Top 10 Biggest Churches in Nigeria Today 2024

Top 10 Biggest Churches in Nigeria Today

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world with over 10,000 churches and 2,000 mosques scattered across the nooks and crannies of the country.

There are quite a huge number of wealthy and well-respected pastors in the country. Some Nigerian pastors are enlisted among the richest men of God in the world, thanks to their big congregation and other business ventures.Top 10 Biggest Churches in Nigeria Today

Talking of big congregations and churches, the biggest churches in Nigeria are The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Living Faith, Deeper Life Bible Church, and more.

So let’s discuss these churches one after the other and see how they managed to reach such a lofty and prominent status in the country.

The 10 Biggest Churches In Nigeria

1. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, also known as RCCG, is the largest church in Nigeria based on the number of branches and members across the country.

The Redeemed, as it is fondly called, was created by Pa Josiah Akindayomi in 1952 and it is currently under Pastor E.A Adeboye’s watch.

As mentioned above, RCCG has numerous branches in all the states of the federation, including the federal capital territory Abuja.

RCCG redemption camp in Ogun State features a huge auditorium that covers 40,000 hectares of land. It was revealed by some reporters that the RCCG auditorium has hosted over one million worshipers at once in the past.

Meanwhile, it will interest you to know that the Redeemed Christian Church of God has a tertiary institution known as the Redeemer University in Ede, Osun State.

The school is owned and managed by the RCCG Church whose headquarters is at Ebute-Metta in Lagos State.

With over 5 million members in the country, you would agree that the Redeemed Christian Church of God deserves its first spot on the list.

2. Living Faith Church Worldwide

Second on the list is no other than the Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as the Winners Chapel.

Founded in 1983 by Bishop David Oyedepo, the Winners Chapel has its camp auditorium in Ogun state.

Known as Canaan land, the Living Faith camp auditorium covers over 10,500 acres of land and it is the most expensive church in Nigeria.

It will conveniently accommodate close to 50,000 worshippers at a go, thereby becoming the second-largest church auditorium in the country.

Bishop David Oyedepo isn’t only the founder, he is equally the general overseer of the Living Faith Bible Church. Reports suggest that Bishop David Oyedepo is Africa’s richest pastor with over $200 million net worth.

Like the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Living Faith Bible Church has various branches across Nigeria and other parts of the world.

It equally owns a university known as the Covenant University which is open to everyone who meets the admission requirement and can shoulder the financial burden.

3. Mountain of Fire Miracles Ministry (MFM)

Mountain of fire rightly occupies the third spot as it is one of the most famous churches in Nigeria. Founded by Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya in 1989, Mountain of Fire members are known for their explosive and aggressive prayer style.

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The church boasts of a Prayer camp (Prayer City) in Ogun state along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The prayer camp auditorium can host 250,000 worshippers as it features a roofed area that can host numerous worshippers.

Therefore, it is fair to say that MFM Prayer City can conveniently contain close to 300,000 worshippers at once if we consider the roofed area.

In terms of branches, MFM has different branches scattered across the country and it has nothing less than 500,000 members nationwide.

4. The Apostolic Church (TAC)

The Apostolic Church is one of the first-generation churches in Nigeria. Founded in 1918, the Apostolic Church is among the earliest pentecostal churches in Africa with over 5 million members in Nigeria and Africa at large.

It is no surprise that it falls among the top five largest churches on the list. The Apostolic Church has its camp in Ketu, Lagos State. The camp’s auditorium can accommodate over 100,000 worshipers without any discomfort.

It is equally believed that the construction of the church headquarters took 26 years before completion.

5. Deeper Life Bible Church

Deeper Life Church doesn’t need any introduction as it is a famous ministry in Nigeria and Africa. Founded by pastor WF kumuyi in 1973, the church which had only 15 founding members has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.

With thousands of worshippers across the country, the Deeper Life seamlessly occupies the fifth spot on our list.

Its main Auditorium is arguably the most expensive in the country as it cost close to ₦4 billion. It is equally one of the largest auditoriums in Nigeria as it can contain 30,000 worshipers at once

6. Dunamis International Gospel Center

Dunamis is a popular, large, and highly-rated church among Nigerian worshipers. Founded November 10, 1996, by Dr. Paul Eneche and his wife Dr. Becky, Dunamis church is known for its awesome and attractive logo.

The Dunamis auditorium is located in Abuja. The Dunamis auditorium which is often referred to as the Lord’s Garden boasts a seating capacity of about 200,000 thereby becoming a famous auditorium in the world.

The ministry has multiple branches across many Nigerian States and villages, to become one of the largest churches in the country based on membership size.

7. Christ Embassy Church

Here is another popular church among the Christian Community in Nigeria. Founded in 1990 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy has its headquarters in Lagos State, Nigeria.

There are many Christ Embassy branches in the country and the ministry is no doubt one of the largest churches in Nigeria. Meanwhile, it will interest you to know that Pastor Chris is one of the richest pastors in Africa with an estimated $50 million net worth.

Christ Embassy’s 40,000 sitting capacity auditorium is located in Lagos State and it is mostly attended by youths in the universities and towns across the country.

8. Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA)

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly famously known as COZA was created by Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo in 1999 and it recently completed its headquarters in Abuja.

Though it’s not as popular as all the churches above, it maintains its reputation as one of the largest churches in the country, thanks to its numerous branches in the Nigerian States and villages.

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9 The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement:

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is founded by Lazarus Muoka who is from Imo State, Nigeria. The Church came into existence not quite long ; 2002 to be precise.

According to the founder, he has a devine vision to leave his former church and start his ministry which will center on the undiluted word of God.

The Church headquarters in Lagos is located at The Chosen Revival Ground, Along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, by Ijesha-Bus Stop, Lagos

9. Daystar Christian Center

Though Daystar Christian Center doesn’t have many branches like some of the ones listed above, it manages to occupy the ninth position on the list.

Daystar Christian Center was founded in 1995 by Pastor Sam Adeyemi and it features a massive church auditorium in Lagos. The Auditorium has the ability and capacity to host close to 6,000 worshipers at once.

Others are:

Fountain Of Life Church

Fountain of Life is last on the list and it was established in 1994 by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya and his late wife Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya.

As much as it doesn’t have many members like the churches on the list, it remains a force to reckon with when discussing the largest churches in Nigeria.

The church’s main auditorium is located at ilupeju in Lagos State with well over 5,000 sitting capacity.

There are Fountain of life branches in some states and local government areas of the federation. Hence, a number 10 spot isn’t too bad for a church with over 3,000 worshippers nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerian Churches

Having discussed the top 10 largest churches in Nigeria, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Nigerian churches

How many churches are in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, no one knows the specific number of churches in Nigeria because they are just too many to count. Every state in Nigeria (except the Northern part of the nation which is dominated by the Muslim faithful) has not less than 100 churches, whether big, small famous, or unpopular.

Therefore, it will be a bit difficult to give an exact figure. Nonetheless, according to Family Search in 2019, there are over 16,000 churches in Nigeria at both state and local levels. This means there should be over 20,000 churches.

Considering the numbers, it is no surprise that Nigeria is regarded as the second-largest religious country in the world behind Pakistan ( according to Pew research).

Which church has the largest Church capacity in Nigeria?

The Salvation Ministry reportedly has the largest church capacity in Nigeria and the world at large. Its Auditorium in Port Harcourt features a 120,000 seating capacity which means it can conveniently host 120,000 worshippers at once.

Having said that, the other top three largest church auditoriums in Nigeria are:

1. The Lord’s Garden which belongs to Dunamis International. It is located in Abuja and features a 100,000-seating capacity to become the second-largest auditorium in the world.

2. The Champions Royal Assembly auditorium in Abuja is the third-largest auditorium with an 80,000 seating capacity

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3. The Faith Tabernacle in Lagos is the fourth largest auditorium in Nigeria with a 50,000 seating capacity.

What church has the largest congregation in Nigeria?

1. Catholic Church (20 million members)

The catholic church comes first in this category with over 20 million members. Catholic belongs to the first-generation churches in the country which explains why it has such a huge population.

2. The Anglican (18 million members)

Like Catholic, Anglican is another church that entered the country in its early days. So it’s not a surprise it has such a huge population.

3. Living faith church comes third with 6 million members

4. The Redeemed Christian Church of God occupies the fourth position

when it comes to Nigerian churches and their population. It boasts of having over 5 million members across the country.

What is the name of the most beautiful church in Nigeria?

Here is another tricky question as it might require microscopic eyes to determine which one is the most beautiful church in Nigeria. However, the top three most beautiful churches in Nigeria are discussed below:

1. Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints

Located in Aba Anambra state, the church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints is arguably the most beautiful church in Nigeria as it possesses a captivating outlook. The auditorium covering 2.5 hectares (6.3 acres) of land is a beauty to behold.

2. Cathedral Church of Christ Lagos

Here is another beautiful house of God in Nigeria. It was established in 1859.

3. The Synagogue of Church for All Nations (SCOAN)

Built in 1991, SCOAN is one of the most visited churches in Nigeria. It features a beautiful edifice and it is no doubt one of the most attractive churches in the country.

In a nutshell, going by the list from Pulse ng, the Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints in Aba is the most beautiful church in Nigeria as at the time of this publication.

Why does Nigeria have plenty of churches

The reason or factors responsible for many churches in Nigeria include Nigeria’s high population, the desire for quick fame and wealth

1. Nigeria’s Large Population: There is a massive Christian community in Nigeria which explains why churches are plenty in the country.

Lots of believers, especially in the rural areas, are in search of where to worship. Hence, pastors and general overseers are doing everything possible to ensure that they have more branches in every state of the federation.

They believe this will give every Christian access to Bible-believing churches to improve their spiritual growth.

2. The Desire for Quick Money and Fame: Many pastors created churches not because they were called by God but because they see them as money-creating machines. These people are fake pastors who will end up demanding all kinds of offerings and givings from their congregation.

Unfortunately, there are many fake pastors in Nigeria which is why churches keep growing exponentially in the country.

Other reasons why there are many churches in Nigeria include people’s desperation for miracles, pastors’ love for quick money, and it’s a sign of the end time.


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