Looking for the best polytechnic in Nigeria? Check this out

Are you interested in gaining top-notch technical skills and still unsure of which institution to get enrolled into? Then, you should consider a polytechnic.

A Polytechnic is a higher institution designed to build students technical skills. As a result, they provide the best practical training. Unlike universities which focuses mostly on theory, polytechnics are practical oriented.

Looking for the best polytechnic in Nigeria?

So, what better place to study if you are looking to hone your technical knowledge and skills other than a polytechnic?

There are numerous polytechnics in Nigeria. Some are owned by the state and federal government even as some are owned by private individuals.

However, for a polytechnic to be licensed to operate, it must be accredited else certificate given to students after their programs will be tagged invalid. Polytechnics in Nigeria are regulated by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education.

You may have guessed that knowing the aim of polytechnics as well as its accreditation body is not enough, what is enough is you knowing the best polytechnics in Nigeria.

This surely will give you a better ground to choose the polytechnic you feel is best for you.
So, here below are the top 10 Best polytechnics in Nigeria.

Auchi Polytechnic

Established in 1964 by the federal government, Auchi Polytechnic is proudly one of the oldest Polytechnic in Nigeria. Today, Auchi Polytechnic is rated as one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria and boast of a curriculum which is up to par with not just national standard but international standard as well.

Auchi Polytechnic also strives to provide quality education in all ramifications and a conducive learning environment simultaneously.

On this note, the polytechnic fully features a modern digital library, equipped laboratories, modern classrooms, and a user friendly website. Auchi Polytechnic is located in Edo State and its current Rector is Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa O. Idogho

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2.Yaba College of Technology

Yaba College of Technology takes the position as the first and oldest polytechnic in Nigeria. For a polytechnic established in 1947, Yaba College of Technology popularly known as YabaTech promises quality in every educational ramifications.

This educational institution boasts of some of the best lecturers in the country and educational facilities.
It will interest you to know that YabaTech has over 34 academic departments and offers over 64 accredited programs at both ND and HND levels.

Yaba College of Technology is located in Yaba, Lagos and its current Rector is Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe.

3.Federal Polytechnic, Nekede

Situated in the Eastern Heartland, Imo State, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede remains one of the most sought after polytechnic in the South-eastern part of Nigeria.

The school is excellence-driven with a vision aligned to become the pacesetter in innovations and demand driven technology. For this reason, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede places so much importance on innovative research.

Dr. (Mrs.) Celestine Ugochi Njoku is the current Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede.

4.The Polytechnic Ibadan

Popularly known as Ibadan Poly, The Polytechnic Ibadan is based in the city of Ibadan. It was founded in 1970 as a replacement for the then Technical College, Ibadan. Ibadan Poly has proudly graduated thousands of students and currently has over 24,000 students.

Ibadan is fully accredited and boasts of five faculties including financial management and environmental management. Professor Olatunde Fawole is the current rector of The Polytechnic Ibadan.

5. Lagos State Polytechnic

It is almost impossible to talk about the best academic institutions in Nigeria without mentioning Lagos State Polytechnic.

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Also known as LASPOTECH, Lagos State Polytechnic has a vision to train young people in attaining their full potential. This, it has continued to achieved since its establishment 40 years ago.

To its credit, LASPOTECH has about 32 academic department even as it has the capacity to admit over 9000 students into its numerous academic programs at ND, HND, and post HND levels. Mr. Samuel O. Sogunro is the current Rector of LASPOTECH.

6. Osun State Polytechnic

Osun State Polytechnic also known as OSPOLY was formerly operated as a satellite campus of The Polytechnic Ibadan. The school then became autonomous in 1992.

Ever since, it has graduated thousands of exemplary students from 7 faculties and 38 departments. It is located in Iree, Osun State and its current Rector is Dr. J.O. Agboola.

7. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

Proudly located in the gateway state, Ogun State is Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. Since its establishment in 1979, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro has been a sought after school. It is no wonder, it has continued to graduate students with high potentials.

The school boasts of top-notch facilities, well-trained lecturers, and over 5 academic departments.
Arc. Aluko Olusegun is the current Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.

8. Imo State Polytechnic

Imo State Polytechnic was formerly known as Micheal Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo until 2007 when it was officially renamed. The school is proudly situated 26km from Owerri and has continued to graduate exemplary students only.

Over the years, Imo State Polytechnic has successfully contributed to the agricultural industry in Nigeria.
Most recently, the school made giant strides as 43 cultivars of high-yielding cassava were developed by the Agriculture department.

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On this ground, Imo State Polytechnic has received numerous awards of excellence. Among the prestigious academic programs offered by Imo State Polytechnic is agriculture, food science, management science, and engineering.

Dr. Paddy N. Njoku is currently the acting Rector of Imo State Polytechnic.

9. Federal Polytechnic, Oko

The College of Arts and Science was upgraded to a polytechnic in 1985 and renamed to Federal Polytechnic, Oko. This was how Federal Polytechnic, Oko was birthed.

Today, Federal Polytechnic, Oko is up to par with other polytechnics in Nigeria and meets up with the set standard for polytechnic education.

The school is also one of the most sought after polytechnics in Nigeria courtesy of its former rector, Prof. Onu who made it attractive in all ramifications.

The school also boasts of three (3) campuses with the main campus in Oko, Anambra State.

Dr. Francisca Nwafulugo is the current rector of Federal Polytechnic, Oko.

10. Kaduna Polytechnic

Kaduna Polytechnic is undoubtedly a highly sought after school in the northern region of Nigeria. Popularly known as KADPOLY, Kaduna Polytechnic was formerly named Kaduna Technical Institute.

The school currently has over 25,000 students enrolled into all of its department and has graduated thousands more in the past.

KADPOLY boasts of 44 departments and offers over 138 academic programs. Prof. Idris M. Bugaje is the rector of Kaduna Polytecnic.

All the polytechnic mentioned above are all accredited and are all rated among the top 10 best polytechnic in Nigeria based on their performances.

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