MTN YouTube Night: How To Subscribe 2025 Activation Code

MTN YouTube Night: Activation & deactivation code

You must have heard about the YouTube night streaming pack which promises cheap data for small amount of fee.
The package comes in two categories as we are meant to understand. Which are the hourly and data plus free plan for video streaming

MTN Youtube data plan enables customers and subscribers alike to surf the net at night with cheap data.
If you are the type that wont mind keeping late night just to browse and download videos or mp3 audio then this plan will be of great help to you.Youtube night plan

How do I activate YouTube night on MTN?

Believe me ever since MTN introduced the YouTube night plan as a bonus to regular data subscription, Nigerians have been able to browse, surf and enjoy the benefits attached to it without depleting their normal bundles.

With the YouTube night plan you can watch your high resolution videos, surf the net and do lots more. Now how to get started?

The code you need to dial to activate your MTN YouTube night plan depends on the type of plan you subscribe for. So lets take time to explain each process to you:

MTN YouTube Night daily:

To activate YouTube daily night on MTN you just have to Text VP5 to 131.

please note that the mtn daily night plan only works from 12am to 5am, when activated you are entitled to receive just 500mb.
You might ask what is the cost of this plan? Well the cost is just 50 naira only.

YouTube Night Weekly :

MTN Youtube night plan comes with a bigger data cap that ensures you get at least 2GB data cap for downloads and surfing the net.

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To subscribe for this plan you should have at least N200 on your sim card while you Text VP7 to 131 to get it activated. The validity period is just 7 days while the plan is said to be active between the hour of 11pm to 6am every night.

What is the code for MTN youtube Night Plan?

Like we explained above there two categories of YouTube streaming plan, there are is the one you can subscribe to and there is the one that is given to you free when you subscribe your Normal data bundle.

  1. YouTube Hourly Plans
  2. Data + Free YouTube

MTN YouTube Hourly:

this is a time based data plan where you are given access to a particular data cap for a time period. Lets take For example, you subscribe for 3hours for N130 only.

With this plan you can get connected to the fastest network service via your phones or laptops through your modem

To get started with this plan, recharge the equivalent amount of money and subscribe. Lets give you the various codes you need to get started with below:

Time + DataPrice (NGN)Activation Code (sms to 131)Validity
5hrs (12am – 5am)50VP51day
7hrs – 2GB (11pm – 6am)200VP77days

MTN Data + Free YouTube Plan:

this is just a thank you bonus for the subscription you did. Its a rewards system that encourages you to continue subscribing.

But believe me, the data can be used to watch or download YouTube videos for offline views without disruption.

To get your night bundle for MTN youtube Night Plan, just buy any bundle using the code below then you will be given free data for YouTube alongside the data you subscribe for.

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What time is YouTube night on MTN?

We understand that that you are interested in knowing the time that YouTube night plan on MTN get activated for browsing and downloading purposes.

Well the plan is usually activated on MTN server from 11 pm – 6 am. Although this depends on the night plans you are on as some plans are activated from 12am just like the 50 mtn night for 500mb plan that works from 12am to 5am

This means that from 11 pm – 6 am you will be able to Stream with the night plan without deduction from your normal plan but when its 6pm the plan stop working.

How do I use my YouTube night data?

To make use of your MTN YouTube night plan you only need to stay awake up to the time the data will be active.

This means you should stay awake from 11pm to 6am to be able to enjoy the MTN free YouTube data plan Irrespective of the night plan you bought or got for free.

Here are steps to use the MTN YouTube night bonus;

  • You have to Turn on your data connection at 11pm to start enjoying your data
  • You then need to Open YouTube, or you can open the official YouTube app that is installed your phone
  • Then you can Start watching your favourite videos
  • There are other options like download your video for offline viewing.
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How to check MTN YouTube night balance

To check your MTN Youtube night plan balance is pretty easy its just a code that you need to dial and that code is *131*4#

All you need to do is just to dial *131*4# for the system to display your balance on your screen while at the same time send your balance as sms for reference purposes.

  1. Dial *406#
  2. Reply by pressing 3 to select MTN nightlife plan.
  3. Then reply with 3 to check your MTN night data balance

With the above codes you can check if you have exhausted your night plans or what’s left for you after download.

How do I deactivate my MTN YouTube night plan?

There is no code for you to deactivate your mtn YouTube plan rather you should wait for the data to expire on its own but you can cancel auto renewal of certain night plans.

What we have is a code to deactivate automatic renewal of YouTube night plan. So if this is what you are looking for then follow the steps below to get it done.

SMS ‘Stop Night‘ to 131 this will cancel MTN night plan, that means you wont be auto renew by the system again.

If you failed to deactivate your MTN YouTube night plan then your credit might be deducted for further subscription without your consent.

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