JAMB Result June 19th, 21st and 22th checker 2021/2022 (55019 Saturday & Monday)

JAMB Result For june 19th and 21th checker 2021/2022 (55019 – Day 1 and 2)

When will Jamb results be out for those who wrote today, Saturday 19th and 21st Monday, 22th June 2021? Have you ever ask this same question?
Is Saturday or Monday result out?

Well we are here to inform you that the 2021 Jamb results for Saturday 19th and Monday 21st, 22, June 2021 are now out, so if you wrote the exams you can now check your result.

You and other of your friends who wrote the exams, might likely be wondering and asking, how will I be able to check my Saturday and 19th and 21th Jamb result?

This question is expected but let me inform you that it’s very easy to check your 2021 JAMB result through the jamb result checker.

Don’t forget that jamb use to send candidates results through SMS and email address. A lot of candidates will get SMS alert directly from JAMB informing them about their score.

At the same time majority of candidates will not get this SMS due to sms delivery failure, lost of sim card used for registration etc.

Here is how to check your JAMB results for 19th and 21th being Saturday and Monday  and even all jamb result June 2021.

Jamb has disabled the SMS options you can now log to Jamb portal to check your results

Send “UTME RESULT” to 55019.

First  send that term above which is “UTME Result  ” in capital latter with out spaces to 55019

Send “RESULT” to 55019.

Just send that term above which is “RESULT ” in capital latter with out spaces to 55019

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Why you have not seen your jamb results

What actually caused your results to be delayed was because jamb boss has been in the field monitoring full compliance as the exam goes on.

He said he authorised that the portal should not be opened until he gets to JAMB headquartres in Abuja.

According to him he said that there is no need to keep candidates waiting. They have no excuse to give rather than to get the portal opened.

He was scheduled to return back 23rd of June and you guys are expected to start seeing your results anytime from now

Other Methods To Check JAMB Result

Through Email Address:
When your score fails to be delivered through your SMS then the next available channel to take to get your score should be through your email address.
So you have to check your email address used while registering your jamb.

Through SMS: JAMB result will be sent via SMS, so when you see your result being delivered to you by SMS just know that it’s actually from jamb.
More also you can confirm the score from your profile on jamb portal.

You can make use of the sms options where you are allowed to send certain code to jamb in return for your score.

Send “RESULT” to 55019.

Just send that term above which is “RESULT ” in capital latter with out spaces to 55019

JAMB Cut-off Marks 2021

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) cut off mark for the year under review are as follows for the following institutions :

  • Universities — 160
  • Polytechnics — 120
  • Colleges of Education — 100
  • Innovation Enterprise — 100

Cut off mark is just a minimum score needed from a candidate before he or she could be admitted into the course of her choice in a particular department.

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