N-Power : Reason You Have Not Been Shortlisted

N-Power Batch C Shortlist: Reason Why You Have Not Been Shortlisted Despite A High Score

I know you have been checking your NPower Dashboard and we also know that only few people were happy with what they saw After checking their dashboard.Npower verification

Did you get this message

“You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later?”

That’s the most disheartening thing ever after putting all effort in the NASIMS online assessment test only for you to be greeted with such message.

You might even scored over 60%, 70%, 80%, or even 90% and you are yet to receive a congratulatory message. You are not alone.

Thousands of applicants all over Nigeria who performed exceptionally well are facing same issues as we speak, hence if you received this message don’t fret just be calm.

We have it from our sources that more names are on the way. In few weeks to come more people will get positive response or messages indicating that they can now proceed with the Npower Biometric enrollment.

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Like we just said receiving the “You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later?”

Does not really mean that you have failed the test. There are so many factors at play in the selection process.

Please note that N-Power shortlisting of names is done randomly to balance Geopolitical zone or states.

An N-Power Batch C applicant might see or hear that an N-Power Batch C applicant in Lagos did well and was not shortlisted by N-Power while another N-Power Batch C applicant that performed poorly in Benue was shortlisted.

There are states with high numbers of candidates with excellent and high score, in such state getting shortlisted will be very competitive and intense.

As names are being uploaded extreme patient is needed at this time, just keep checking the N-Power/NASIMS we believe good news shall not pass you by.

You will be among the next applicants who will receive a congratulatory messages from NASIMS/N-Power shortly.

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N-Power 2021/2022 job General Requirements

  1. Before applying be sure that You are up to 18 years of age.
  2. To be shortlisted you must not exceed 35 years of age also.
  3. Your nationality also matter, only Nigerians are permitted to apply.
  4. All graduates applying will be made to submit their documents, be it Bsc, HND or even NYSC discharge certificate/ examination letter.
  5. To get recruited at the end of the day, You should take the NASIMS NPower online assessment test.
  6. You should get a very good score from the nasims.gov.ng online assessment test.
  7. You also have to pass the physical verification exercise and credential screening that will be conducted.

There should be an element of luck because only a defined number of applicant are actually needed from each Geopolitical Zones. That’s the main reason you should be prayerful.

Ikechukwu Youwin

this articles was written by ikechukwu for youwin.org.ng, Ikechukwu is a University graduate, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nigerian Nsuka (UNN).Read more

2 thoughts on “N-Power : Reason You Have Not Been Shortlisted

  1. Please I have taken test and my dashboard on screening stage still tells me to take test. Should I take or ignore?

  2. I submitted all necessary documents my score is 70% and my dashboard say have not been verified, I’m good to go.

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