Access Bank Payday Loan – Eligibility , Code|Terms and conditions

As a salary earner, sometimes, month end seems so far away especially when it’s just the middle of the month but your bank account is about to hit the red zone.

But it gets worse as expenses, including the impromptu one, do not stop coming at you. Don’t worry; you can always take a payday loan to quickly address those pressing, maybe choking, needs.Pay day loan from Access Bank

Although you’ll hear experts talk about avoiding payday loans because they are short term and have incredibly higher interest, not every payday loan is bad.

You just need to look out for payday loans with better terms and conditions so you would still win in the end. Now, have you heard of the Access bank payday loan?

Or are you thinking of applying for it but you’re skeptical about it? Take a deep breath and read through to know everything you should about it before you apply for it.

What Is The Access Payday Loan?

For starters, the Access PayDay loan is a digital loan product that meets you at the point of your needs, in cases of emergency. It can be frustrating running your 9-5 job but you have to wait till month end to have any money enter your account.

Then, you get a sudden call one day from the school your son or daughter attends about how they fainted or, your mechanic calls to inform you of the expensive bills for fixing your car which you dropped at his shop earlier in the day.

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These news can be devastating, especially when you know your account is in the red and you can’t just “abracadabra” money for these impromptu expenses.

As a salary earner, there’s a quick way out and that’s the Access PayDay loan. It is a service targeted at salary earners who are eligible because they fulfill the Bank’s Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC).

If you meet the criteria, you’ll be able to borrow an amount of money from Access Bank in the form of Loan for a specific number of days.

The best part about this loan is that you won’t need collateral or documentation. That’s awesome, right? Keep reading to uncover more secrets about the access PayDay Loan.

Access Bank Payday Loan Requirements / Eligibility

Now that you know what the Access Bank Payday Loan is, let’s quickly talk about the eligibility and requirement that marks you as an eligible beneficiary of this digital product.

  • You must have no unpaid loan in Access Bank or other banks
  • You must have a valid Salary account
  • Evidence that you’ve received Salary in the last 45 days
  • Access to the Phone Number that’s linked to your BVN.

If you check all the boxes above, you’re automatically eligible to benefit from the Access Bank Payday Loan. Do you qualify for the Access bank payday loan and need money to cater for an impromptu expense? Keep reading to learn how to apply for the loan.

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How Do You Apply?

The Access bank Payday loan is a digital product. That means that you won’t need to go through the traditional and exhausting bureaucratic process to get the loan delivered into your account. Applying for the loan is as easy as ABC.


The first mode of application for the Access Bank Payday Loan that’s available is via USSD code. This method is as easy as picking up your mobile phone and dialing the code *901*11*1#


If, for some reason, you can’t apply for the loan via the USSD code, perhaps your network providers have been messing with the network;

you can connect to a reliable Wi-Fi and apply via any of the follow apps. You can get any of the apps on Google Play store or App Store, depending on your Mobile device.

  • Access Mobile App
  • QuickBucks App.

Online Banking

If you can’t access the Payday loan via any of the apps, you can try online banking which includes;

  • Internet Banking: This option requires you to visit the Access Bank website. Then, visit the loan options on the site. Click on the Payday loan when you see it and apply for it.
  • Whatsapp Banking: You’ll need to reach out to Access Bank agents via Whatsapp.

Access Bank Loan Funding AND Interest Rates

When it comes to the amount you’re entitled to under the Access Bank Payday loan, there are two categories that you should fall under.

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Generally, you’re entitled to receive 70% of your salary in loan. But that depends on whether or not your salary account is with Access bank or not which leads us to the two categories of people who are entitled for the Access Payday Loan.

  • Access Bank Customers: If your salary account is with Access bank and you’re eligible for the loan, you’ll have access to Payday loan amount that’s about 75% of your Salary.
  • Other Bank Customers: If your Salary account is with another bank, you can still apply for the Access bank payday loan via a different means. Simply go through the IPPIS or Remita route to qualify for the loan. However, you won’t qualify for 75% but 50% of your salary.

The Interest Rate

The interest rate on the Access bank Payday loan 3% of any amount you borrow. However, the 3% interest rate depends on the market condition which means your interest might end up being higher or lower than the 3%.

CBN P-AADS Loan Repayment And Tenure

The Access Bank Payday Loan usually last for a period of 31 days, after which you’ll be required to pay back the principal amount you borrowed and the required interest rate.

When it comes to repaying the loan, you do not need to do anything at all. Access bank would debit the loan from your account 30 minutes after your salary drops in your account.

That’s why you have to register for the loan with your valid account details and BVN.


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  1. I have been eligible for access bank payday loan. I hv always used it but for the past one year i havent because i do not hv the need for it… even uptill February i was stil seeing my eligibility status. But now i am in need of it and tried ussd code it said i should open an access salary account to be eligble also tried my access bank app and it says customer not profiled for loan. What do i do

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