NYSC Senate List for batch A, B C 2024/2025 (stream 1, 2) www.nysc.org.ng

NYSC Senate List for batch A, B  (stream 1 and stream 2)- www.nysc.org.ng

According to Act no. 24 of the Nigerian constitution, it is mandatory for all Nigerian graduates either home or abroad to partake in the compulsory service to the nation. This program is referred to as the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

NYSC wasn’t created only for the purpose of your fatherland, it equally serves as one of the major criteria that guarantee whether you will get a paid job or not.


This is because every government-owned organization or company and some private companies will ask for your NYSC certificate before you can stand a chance of working with them.

However, There are some steps that your institution (the school you graduated from) will have to take before you can be qualified to engage in the one-year national service. These steps include:

* Providing the list of graduating students to the sector/organization in charge of mobilization. This list will include everyone’s matriculation number and JAMB registration number.

In some cases, student’s Jamb registration number and records are not in Jamb’s archive which means such students/graduates are ineligible for the Youth Services until the carry out some certain steps.

Steps To Take If Your Record Isn’t Find In Jamb’s Archives :

You don’t need to panic if your records isn’t included in Jamb’s archive because the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has come up with Regularization process for students whose records are not in the board archive.

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  • Complain To The Institution You Graduated From: Ensure you complain to the school where you graduated from and they will take the necessary actions by contacting Jamb for possible update.
  • A New Registration Number Will Be Generated By Jamb: Having shown concrete evidence that you were a bona-fide graduate from the University, Jamb registration number will be regenerated which will now serve as your new student JAMB registration number. Your record will be added to Jamb’s archive.
  • Check and Correct Any Error In The Record Update: After the confirmation of your admission with JAMB, then a list will be sent back to the school from NYSC to check if there is an error in your name and correct it. This list is called the correction list.
  • The Senate List

    Once the corrections are effected, your school will send the corrected list of students’ information back to the body in charge of the NYSC mobilization process.

    After a while (possibly two or three weeks), the National Youth Service Corps will compile the names and send them back to your school in batches.

    This last list is called the Senate List. It is the list that reveals the batch you belong to when mobilization begins. Therefore, The senate list contains the approved institutions that their students can be mobilized to serve the nation.

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    How To Check The NYSC batch B Senate List Online 2020

    Instead of visiting your school for the Senate List, you can check this list online by following the procedures below:

  • Visit the NYSC Portal: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/VerifySenateLists.aspx
  • |https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx|
  • https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/VerifySenateLists.aspx
  • on the space for Institutions, click and choose your school.
  • Enter your surname and Matric number in the provided column.
  • Select your dates, month and year of birth, then click on the ‘search’ button to see the status of your mobilization.
  • Top Two Reasons Why Your Name Could Be Excluded From The Senate List

    It is crystal clear that the release of the senate list precedes mobilization. If your name is not in the list, then, don’t expect mobilization. The following are the possible reason why you might not be included in the list:

    * Absence Of Your Jamb Registration Number In the JAMB Archive

    When NYSC send your JAMB registration number to JAMB and if it’s not in their archive, they consider you as someone you gained admission without following the due procedure.

    * Issues With Your Institution

    Another reason for the exclusion of your name from the senate list could be as a result of issues associated with your institution. If you are owing the school a dime, you cannot be mobilized or you have problems in your academic may be; outstanding courses or carryover, you cannot be mobilized.

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    How To Check If Your Jamb Registration Number or Jamb Record Is In Jamb’s Archive

    There are two ways to check if your record is still available in Jamb’s archive. These methods include:

    First Method: The use of JAMB Online Portal
  • Login to your Jamb profile on the JAMB website using your registered email address and your password.
  • Identify and select “check admission status”. Select the year you wrote your Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.
  • Type-in your JAMB registration number in the provided space. Then, click on the “check examination status” cursor.
  • It will display if your Jamb registration number is in their archive or not. If it is present, it will inform you that you have been given admission and if otherwise, it will display that “you have not been given admission yet.”

    Second Method: The Use of JAMB Admission Status Checker

    Another method to check if JAMB has your registration number in their archive is via the admission status checker.The process is similar to the first approach just that you will first need to visit the JAMB admission checker and follow the steps in the first method.

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