2020 NYSC Mobilization: Timetable batch (B) And Call-up Letter 2020/2021

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Have you been asking when the next NYSC mobilization scheme will start? When will NYSC batch A timetable be out? Well in this article we are to discuss everything that has to do with 2020 mobilization, timetable, Senate list and other information that will be of help to you.

The orientation camps are scheduled for reopening on November 10. 2020

Continues reading to the end, get the timetable


NYSC batch B time table is out. Get the timetable below . We are going to monitor the whole event and give you guys feedback based on information retrieve from our insider.

For now just do your clearance, make sure you aren’t owning no school fees, no dues or anything that will prevent you from entering camp come batch A mobilization.

Almost all Nigerian graduates are anxious about wearing the khaki and the NYSC so-called seven over seven uniforms (cap, Crested vest, belt, kaki trowser and jacket, socks, jungle booth and white tennis) of the Corp members. You should be expecting your mobilization letter as long as you possess all the required criteria for the exercise.

Since May 22, 1973, the Nigerian government has mandated a one year service for all Nigerian graduate home and abroad.

This programme was organized under a scheme known as ‘National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)’ This scheme was introduced by Gen Yakubu Gowon as a way to rebuild and reorganize the nation after the intense and highly destructive civil war.


The basis for the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps is on the section 24 of the Nigerian constitution which stipulated that NYSC was formed

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“with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity.” Corp members are annually mobilized for the program and participating graduates are divided into batches and streams across the country.

What Is NYSC Mobilization?: NYSC Mobilization is the process whereby graduates from various tertiary institutions across the globe are deployed to different states of the federation after registering for the NYSC program.

As a result of the thousands of graduates from Nigerian universities and Polytechnic every year, available facilities are insufficient to accommodate and cater for this huge number of graduate. This is why the organization in charge of the compulsory Youth Service program decides to mobilize graduates/ registered Corps in batches.

NYSC Batch B (stream 1 and 2)timetableNYSC Mobilization Time-Table For 2020 Batch B

We are going to paste the timetable here immediately it is out NYSC Batches And Streams From the commencement of the one-year service program, graduates are divided into three batches, which are: Batch A, Batch B and Batch C.
  • Batch A The Batch A mobilization is the first set of corp members discharged into camp annually. This batch mobilization is usually between March and April.
  • Batch B Batch B is the second group of mobilized corp members and this mobilization process is between June and August.
  • Batch C This group of Corp members are mobilized during the last quarter of every year. Hence, Batch C members are disposed into Camp between September or October.
  • The restructuring of the NYSC mobilization didn’t stop there, the batches were reduced to two but streams were introduced into the system in 2017.

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    During this period, there was just two Batch A and Batch B. Each batches has two streams. Current Mobilization System or Strategy Currently, mobilization system has returned back to initial strategy in which there are three batches, though, there are still streams. We now have the following mobilized group:
  • Batch A Stream 1 & 2.
  • Batch B Stream 1 & 2.
  • Batch C Stream 1 & 2.
  • Another thing you must know about mobilization process is that you won’t be posted to serve in your state of origin or in its geopolitical zone. What this means is that as a graduate from the southwest states, you can either serve in the north or eastern state.

    Also, someone from any Eastern state is expected to serve in either Northern or Southern State; Likewise, a graduate from Northern Nigeria is expected to carry out this one-year activity in a Western or Eastern state. * Mobilization Flexibility Mobilization process is so flexible so much that you can change your geographical location, State and cases geopolitical location. The NYSC understands that their are circumstances where your health cannot stand your state of deployment.

    This is why the provision was made for relocation. Relocation is when a corp member wanted to change his/her state of deployment. Relocation is not just done until the corp member who wanted reach some requirements. Conditions That Warrant A Change of Location A mobilized Corp member can relocate to a state of his choice based on the conditions;

    * Health Challenges

    When you have already registered for the mandatory program and you feel sick or you have a particular health challenge, you are allow to relocate so that you can continue your medication.

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    Before your request is granted, you are expected to present your medical records which must not be from a private hospital.

    * Marriage

    This is another ground to which you can be re-mobilized. It is believed that what God has joined together, no man can put asunder, and NYSC is ready for that. Before your relocation request can be completed based on this condition, you will need to provide your marriage certificate.

    * Insecurity

    This is the third condition that warrants relocation and this is associated with the security threat of a state. If a state is insecure, all the corp members posted in such state can relocate. The Call-up Letter An indication of your mobilization is the call-up letter.

    This is what contains the corp members state of deployment. This letter is required for registration and documentation program in the orientation camp. After mobilization, you will be given a NYSC calender which contains the activities of every Corp member in the orientation camp.

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