Npower Batch C Deployment Status list via Nasims 2024 posting letter|

Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status / list via Nasims Portal 2024 posting letter

How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status via Nasims Portal

Is Npower Deployment status out? How do I check if I have been deployed? In this article you shall get the step by step guide to check your deployment status right away.

N-Power physical verification will commence

As you complete your NASIMS online assessment test, the next thing is to look forward for the Deployment Status.

All Npower Batch C applicants are to check their NASIMS portal for their deployment status,

See How To: Download and Upload Npower PPA Acceptance letter

Please you are to download your PPA/deployment letter and take it to your assigned supervisor in your place of primary assignment.

He will have to tick it, give it back to you, you are to reupload the acceptance letter back to NASIMS portal again.

Npower PPA letter

Npower PPA letter

Npower PPA latter

Please note that in your deployment latter you are to find how much stipend you will be paid, if you will be paid 30,000 Naira monthly stipend for Graduates or 10,000 monthly salary for non Graduate.
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We understand that you are looking forward to get Deployed to your desired primary place of assignment. Carefully read this guide to get the best.Npower deployment

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All Npower Batch C applicants and successful candidates will be Deployed to their primary place of assignment after they have been recruited.

As you all have been onboarded on the NASIMS portal, it’s important you know the new method used to check your status On NASIMS Portal .

You might ask ” what is NASIMS portal all about?” Well the NASIMS portal is the Web address launch by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management where Batch C of Npower beneficiaries can easily check and also know if they have been deployed

and also where they have been deployed to. Deployment letter can also be printed on the NASIMS portal which is to be taken to the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

So the main questions on the minds of Batch C applicants right now is ” how can I check the Npower Batch C deployment status”? This article meant to look into this question and provide the step to see your deployment status.

How to check Npower Batch C deployment status

Quickly check your status by dialing *45665# from your sim

Npower tab

  1. You will first log to NASIMS Portal @
  2. Visit,
  3. With your username or email address and password you should Login to your dashboard
  4. Once your deployment status is out you will see it once you Click on the ‘Deployment’ button at the top side of your NASIMS profile.
  5. Once clicked on the deployment button, your N-power deployment status will display.
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You should note that Updating your NASIMS profile has nothing to do with Npower deployment, if you have not been deployed exercise patience and check back againNpower deployment later

If you are unable to download the PPA letter after logging in to NASIMS Portal then you should
Clear browser cache or go to a cyber cafe. You can also Refresh and switch to desktop view

If you are told that there is no available program in your local government at this time, please chose another programme because it means that your present local Government or PPA don’t have the Government facility of your program

If you login to check your status and it’s blank please Exercise patience and check again later.

Please note that The deadline is 3 days after deployment

Note: if you have been deployed by Npower team then you should get a message very similar to this below:

Congratulations!!! Dear [Applicant’s Name],

you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.

Did you get the above message? If you didn’t get it then you should get a message like the one below. Which means you have not been deployed yet.

“Dear [Applicant’s Name], you have not been deployed yet.
Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set.”

All you have to do is to wait and check back again. Npower beneficiaries will be deployed in batches. So a single check should not discourage you to keep checking from time to time.

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Npower deployment date for Batch C

At the time when we published this article, Npower has not started deploying beneficiaries.

But we are here to inform you when the deployment letter and status is ready for checking and printing.

We won’t fail to let you know the date once it has been made known publicly as we remain the first to help our readers know the latest when it comes to Npower update.

Note: only applicants that had an excellent score are guaranteed to be deployed while those that perform poorly might not see their names on the deployment list.
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  1. This is my number please 08062720961 send a massage to my number now I haven’t received any massage from N power since I applied

  2. I don’t know if i can do inter-state redeployment. Presently in north but posted to my previous residence address in lagos. Thank you

  3. I don’t know if i can do inter-state redeployment on Npower portal. My present location is North but posted to my previous residential address (Lagos). Thank you

  4. I don’t know if i can do inter-state redeployment on Npower portal. My present location is North but posted to my previous residential address (Ogun state). Thank you

  5. Hi, please I want to know if the deployment is state by state, because we haven’t seen been deployed in osun state, we have checked severally the response is u haven’t been deployed yet, please It will be appreciated if u can respond shortly . Thanks, God bless Nigeria.

  6. Ngoundu Linda Ikondo

    Please I have not seen my redeployment letter yet and I did everything successfully, what could it be?

  7. Popoola mojisola odunayo

    Please i click on deployment is telling me that the program is not available in my local government that I should choose the new program but am trying to do that is not going please help me out what I’m I going to do

  8. Onwuagbu Emmanuel

    Pls I have been trying to log into my account, but it always show me danger, that I should logout blc my connection is not private and hackers might be trying to steal my npower information, credit card, data, n other things.
    I dnt understand it. Pls can u clarify me?
    Also wen I dial *45665# n follow the instructions, I clicked 3 for ppa it wil show me that physical verification is not ready yet.
    Pls clarify me.

  9. Adeleke Gideon oluwafemi

    I want to know my location because the reply given to me is that ,n-teach program is unavailable odigbo local government in ondo state ,but now i have changed it to,N-health .so please help me I have did my thurmbprint.

  10. Adeleke Gideon oluwafemi

    N_power batch c deployment because of n_teach program is unavailable in odigbo local government , in ondo state that is the message sent to me but now I have changed the program to ,n_health .please help me for God sake.

  11. I heard they paid stipend last year September I didn’t receive anything while some people received it, what could be the problem

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