The importance of education in the world today cannot be over-emphasized, as an educated child is a powerful child. This is more reason why you should invest in quality education for your child to secure their future.

Knowing which school best suits your child academic needs can be a very tedious task for a parent. This is pronounced even more especially when investigations and gross evaluation of different schools are to be conducted.

To, therefore, minimize this stress, extensive research has been done to familiarise you with the best secondary schools in Nigeria.


Here below are the top 10 best secondary schools in Nigeria:

1. The American International School of Lagos:

The American International School was founded in 1964, with the aim of giving pupils an American educational feel. It is situated in the country’s metropolitan city, Lagos. It is well known to be a school which offers an American educational program for students of all nationalities and race.

Isn’t that just awesome? This amazing private and co-educational school runs with a unique mission of providing an exemplary American educational experience.

This they have done and have continued to do with an international perspective leading to global opportunities for every of their students.

2. Loyola Jesuit College

Situated in the country’s capital city, Abuja, Loyola Jesuit College is famously known for a curriculum which is explicitly tailored in line with the Nigerian National Policy on education.

This policy is known to add various leadership training, inclusive with personal and social education. This policy, no doubt, ensures that Loyola students stand out from amongst the crowd.

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This school operates a junior and senior secondary program with a vast array of academic subjects tailored to meet the student’s academic needs.

Loyola Jesuit College also boasts of diligent and highly professional staffs who are highly dedicated to the academic success of the students. More interestingly, this highly rated school has adequate provision for both boarding and day students.

3. British International School

This school is the perfect choice for any parent searching for British education with an international outlook for their child. No doubt, British International School serves both the national and expatriate community.

This school is a multi-national and even more interestingly, a co-educational school. British International School is also well-recognized for its use of British style curriculum and adequate provision of both boarding and day school facilities. Additionally, this school is proudly based in Lagos.

4. Julliard Academy

Julliard Academy is located in Lagos and is characterized by the use of Nigerian curriculum which is amazingly laced with standard American English, and science curriculum.

This school is exquisitely notable with its mission of graduating inquisitive, balanced, and outstanding students with the ability to think critically and solve problems.

Julliard Academy also boasts of building god-fearing students with high potentials of becoming global leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful adults. Julliard Academy is one of a kind, undoubtedly.

5. Atlantic Hall School

The Atlantic hall school as the name suggests is a school with a legendary honorary track from its inception till date. This is an all-student boarding secondary school with its base in Lagos.

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It operates a co-educational curriculum with an amazingly fixed student population of 650 pupils which is proportional to a staff-student ratio of 9 to 1 for optimum learning of every child. The school also acclaims academic excellence and has a well-proven and demonstrated track record of a well-rounded education.

6. Citadel International School

Founded with the aim of providing total education for the student, Citadel International School aims at teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence and leadership lessons to prepare students for the future. With this in mind, Citadel International School clearly stands out from its contemporaries.

This school takes its location in the sunshine state, Ondo State and fully features a conducive environment of learning inclusive of boarding and day facilities for its students. The school has worked hard to uphold a high moral standard and value which has paid off by its inclusion into this list.

7. Lumen Christi International School

With less word to speak and much to show for productivity, Lumen Christi International School has amassed a vast trophy of awards.

This, no doubt, shows for its excellence in academic performance over the years. This school is situated in Edo state and features a team member of diligent staffs who are willing to see to the academic needs of every child by making them outstanding in every ramification.

8. Christ the King College

Rooted in Catholic moral guidelines, Christ the king college is an all-boys school situated in Onitsha, Anambra state. The school mission is simply to facilitate, nurture, and instill in youths a thirst for goodness, discipline, and knowledge based on Catholic moral principles, in preparation for life journey.

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This mission is propelled by a dedication to inculcate and train pupils with the required skills and values necessary to become outstanding in the future. From the time of its establishment and till date, Christ the King College has produced thousands of exemplary students.

9. Kaduna International School

This school was established in 1985 and is located in the northern part of the country, Kaduna. This school is being run as a non-profit organization, with its responsibility shouldered by a board of trustees.

Kaduna international school is well-known for its independent, multi-racial, and non-denominational school which gives it a great outlook. The school is also adaptable to international students, because of the school curriculum which is premised on an identical British school curriculum

10. Igbinedion Educational Centre

With its location at the south-western part of the country, Igbinedion Educational Centre of learning is ranked as the best learning center in Benin City. Igbinedion Educational Centre is also a co-educational school.

This school has proven beyond doubts its undeniable consecutive record of academic excellence and this is shown by its virtual evidence of high academic excellence for its students. This school is also recognized for its consistent drive to make its students outstanding by organizing various extra-curricular activities.


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