

With just 300 naira you stand a chance of getting 1.5GB by just following the step by step guide we listed above to subscribe.

When activated you wont be limited to certain sites or platforms but rather you will be allowed to browse and download from all or any site of your choice.

More also it works on all device or any device of your choice be it Smartphones, iPhones, Android, laptops or any device not listed here. As far it is possible for it to browse then it will connect.

The MTN 300 naira for 1.5GB data plan hasn’t been long it was introduced to the market hence most subscribers wont have an’ idea about it. Although some might receive SMS from MTN informing them about the offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions On N300 Plan

We understand that subscribers have been asking a lot of questions as regards the 1.5GB for 300 naira and we have compiled those questions Below:

How Can I Get 1.5GB 300 On MTN?

Just like we explained above, all you need os is to Simply dial the *121*1# on your phone. then select the plan from the list.

What is the code for MTN 2GB for 200 naira?

The code is *121*1# and you should be able to get the data or alternatively you can make use of this USSD code *567#

How Long Does Mtn 1.5GB For 300 Last?

The 1.5GB for 300 naira plan is not a monthly plan. It has shorter duration and can only last for 7 days from the very first day it was activated.

Here is all you need to know about the mtn data4me special offer of N300 1.5gb data subscription and code.

MTN 1.5gb for n300 duration or validity period is 7 days (1 week)

mtn 1.5gb for 300 code is *121*1#

This offer is eligibility concerned as it is for selected sims only.

mtn data code for data4me is *121#

MTN 1.5gb for N300 data can be accumulated and lasts for 1 week (7 days) only

Another way Subscribe To MTN 1.5GB For N300 Valid For 7 Days

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