How do other African countries view Nigeria?

African countries have quite a positive view and opinions about Nigeria, a country in West Africa. As the “peaceful giant” of Africa it shows in their opinions.

The assumption of a leadership role by Nigeria was most derived from its large population and rising economy. The country has made some impacts in the music, movie industries, art, poetry, etc.How do other African countries view Nigeria?

It has helped to bring Africa to the limelight of so many events globally. However, there are other cases where Nigeria has brought a bad image to Africa.

Here are some of the views which other African countries view about the West African nation, Nigeria.

  1. A negative view of Nigeria would be its dishonest means of making money(scams) out of foreign citizens with Americans being the main target. This can be felt not only within African countries but globally. Other African countries might see Nigeria as dubious and dishonest. Note that some other West African countries have joined in on the trend which Nigeria started years back.
  2. Other African countries love the country’s music, and they don’t seem to hide it. Not only the modern Afrobeats music is loved, but also the highlife music from the 70’s and 80’s with artists like Fela Kuti sharing African stories through his music.
  3. Another bad name of Nigeria to Africans is immigration. They give Africans a bad name and make it hard for other Africans to immigrate to Western countries because of their crooked dealings there.
  4. Some African countries don’t trust our brands, and they view them as the “China of Africa”.
  5. They view our country as corrupt with bad government. However, most African countries are victims to the corrupt nature of the government.
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How does the world view Nigeria?

Nigeria is known as a country that always tries to push its luck. Nigerians in general are focused and hardworking, and you can see that from around the world.

This winning mentality that is present in the country can be seen both at home and abroad. Nigeria’s success can be seen in the literary space, international music charts, etc.

Some might say Nigeria is trying to fit in because of the way that they care about their image so much. Instead of focusing on their development, they put in so much effort into how others portray their image. Nevertheless, they always put in effort in whatever they do which makes it all the more admirable.

What do people think about Nigeria and Nigerians?

People view Nigeria in different ways. As individuals, we have our separate opinions and views on situations,and the same applies to this.

As we all know, Nigeria is quite violent due to insurgency(Boko Haram) and banditry. International countries view Nigeria as an angry and violent place to be. The scamming trend cannot be left out in this as most foreigners now think that is all there is to the country, Nigeria.

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However, some foreigners have put it out there that Nigerians are good dancers and they don’t fail to show off their good dancing skills at any time.

Some other foreigners believe that Nigeria is a poor country; nothing to it.

Is Nigeria overpopulated?

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, so the question is bound to come up at some point.

Experts do not believe that Nigeria is overpopulated; probably densely populated, but not overpopulated due to the fact that with a better government, the resources of the country can take care of every Nigerian.

Nigeria’s population is however unevenly distributed among specific parts of the country such as Lagos, a city in the country.

How do other countries view Nigeria’s overpopulation?

Other countries believe that Nigeria is not yet overpopulated, however their population growth is something to worry about. Nigeria is currently an undeveloped country,

and even if they are later blessed with a government in the future, it will take at least 50 years for it to be a “developing” country, and not a developed country.

The problem here is that it is the same 50-60 years that it will take for the country’s demographic transition to be moderate and managed.

There would be numerous problems that the country stands to suffer if it continues to grow in population. The corrupt government which has stolen the natural wealth of the nation will limit access to basic amenities to the citizens of the country.

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Also, Nigeria doesn’t have a lot of room for more people without facing major problems.

What separates Nigeria from other African countries?

Nigeria is the most densely populated country in Africa, having twice the size of the second largest country in the country, Cairo.

Nigerians are known to be the most educated immigrants in the United States.

Nigeria is also known to be a multicultural country with diverse ethnic groups of unique cultures and beliefs. However, most African countries are multicultural, Nigeria stands out with three major groups.

Why do Nigerians think Nigeria is better than all other African nations?

Nigerians carry a sense of pride mainly due to their upbringing, where certain requirements and achievements are required of them(especially the first-born child). They always try to be the best in whatever they do, and it shows. They are strong and resilient people that hardly give up.

There are also certain facts that make Nigerians believe that they have the top spot when compared to other African countries.

One of them would be the fact that Nigeria is called the “Giant of Africa”, which has the largest population in Africa. It also has the largest black population in the world, and all these facts put a sense of pride in the hearts of Nigerians.


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