Can I do jamb regularization twice? Explained

Can I do jamb regularization twice? Explained

JAMB Regularization is the important admission process that students must take to ensure that JAMB board verify their admission status to obtain admission letter and student’s registration number.

In other words, JAMB regularization is known as the process in which JAMB Board validates the admission offered to you by the school you apply to. It is a stage in which the examination governing body checks their database to confirm your admission status.

You would be granted your admission letter and student registration number, thereby, becoming an eligible student once you complete the regularization process.

What is the Importance Of Jamb Regularization

The JAMB regularization is aimed at ensuring that students who were single-handedly admitted by tertiary institutions update their records with JAMB so that the board will have the records that correspond with the ones with your school.

You are required to complete your jamb regularization procedure if you intend to apply for Direct Entry admission into the university.

You can’t get a JAMB registration number if you don’t complete JAMB regularization exercise, which means you can’t continue your quest for admission into the university as an OND, NCE, or HND holder.

This important step is equally designed to prevent unnecessary complications when it’s time to be posted for your national youth service.

Another importance of jamb regularization is that it helps JAMB to keep a record of students offered admission in an academic year.

It equally helps the examination governing body to be on the page with the tertiary institutions regarding admitted student profiles.

Is Jamb Regularization Mandatory

Yes. Jamb regularization is mandatory as it’s one of the processes that allow you to guarantee your status as an eligible student. You must complete the regularization stage before your details will be added to Jamb’s database.

Can I do jamb regularization twice?

Yes. You can do JAMB regularization twice although there is an exception to that. Knowing that there are chances of making mistakes the first time, JAMB allows students to register for JAMB regularization for the second time.

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Jamb might reject your regularization registration due to wrong date of birth, incorrect name; hence, you have another opportunity to correct the problems and apply again.

However, the only exception is if you’ve submitted the indemnity form after the first regularization, and JAMB has approved the indemnity form.

You can’t alter your jamb registration number once JAMB signed and approved the indemnity form. Therefore, it is impossible to perform your regulation for the second time.

Let’s divert a little bit and share a few details about the indemnity form since it can directly or indirectly affect your chances of completing the jamb regularization registration.

What Is indemnity Form and its usefulness?

The Indemnity Form is an instrument created by the examination board to verify the genuineness of data provided by candidates.

It is a compulsory form you must fill if you want to change your form, update your data, confirm your admission status; transfer your admission to another tertiary institution, complete Jamb regularization, etc.

Where to get the indemnity Form?

Visit Jamb office to obtain your indemnity form. You are required to fill it up with updated information. Submit it to your school for verification and signature.

The school will sign the form and send it over to jamb for approval. You can still register for JAMB regularization the second time after the school decides to approve the indemnity form.

However, the second-chance option elapses immediately after jamb approved the form and forwards it back to you.

What Are The Requirement For JAMB Regularization?

The JAMB regularization requires that you meet some requirements, and submit some documents and files. The requirements for JAMB regularization include the following:

  • A valid JAMB Registration Number for Direct Entry applicants
  • Passport photographs
  • WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, or combination of any two.
  • Valid Personal Details, including your Full name, Home Address, Date of Birth, accessible Email Address, Gender, registered mobile number, Marital Status, etc.
  • Institution’s detailed information.
  • The Course you currently Study in the institution.
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How To Register For JAMB Regularization

Here is the Procedure or steps you must take to register for JAMB:

  • Visit a nearby jamb accredited center with all the required criteria discussed above.
  • Pay for the service charge. In case you are asking: “how much is JAMB regularization?” JAMB regularization costs nothing less than ₦10,000. We advise you have ₦13,000 so you can cover any unexpected charges that could be added by the Cyber Cafe operators.
  • Submit the documents; the JAMB Official will verify them and fill the regularization and indemnity form.
  • Demand for a printout copy of the completed form before submitting it.
  • The Jamb official will sign the form and hand it over to you.
  • Submit the signed form to your institution’s admission committee or office.
  • Your school officer will submit the form to the JAMB office in your institution while the institution will sign it.
  • They will submit it to Jamb office in your state or Abuja for approval.
  • The board will go through it and approve it if you meet all the requirements.
  • They will send you a mail through the email you registered with them. The mail will consist of your admission letter and registration number.

How long does it take for jamb regularization to be approved?

According to JAMB via their verified Twitter account, they approve your students’ regularization form within 24 hours of submission.

They go through the form as soon as your institution forwards the form to them, and decide whether it should be approved or declined.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience any delay from your school. Your school might take weeks before attending to your form, thereby, creating unnecessary delay in the process.

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Who Needs Jamb Regularization?

Here is the list of students who need JAMB regularization:

  1. Admitted undergraduate whose admission status still says: “No Admission Given Yet” because they were given admission by an institution (not JAMB).
  2. Students whose admission letter isn’t available on JAMB portal.
  3. Students running Pre-degree, Evening programs, without JAMB Registration number
  4. ND, HND, NCE, IJMB graduates willing to apply for JAMB direct entry.
  5. Students whose admission details are different from the one they are using. This can occur if you were offered double admission and you selected the one that wasn’t recognized by the board.
  6. Students who need their admission letter for NYSC purposes.

Can I change my date of birth during jamb regularization?

Yes, but that’s if you haven’t done the regularization before. Head to an accredited JAMB center or a close office; let them know your desire to edit your date of birth.

They will follow the procedures discussed earlier and submit for approval. Then, your school should effect the latest change in their database.

How do I know if my jamb regularization has been approved?

The first way to know if your JAMB regularization has been approved is by checking your admission status on JAMB website. The second method involves checking your email address for JAMB notification.

How Do I Check My Admission JAMB On Jamb CAP?

1. Visit JAMB website here

2. Login using your registered Email and password.

3. Click the “Check Admission Status” option.

4. Choose your Exam Year. Then, enter your JAMB Registration Number in the provided column.

5. Click on the “Check Admission Status” tab to confirm admission status.

6. Your regularization has been approved if the next page displays your registration number and the course you are offered as shown in the image below:

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