How To Check NIRSAL Loan Status 2021 nirsal covid-19 loan

How To Check NIRSAL Loan Status

NIRSAL microfinance bank is a bank that has been the talk of the town of late. The financial institution is recognised as a trusted entity that offers

banking services such as offering Multiple purpose loans to qualify and interested customers that signify interest on various type of loan as listed on NIRSAL microfinance bank platform.

NIRSAL microfinance bank are widely known for their loans to agricultural businesses, small and medium enterprises,

and also micro loans to entrepreneur. They also extend this loan to traders in all sectors of the economy thus helping them grow their existing business.

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Nirsal Microfinance bank is proudly Licensed by the CBN and in conjunction with the federal government of Nigeria,

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank loan application

NIRSAL microfinance bank (Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending) under the umbrella:

NIRSAL NMFB COVID-19 Loan and Support Fund:. Are you in search of loan as the Covid-19 pandemic effect hit the economy harder? Nirsal Microfinance bank is giving out loans for SMEs and Individuals/Households through their fifty billion naira

founded scheme aimed at helping small businesses, small households unit bounce back to live hence reducing the impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The finances of the scheme are handled by the Federal Government’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF).

The Goals And Objectives Of The Scheme

  • The scheme was initiated to support households and MSMEs whose economic activities have been dealt a blow by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To alleviate the adverse effects of the virus outbreak on Individuals and MSMEs (Micro and small medium enterprises).
  • To stir small and medium enterprises business owners into expanding their productive capacity.

Those Eligible To Apply for The Scheme

You might ask who is eligible for this loan? Well from our findings we have identified Households or individuals as the main beneficiaries but they only need to be verified as being adversely affected by COVID-19.

Others who are considered eligible to secure this loan are existing enterprises (with verifiable evidence of business activities adversely impacted as a result of COVID-19).

Not done yet, there are still larger plans to help enterprises with bankable plans to bounce back to pre covid-19- pandemic era.

Requirements For The LOAN

Before any one can access this loan, they must first show genuine interest by submitting their application only through the approved and official portal.

Businesses, individuals must be ready to submit their BVN number for proper profiling, more also they must be ready to indicate with prove id their business are registered with the corporate affairs commission.

Lastly there is a need to provide your business plan to the bank which should state how your business is being run.

The LOAN Limit Under The Scheme

The cap limit on the loan for individuals is three million naira. And the credit range for SMEs is twenty-five million naira. And this is determined on the basis of the activity, cash flow and the industry/segment size of the beneficiary.

how To Check LOAN status Approval ?

For Household:

For SME:
Have you applied for the Covid-19 NIRSAL microfinance bank loan and you are eager to check your status about your application if it has been approved or not? Let’s show you the step.

Note that there is every need for you to check your status to ascertain if you are still on the right path to receiving your covid-19-support loan.

The need has arisen for all applicants to check on their various approval status, and see for themselves if they meet up with the requirements laid down by the CBN through NIRSAL.

Step By Step Guide ON How To Check NIRSAL NMFBCOVID-19 LOAN Payment

  • Before you can be able access the portal,that means you should have a profile with the platform. In a simple term you must have previously applied when the online registration is going on. Until then you can not login.
  • Secondly note that Nirsal Microfinance Loan will only be disbursed to those who are considered qualified applicants.

How do you know if your application has been approved?

  • From previous guidelines, the first step to take is to carefully go through your email address. We understand that those who got their loan request granted will receive mails indicating that they have been granted access to the loan.

NB: if by now after the online application there is still no mail to show that your been approve then its best to check the portal @

  1. Hope you still remember that category of loan you had applied for? Okay here is a clue, the two major categories of loan we have are SME or Individual/Households.
  2. Secondly you have to Verify your account by submitting your BVN
  3. If you are lucky to have been approved then a window will pop open showing you the amount approved for you. What comes next is for you to claim your loan.
  4. Provide your bank details and information on the right format. There is a space for that on the portal.
  5. Now you now have to perform the final step locate the terms and conditions required for the loan and understanding every aspect of it. Followed by the director in charge of your payment and his/her details. And the how-to on the repayment procedure.

Repayment for COVID-19 Loan Support Fund

Please note that 5 percent of total fund received will be deducted before payment are made to you. The most important thing here is to make sure you don’t default in repayment.

You are to repay in 3 years time. Once your BVN has been linked to all your accounts when you failed to repay it will be deducted monthly from your account.

Ikechukwu Youwin

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79 thoughts on “How To Check NIRSAL Loan Status 2021 nirsal covid-19 loan

  1. I received massage that my loan as been approved since February 14 but the loan as not been credited. How do I claim the loan please

    1. Accept the loan for it to be paid.If you see bvn does not exist,it mean the has not been approve.So,keep checking. And,if it is approve,accept the loan offer and provide your bank details.Then,the money will be credited into your account.

      1. Pls I apply cov19 loan but Alway shom me my bvn not exist but my friend we apply theseme time but he collect the money I need ur help pls

  2. I got to know that mine has been approved since last year.what should I do?it brought terms and conditions but nothing after that since January

  3. rufai dahiru me and my wife apply since on the 10 march but we have not get approval why please thanks

  4. very hard to access, most of the time invalid BVN and unable to connect, please improve your portal…my application was successful yet to recieve any feedback

  5. My BVN doesn’t exist.
    I was ealier cleared to update my email but seeing different things now.

  6. I have apply for a nirsal household laon and I wanted to check my loan status but my BVN wasn’t going what should I do next.

    1. Please help me check all my status in sistem so that everything is going normal ok thanks sir,s

  7. Please can I still apply I have been trying to
    apply since yesterday but is showing invalid bvn.

  8. I have apply for a nirsal household laon and I wanted to check my loan status but my BVN wasn’t going what should I do next.


  9. Please why is it showing Bvn doesn’t exist
    Am among the first batch to apply last year September
    And it shows that my application was successful
    I even received a email then

  10. I got alert but didn’t drop in my main rather Nirsal, in the process of trying to transfer the money through the Apps, the transfer was made Between my accounts, which I inserted my main account number, but the money haven’t drop in my account nor the Nirsal what am i going to do now? please help

  11. I humbly and respectfully want to make a complaint.
    Abdul’aziz Auwal is my name,I received an SMS on the 6th/2/2021,the content of the message reads as “you have been granted Four hundred and fifty thousand Naira(N450,000) Covid 19 Loan.
    I accepted the Loan and i put up my bank details, which i now realized that the account was having problems and for that reason it could not receive the loan (money).
    My new Bank account

  12. Please help for the link that I will use with it to continue find my form of Nigeria youth investment fund

  13. Good morning, please I checked wether I have been approve but it’s sohwn that the bvn does not exist.what can I do please thank

  14. I applied since June 2020 and they have been replying me since June said that my application was sussessful but up to now I don’t see anything but if I recheak my status continuing said doest not exist what is the problem

  15. I registered since last year August but up to known i receive no mail and also when you enter your BVN it may ended not exist. Please why.

  16. Please I logged into my account and saw that mine was approved and also rejected. I didn’t mail so how do I recover the money

  17. I did Covid-19 loan last year dey did not approve I did again this year still have not approved please help me to I need this money says:

    I did Covid-19 last year and this year dey have not approved ooo please help me ooo I need this money

  18. My name is Peter, I applied for NIRSAL Loan on 09/06/2020 and since then NOTHING.
    Again 18/02/2021 I applied nothing, is it that NIRSAL MFB have a special criteria they used in selecting and disbursing the COVID-19 fund.


  19. Good day sir,
    i apply for nirsal covid 19 loan and want to chec the status but in imputing my Bvn, its not going.pls kindly advice on the next step.

  20. I have checked the status the status he my BVN is not exist, 8 don’t understand, please Aproved my loan, if that is only thing that I will benefit directly, I will appreciate if my loan is approved because I and my family vote for this government, please do the needful, thanks.

  21. Dear Mr/Mrs.
    I was confused on The displayed statement when ever search for validation.
    This is statement below;
    pls take me to the light

  22. Dear sir, loan was approved for me but I lost my phone, checking it now ,I saw I so so have read the terms and rejected it and I not do something of such, what can I do

  23. Good evening, pls he can know that my loan is approved? Please, help me i seriously need it for business development

  24. My Household Loan of 200,000 was approved since February this year, Since then I have not receive any information about the Loan .

    And whenever I checked with my BVN it still tells me it is approved

    Please how would I receive the Loan since February that it has been approved???

  25. I am Aisha Adamu Abubakar with 22410830693 with account no 0022946600 stanbic bank. My loan have been approved since last few months. Up till now, no disbursement. Pls do something about it. Tnx.

  26. i am Aba Uji Emmanuel with BVN 22341287049 with account number 0014319532 Unity bank. my loan have not be approved since january 2021, pleas do something about it.thanks

  27. I Apply since last year I have never see my approve and also I apply this year still no thing change what is the problem

  28. my name is Dauda inuwa Darazo Bauchi state I am the one who can collect his loan from nirsal micro finance bank but the loan is too small for me is only one hundred and fifty thousand naira that I can get ”can I expecting added from you

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