Survival Fund Payment date 2022 News Survival Fund

Survival Fund Payment date for 2022 Latest News on Survival Fund payment

Did you apply for the survival fund? If you did applied for the survival fund then you should be eager to know when the funds will be released for Beneficiaries to receive nationwide.

For those who are yet to apply and want to find out when the portal will open again for new applicant should click here.

Latest News on Survival Fund payment

Do you know that the Federal Government has disbursed the sum of N27 billion to applicant that applied for the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) category of the the survival fund tagged MSMEs Survival Fund Scheme?

Not done yet, the federal Government has also commence the payment of funds to 166,000 Nigerians who applied as artisans. Those who falls in this category will receive 30,000 for support of their businesses.

This was made known to us by the Minister of State, Industry, Trade and Investment, that heads the MSME Survival Fund and Guaranteed Off-Take Schemes (GOS)

Survival Fund Payment date for 2022

This article will help all survive fund applicant to keep track on the next survival Fund Payment date for second batch.

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What we do here is to help you guys with relevant information on what the federal Government is doing to make sure that the fund is released timely.

Right now over 300,000 Nigerians has benefitted from the scheme. They have all received credit alert on their bank accounts and more are to come in subsequent batches.

First, over 59,000 artisan received various forms of payment from all over Nigeria. After few months, Then the federal approved more names to make it 166,000 artisans.

Survival Fund Payment date for 2021 Latest News on Survival Fund payment

Are you aware that over 283,032 employees that work with various MSMEs across the country have received the fund through the management of the organisation they work with?
The survival fund is really a strong buffer against the impact of the COVID-19.

Survival Fund date of disbursement

What you should know:

The Survival Fund scheme was a programme that came at the right time when millions of Nigerians are going through financial crunch.

With the survival fund on board the effect of the covid-19 pandemic will be arrested to some extent.

The scheme is classified as a conditional grant and the funds that is used to fund it comes directly from the Nigerian Economic Sustainability Plan, NESP.

More on Survival Fund payment date

Remember that the survival fund scheme is a component of the federal Government Economic Sustainability programme that is fully funded to the tune of over 2.2 trillion naira.

The Government is banking on this fund to help pull Nigerians out of the mess caused by covid-19 that is why the fund is called Covid-19-economic recovery fund that comprises of sectoral, fiscal and monetary measures.

It will help to enhance growth in the real sector of the economy, drive massive job creation and also help to protect and increase local productivity.

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Though the funds each beneficiaries receives are not that much but the Government is banking on it to lessened the burden of the pandemic on businesses in the country.

Lagos State

Kano State

Abuja FCT
And Nine other states not really revealed
States that fall under second batch that would soon receive their Survival Fund Grant Payment
Abia State Survival Fund Payment
Adamawa State Survival Fund Payment
Akwa Ibom State Survival Fund Payment
Anambra State Survival Fund Payment
Bauchi State Survival Fund Payment
Bayelsa State Survival Fund Payment
Benue State Survival Fund Payment
Borno State Survival Fund Payment
Cross River State Survival Fund Payment
Delta State Survival Fund Payment
Ebonyi State Survival Fund Payment
Edo State Survival Fund Payment
Ekiti State Survival Fund Payment
Enugu State Survival Fund Payment
Gombe State Survival Fund Payment
Imo State Survival Fund Payment
Jigawa State Survival Fund Payment
Kaduna State Survival Fund Payment
Kano State Survival Fund Payment
Katsina State Survival Fund Payment
Kebbi State Survival Fund Payment
Kogi State Survival Fund Payment
Kwara State Survival Fund Payment
Lagos State Survival Fund Payment
Nasarawa State Survival Fund Payment
Niger State Survival Fund Payment
Ogun State Survival Fund Payment
Ondo State Survival Fund Payment
Osun State Survival Fund Payment
Oyo State Survival Fund Payment
Plateau State Survival Fund Payment
Rivers State Survival Fund Payment
Sokoto State Survival Fund Payment
Taraba State Survival Fund Payment
Yobe State Survival Fund Payment
Zamfara State Survival Fund Payment
Federal Capital Territory (FCT) State Survival Fund Payment

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  1. Thank you very much for the update,but when will survival fund going to start payment,especially for my state,Sokoto State,and should Nigerians put hope in this very month of april

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  3. Please when will survival pay those of us that applied since January and I have been called since 1st of March

  4. When the survival fund payment start from cross river. Since February 2021 l call for interview until now no payment as made in my state cross river

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  6. Please what is going on with our company, sultas global services we never receive even single alart from survival fund

  7. I have received 50 k on 1st may and up to now ided’t receive the remaining pls when iam going to receive it

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