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Do you know that the Nigerian Drug law Enforcement Agency is currently recruiting? Though There are sets of requirements you should go through and also meet before applying. 

Lets show you the requirements, process of applying and how to follow up on the recruitment process. 

Here is NDLEA shortlisted candidate www.recruitment.ndlea.gov.ng

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Is an important government agency that deals in illicit drug related issues within the borders of Nigeria.

Working with this organisation will guarantee you good pay and job security.

NDLEA Recruitment

Do you know that NDLEA is recruiting? It is time to apply

If you want to work with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and also see your dream come true you need to read this article to the last and also apply all the practical steps we are going to list here.


Superintendent Cadre (General Duties or specialists)

  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II CONPASS (08)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Narcotic I (CONPASS9)
  • Deputy superintendent of Nacotics (CONPASS 10)

Narcotic Agent Cadre

  • Chief Narcotic Agent – CONPASS 07
  • Senior Narcotic agent CONPASS 06
  • Narcotic Agent – CONPASS 05

Narcotic Assistant Cadre

  • Narcotic assistant I – CONPASS 04
  • Narcotic assistant II – CONPASS 03
  • Artisans, mechanics, drivers, cleaners/gardeners
NDLEA Recruitment requirements

As with every recruitment process in the country, they all have their essential requirements and qualification. The NDLEA is not left out, for one to be considered for recruitment in the NDLEA he or she must possess the following;

  • Candidates eligible for a Program of Narcotic Officers shall be at least twenty-two (22) years of age and not more than thirty (30) years of age.
  • All candidates should complete the application form on the portal, submit the passport, and print the application slip that would be used during the recruitment process.
  • Narcotic Assistant (NASS) applicants must have finished secondary school.
  • Candidates eligible for the Narcotic Assistant (NASS) program shall be at least 18 years of age and not more than 30 years of age.
  • Candidates eligible for a Narcotic Officer Position must have a minimum degree or a Higher National Diploma (HND) from a higher education institution accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education
  • In addition to the first degree, the candidate applying as a lawyer and doctor must have a professional certificate in the relevant field.
  • Candidates must be educated and have the qualifications set out below for the position
  • Before final selection, a shortlisted applicant must be physically and mentally qualified for employment by a government hospital medical officer
  • All prospective candidates must be individuals of good character and must not have been guilty of any crime excluding road traffic offenses
  • Check Out This Ongoing Recruitment

    Steps to get employed at NDLEA

    Search and Apply for the Job that Best Suits You:

    Any time recruitment is ongoing at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), more than 3 categories will be advertised,now it is now left for you to search for the job advertised that we’ll suit and you are most qualified for.

    Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice when applying for NDLEA jobs :

    Read the job descriptions for all the job opportunities that were advertised:

    every job usually have a description which is just a short description written by the employer informing prospective employeee what he really wants.
    If you are the best person that is suitable for this job, this is the right place to access your self and find out.

    Take a look at the NDLEA job requirements: take time to read the specific requirements. Note that each job advertised has its own unique requirement which is quite different from other job.

    Apply for the job you feel best fits your skills and personality:

    Now it’s now time to make your choice. Note that you must pass through various screening and interviews, your certificate will be verified to check for possible fraud. Only apply if qualified, if not please click here.

    Instructions on How to Fill Ndlea Recruitment Application Form

    • Go through the requirements, then log onto www.recruitment.ndlea.gov.ng.
    • Ensure that you have signup for an account if you don’t have an account yet.
    • Fill all necessary information.
    • Upload your document and submit.
    • If shortlisted you will receive an sms or an email from The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
    • You might be subjected to drug test to check if you are eligible to work with them.
    • If successful there is every possibility of attending interviews and writing some few tests. Keep visiting this page for more update.
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    Download Necessary Form to Complete your Application Process

    Before you can submit your form successfully the system will like you to download some forms. So kindly download and print out the form and let everything be clear.

    In the forms, you will have to fill some certain information and also attach a picture of your guarantors on it.

    Please before submitting your application, go through it one more time again to be sure it is free from errors.


    The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Nigerian federal agency tasked with preventing the production, storage, production, distribution, export, and smuggling of hard drugs.

    The company was set up by 1989 Decree No. 48. At international airports, seaports, and border points, the NDLEA is available. Through damaging plantings, it helps to eliminate marijuana. The NDLEA frequently investigates drug and money laundering organizations leaders. The headquarters are based in Ikoyi, Lagos.

    Functions of NDLEA

    The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency is set up to carry out specific tasks to tackle drug trafficking and drug smuggling as well as narcotics use within Nigeria.

    That said, the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency has other functions. Nonetheless, I will explain some of these features in this post. Some of them are right below:

  • Traces and Seizes financial income from drug companies and businesses: The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s other role is to ensure that it regulates and records the monetary movement of drug companies. The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency must locate, prosecute, and confiscate monetary gains obtained from drug-related businesses and offenses. Money is the real issue of the illicit or illegal drug industry. Besides this financial muscle, it would be difficult to execute some of the crimes that have to do with drug trafficking. Therefore, one of the Agency’s essential functions is to guarantee that it mops up quite enough economic profits from the illicit or illegal drug trade.
  • Prevention for illicit drug trade: Prevention of the illegal drug trade, such as cocaine, was one of the duties delegated to the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency. So the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s primary responsibility was to ensure that it enacted some measures to stop drug movement within and around the borders of Nigeria.
  • Illicit drug smuggling: It is expected that the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency would monitor any drug business in the country, whether in the form of trafficking or trafficking or drug use. The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency has worked so hard interestingly to achieve the above.
  • Strength of the NDLEA
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    The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s Authority is always within the boundaries of Nigeria. The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, nevertheless, has been given a power of attorney to undertake international obligations in most situations concerning this. The Authority is responsible for conducting and actively managing the prosecution of narcotics, both in Nigeria and overseas.

    Standard Salary of an NDLEA staff

    According to NDLEA, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency employs its employees based on their rating status, and the wages of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are focused on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

  • NDLEA Graduates are placed at Grade Level 8 and receive (before deductions) about N888, 956 per year. It implies, though, that they earn about N74, 000 a month.
  • Grade level 8 workers earn nearly N900, 071 per year (before deductions), which is N75, 000 a month.
  • NDLEA HND owners were placed at Grade Level 7, receiving roughly N483, 353 each month (before deductions).
  • The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency can cooperate with the international drug authorities on various issues when enforcing drug laws, as well as countering the global illicit trafficking business.

    Branches of NDLEA

    The NDLEA offices are located in all 36 states of Nigeria for efficiency purposes.

    Lagos Head Office Address: 4, Shaw Road (Onilegbale Road)

    Postal Address: PMB 40004, Falomo Post Office, Ikoyi, Lagos.

    Phone: Tel: +234-80-621-999-99

    Email: [email protected]

    Abuja Liason

    Abuja Liason Service, 5th floor, B wing,

    Federal Secretariate complex,

    Shehu shagari way, Abuja[email protected]

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