5 Top job and career search apps for Nigerians

Information they say is powerful. If a man will get anything, he must first be informed. When a man is not informed, such is said to be deformed.

In securing employment, information plays a vital and important role. There are numerous companies, establishments and government parastatals where there are employment opportunities and they constantly announce these openings to the general public through various media like television, radio, newspapers and online service.

But as a youth seeking for employment, how will you access all these information, as their are numerous agencies with various openings on a daily basis?

To ensure that you as a job seeker is carried along with the latest information regarding employment opportunity in any agency, a mobile application designed by various developers. Let’s take a look at some of these apps.

Apps to get instant job notification in Nigeria:

Gone are the days when you need to be searching for establishment or company sites to know if their recruitment is on or not. It is longer lack of information that causes your inability to get job updates but may be ignorant, oversight or negligence.

This is because accessing information relating to job opportunities have been made easy through the utilisation of the recent development of the technology which enables job seekers to easily search for a job and apply for any opening of there choice.

This development is an interesting one as it plays a vital role in the securing an employment for those who are searching for employment thereby resulting in the reduction of unemployment in the country.

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This service is best rendered by the hot Nigerian job website. To make the entire process more easy and ensure that job seeker get prompt notification about job opening, they developed a mobile appliction named after their website.

Jobberman offered by ROAM Apps:

Download: Jobberman offered by ROAM Apps

The Jobberman mobile app was developed by ROAM Apps with the main objective of helping young graduates and job seekers that falls under various categories find their dream job.

Jobberman mobile app is a lightweight app that is not more than 4MB in size, this app promises you Access to Thousands of Jobs. Want to search for job listing that suite your experience and qualifications? With Jobberman, you get to easily find that dream job that match your skills and experience.

Features of Jobberman offered by ROAM Apps

Create Job Alerts: every day new job listing are posted on this app, you can just select those area or categories that are of interest to you and allow them send you job listing that are of interest to you.

Apply for Jobs: apart from search for available jobs you can also apply directly via the Jobberman app. with the upload feature, you can scan and upload all your CV without even bothering yourself with a computer.

Hotnigerianjobs ( Jobs in Nigeria app):

Download Hotnigerianjobs

This app was developed by Screammie technologies for job seekers who would like to search for jobs on Hotnigerianjobs which is one of the leading job portal in Nigeria.

Please note that this app is not an official app hence there is every need to still visit the official portal of Hotnigerianjobs to create profile, upload CV and send application.

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Important feature of Hotnigerianjobs:

Built in Notifications : one of the most important aspects of this app is that it allows you to get notification instantly as soon as there is an update on Hotnigerianjobs portal.

There is an API that constantly search for new job vacancies in Hotnigerianjobs and get it updated on the app each time the app is connected to the Internet.

Save Jobs & Apply : like we stated earlier on, this app is unofficial hence no direct link to Hotnigerianjobs database and internal files. You can still save a job, track it and apply on the portal.


LinkedIn Lite: Easy Job Search, Jobs & Networking:

Download LinkedIn Lite

This is not just your regular job search app, it’s a stepup which has extra features that allows you to build build your network and also stay in touch with your contacts.

If you are dreaming of getting connected with some HR admin from top choicest companies in Nigeria then you need to install this app right now which is less than 1MB in size .

Want to follow your favorite company news, to know what’s going on around them and also want to know when they will be recruiting? Then this is the right app for you.

LinkedIn Lite app just as the name suggests, is a lite and fast app that gives you a faster access to job listing on the go. This app works pretty well in Nigeria and has proven to be one of most job seekers favourite.

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Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria by ioDesign.club:

Download: Jobs in Abuja

Recently Abuja has become a major place of attraction to job seekers because of the presence of government ministries, establishment and new private firms that mainly engage if offering of service all over the capital territory.

We are sure that this establishment will need able bodied men with requisite skills and experience to be able to operate to their optimum capacity.

Are you resident in Abuja or any of the states that are close to Abuja? This app will be of better service to you because it was designed to focus and search for available jobs in Abuja


Latest Jobs in Nigeria:

Download:Latest Jobs in Nigeria

Latest Jobs in Nigeria app focuses on jobs in different segment of the Nigerian economy,such as in Medical & Health jobs, NGO jobs,Customer Service jobs,Oil & Gas jobs, Government jobs, Engineering jobs, Management jobs, Marketing & Sales jobs, Auditing jobs,Banking & Finance jobs, Aviation jobs, HSE jobs, online jobs etc.

This app is able to stay up-to-date from support its gets from Joblist Nigeria, Jobzilla, Joblist Nigeria, JobsToday and your popular Hot Nigerian Jobs

Note: this app is not in anyway affiliate with any of the sites we mentioned here and secondly they don’t host any files as all content are extracted from various sites with full permissions from them.

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