Switzerland visa Lottery for Nigerians 2024

Do you have the intention of traveling to Switzerland anytime soon? If yes, you are advised to read every bit of information contained in this post especially if you are a Nigerian.

In today’s post, we will see if Nigerians are allowed in Switzerland, how to apply for Switzerland’s visa Lottery, and the time difference between both countries. Let’s get started without wasting much time.

Where is Switzerland located

Switzerland is a country filled with numerous towering mountains, grassy valleys, small villages, and deep Alpine lakes.

Located in Central Europe, the landlocked nation is situated between France and Italy, and it’s bordered by Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein. It’s known for its captivating tourist attraction, high living standard, healthy and friendly atmosphere.Switzerland visa Lottery for Nigerians

Does Switzerland offer a visa Lottery?

Yes! Switzerland offers a visa Lottery to anyone visiting the country for different purposes including holidays, official appointments, and special festivals.

Switzerland has two main types of Visa, including Schengen Visa (type C) and National Visa (type D). The former is given to visitors who will be staying in the country on a short-term basis (less than 90 days); while the latter is for visitors on a long-term trip for official appointments, work, students, etc.

Meanwhile, other types of Switzerland visa Lottery you can apply for includes transit visa, skilled worker visa, tourist visa, student visa, diplomat visa, visitor’s visa.


Irrespective of the Visa you want, you must meet the requirements to stand any chance of being offered a visa by the Switzerland authorities. Therefore, let’s briefly look at the list of conditions you must meet and document to possess before applying for a Visa.

Switzerland Visa Lottery Application Requirements

You must possess the following travel paperwork and documents as part of the requirements:

  • Passport copies containing photo sheet, colored Bio page, expiry page, profession page, and certified endorsement page.
  • A colored passport photograph featuring your full name and passport number.
  • An authentic international passport that remains valid beyond the next 6 months.
  • A verified airline ticket.
  • An approved colored copy of the CERPAC and residence permit visa.

How to Apply for Switzerland’s Visa Lottery

Step 1: Ensure all the required paperwork and documents are available.

Step 2: Verify your eligibility status: You need to verify your eligibility status before your visa application can be given the needed attention. Verifying your eligibility status is quite simple, you only need to provide any of the following:

An Original Travel Record: Your visa is expected to contain a page showing previous traveling records to any of the developed countries of the world like the UK, UAE, Schengen countries, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Financial Records: It’s okay if there are no travel records to show, you can provide your financial record or bank’s official statement.

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Your bank should provide an official statement confirming you own an account with them. The statement should also confirm that there are sufficient funds to cover all expenses during your stay in the country.

In the same vein, ensure to provide a signed and stamped bank account statement, signed payroll slips for the previous six months.

• As a student traveling for academic purposes, you are expected to produce a NOC letter from your parents, your student ID card, parents’ photo identity, and details of your Switzerland-based relatives.

Step 3: Apply for the type of Visa related to your traveling reasons. Don’t apply for a Work visa when you are going on vacation or tourism.

Step 4: Fill the application form accurately. You must cross-check all your details to prevent avoidable and costly errors. Endeavor to attach at least two 4.3cm x 5.5cm passport photos snapped on a white background to the submitted application.

Step 5: Submit the application form: Take the filled application form and other documents listed above to the Switzerland visa application center for submission.

Meanwhile, submission of Switzerland visa applications runs from 8.00 am and 3.00 pm daily.

Step 6: Check back after 3-4 working days to know your application status. Though you would be notified via text message, you should check back for updates.

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How many hours is Switzerland to Nigeria?

The distance between Switzerland and Nigeria is 4,183 km which is equivalent to 2,599 miles. So, traveling from Nigeria to the European country takes an approximated 5 hours, 36 minutes if the airplane travels at an average speed of 500mph.

How much is the visa fee to Switzerland?

The visa fee to Switzerland varies from one country to the other. Other determining factors include the traveler’s age and type of visa.

According to schengenvisainfo, and with the help of Xe conversion, we discover that adult travelers need at least €80 ($92, ₦38,193), Children between 6-12 ages cost not less than €40 ($46, ₦19,106) while babies below 6 are free.

Meanwhile, you should know that the prices above are for Visa alone. They don’t cover other travel expenses like the money spent from your house to the airport, to your destination in the European nation.

What documents do I need to travel to Switzerland?

The documents you need to travel to Switzerland include a verified airline ticket, an original international passport, a colored passport photograph, signed travel or financial records, and passport copies.

Switzerland Immigration Official Website

https://www.swiss-visa.ch/ is Switzerland immigration official website. Visit the portal and discover more facts about the country and the Visa application.

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