How to do Npower Biometric enrollment /capture your finger

How to do Npower Biometric enrollment /capture your finger print [email protected]

Have you received the Npower congratulatory message from Npower at your portal

NPower had started shortlisting names of those who passed the test that was conducted previously or few months ago, now you can now check your status .

  • To view your message you have to visit the dashboard @
  • Then you have to sign with your credentials like email address and password
  • When you are logged in, look at the
  • Verification” tab, after logging into their NASIMS portal.

Note: that thousands of applicant have received their messages and are doing their finger print Biometric capture as at now.

Go through the steps given above and if you are successful you can now proceed to do your biometric enrollment right there on your dashboard.

How to install the Npower Biometric client

  • Navigate to the new page “NASIMS (NPOWER) Biometric Client”. A new page is going to pop up that says (
  • Now you should Click on “Install” to install the NASIMS NPower Biometrics, this should be installed and its a must on your system.
  • For those asking if this will work on android or iPhone should note that This application works only on computer not on mobile phone.
  • So After the installation, click on “Launch” to start the application. Then you should follow the next steps as outlined on your screen.
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onscreen prompts (instructions) to capture your fingerprint and complete your NPower Batch C verification of biometric data.

Module: NASIMS Biometric

Package Name: NASIMS Biometric Enrollment

Publisher: NASIMS (NPOWER)

To get it right, you need to install this file separately and when you are done then you can now complete the Biometric enrollment.

Biometrics requirements for your system should be either 32 bit Installation or 64 bit Installation. This should work well for your system as long as you operate with either of those bits

The following prerequisite is required and will be install during the installation:

.NET Desktop Runtimes is also needed but it might be that it is already installed on your system. But if not you need to install it first before the above file.

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later

Did you get the above message? Don’t lose hope just be patient and check back later.

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You can check back in few days from now. We believe more names are still coming out as we speak.

Transaction Failed:

Are you getting the message saying Transaction Failed? Don’t worry just wait a little time or try at night.

It’s just network. You can put on your VPN and try again. not opening :

As thousands of Nigerians are trying to get their finger print captured or carry out their Biometric enrollment the system will be slow or not respond as some time.

You just have to be patient a little while you try it at night.
What I mean here is that the best time to do this, is at night.

What device can I use for Npower biometric enrollment

You first have to download a software. Then you need to make use of your computer or laptop.

The Good news is that you can do it with your laptops as far as it has a finger print scanner or fingerprint sensor feature.

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You just have to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor on your laptop as you click on the “capture your finer” button on your screen.

Can I make use of Android or iPhone for Npower Biometric enrollment?

Yes you can’t make use of your Android phone or even iPhone even as they have fingerprint sensor where you can place your hand on.

You might ask what is fingerprint sensor? Well if you are making use of a high end device, you will notice a feature that enables you to unlock your device using your finger print.

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