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The NPower Batch C shortlisted candidates aptitude test is out and here is how to check if you have been shortlisted or not for the NASIMS Biometric fingerprint enrollment .

Remember that those who did not participate in the compulsory test won’t see their names on the final list of shortlisted candidate..

Also note that more names will be out on the soon, That’s  Npower batch C stream 2

while selection process is said to continues till June 21, 2021.

Deployment list has been sent to all 36 States focal persons accross Nigeria, its best you keep checking your email address from time to time 

We get information that the date for the physical verification and deployment is going to be decided and make public soon.

The processes and venues are being prepared as at now and date shall be made known soon

At the same time you guys are expected to be checking your email from time to time, but don’t forget to stay connected to the latest update from this article.


So keep reading this beautiful piece of article pack with lot of information

2021 NPower Batch C shortlisted Recruitment Test Portal: Did you apply for NPower programme?Npower Biometric

How to do Npower Biometric enrollment /capture your finger print NASIMS Login Portal for Npower

The NASIMS NPower login website / portal for Npower Batch C is now currently live.
You can now freely access the portal from the comfort of your home.

Remember that your Biometric will be conducted here at

You are now required to login to your dashboard, identify your status and also carry out your fingerprint enrollment.

Remember that all instructions must be strictly asher to

Now if you want to login here are the urls
Now you can sign in with your details: such as password and email.

You can as well recover your password via all you have to do is to click on the forget button, and you will be asked to provide your email address.

Remember that Npower Batch C stream 2 will be be out by 15th of this month 

Npower NASIMS Test Portal –

Just like we said the NASIMS portal is This is the url or portal where all Npower Batch C beneficiaries and applicant will have to login and check their status and also conduct their Biometric.

To check your status here is the step to take.

  • Step 1: here you will first Visit NASIMS NPower portal @
  • Step 2: in the space provided key in your email and password so as to log into your NASIMS NPower dashboard
  • Step 3: Click on “Verification” at the top menu of your screen

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later

After checking your dashboard on, did you get this message “You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later?

It means that you have been batch on stream 2

Did you score over 60%,80%, or even 90% and yet to receive a congratulatory message?
If you did not get get shortlisted in stream one, then you should check Npower Batch C stream 2 here

Npower verification

Well don’t panic, it only means that your name has not been shortlisted yet .
It doesn’t mean that you won’t be deployed or you failed the test.

short listing is also done randomly to balance Geopolitical zone or states.

You might see or hear that some one in Lagos did well and wasn’t shortlisted while someone that perform poorly in Benue is shortlisted.

Remember that names are still being released, so just relax and keep on checking.

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We are sure that more names are going to be released any moment from now. This is just the first list.

So still keep checking your dashboard from time to time.

Method Used For N-power Batch C Section

The ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development said that there are several factors used to shortlist candidates.

One of the factor is usually based on the number of applicants per Local Government Area.

Like for an example if an LGA has like 1000 candidates that applied for the NASIMS NPower programme they will experience higher cut of mark. The cut off mark will likely be 70% upwards

But if another local government that have lower numbers of applicants like 500 then they will reduce the cut off mark to 35% or even lower.

From the revelation above one could see that one of the main objective of the recruitment process is for even geographical location representation.

Our take

Any applicant that scored over 60 to 70% upwards should have high hopes but the only hindrance or main determining factor will be the number of applicants from your local government.

Are They much or are they very small we can’t tell because the only people that have raw statistical record is Npower .

By this it shows that those that applied in remote places like communities or local Government thar are very interior honestly have higher chances of being shortlisted.

Those that didn’t make it in Npower Batch C should Learn from this.

When applying for Npower Batch D which commences soon should apply from remote places as this could increase their chances of being shortlisted.

But remember that any local Government area you applied from will be your place of primary assessment (PPA) That’s the only disadvantage there.

N-Power begins enrollment for Batch C applicants

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has recently made it known to the General public on the next step for the N-power Batch C Stream One applicants.

According to the ministry, they have commenced and started working on the next stage of Npower Batch C enrollment which has to do with usual verification of email addresses by applicants.

What this means is that all those who has been shortlisted have to check their mail box for a confirmation mail and subsequent direction on the next step they have to take.

If you have not enrolled in the ongoing Biometric, you should do that now by logging into

NASIMS Contact details

Do you have any problems as regards the ongoing Biometric verification or you have questions to ask on other issues

You have been ask to contact this number: 018888340 or 018888189 or email for other enquiries and and urgent help.

Transaction Failed, can’t login?

Is the site not opening or are you are getting no response, or rather you can’t login? It’s expected because almost a million Nigerians are trying to access the site right now.

You can try accessing the portal at night and see if you can access the portal.
If it persists then try clearing your browser cache or rather male use of another browser and also put on a VPN.

Nothing is showing under my verification?

You are unable to get the message others are getting? Just like we said more names are still being processed and yours is there, let’s be hopeful.

As long as your performance is not bad, you have a high chances of scaling through.

We understand that most Npower Batch C applicant and shortlisted candidates are facing one problem or the other making them not to be able to complete the N-Power Biometric fingerprint .

We know its not entirely your fault that till this very moment you haven’t done your Biometric enrollment.

Are you facing any of these issues we have listed below? Check the recommended solution for you.

Some Errors Occur”

Are you experiencing “Some Errors Occur” ? That is, each time you try to complete the Biometric fingerprint, the system show or displays “Some Errors Occur”

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Having interviewed majority of the candidates, we discovered that this one major problem has made so many applicant’s unable to complete their Biometric fingerprint.

Here is a quick fix to this common problem :

1) the first recommended action you should take is to immediately begin another biometric enrolment session.

2) if it persists, you can check whether you are not or you are following the procedure or process for a successful N-Power Batch C Biometrics Fingerprint Enrollment.
You should remember that you are required to capture the right and left thumb and right and left index fingers.

Take a look at the picture below :How to capture your fingerprint

If errors still persist then try this, use your windows key on your keyboard click on the finger print application icon.

Inability to see where to commence your Biometric enrollment?

There are report we have received about confirmation of being shortlisted but at same time couldn’t continue the Biometric enrollment process because of non visibility of the Biometric button.

Simplify log out and login but this time try with another browser.

Unhandled Exception” Error

This is another issue we noticed that most people complain about.Exceptional errors

This error is seen when trying to install the Biometric Enrollment Client App.

Do you presently face this error? It simply means that you didn’t install
Fingerprint reader Prerequisite for either 32 (x32) bit Installation or 64 bit Installation (x64) or the General Installer.

Remember the following prerequisite is required

.NET Desktop Runtimes .NET Core Runtime 3.1. Both of them can be installed together depending on the type of system you have.

Npower shortlisted
See:How To Score 70% and More In NASIMS assignment test
We are pleased to inform you that the The federal Government through the The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has launch the N-Power Batch C’s applicants and beneficiaries of the much publicised National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS).

The portal will help individuals or better still beneficiaries to be able to participate on the online assessment test to be conducted for successful beneficiaries of the programme.

How To Score 70% and More In NASIMS assignment test

NPower Batch C shortlisted candidates 2021/2022

N-Power programme was established to help provide temporary employment to the youth. These youth comprises the very vulnerable people in the society who are unemployed.Npower

Recall that the president has once said that plans have been made to lift over 100 million of Nigeria from poverty? Hence Npower seeks to provides job opportunities and also impact skills and knowledge through its skill acquisition programme.

We are glad to inform you that over 1 million Nigerians will be added to the scheme but first we have been told that only 500,000 beneficiaries will first be added to the first list (first stream) while the rest will be added to subsequent list.

How to Login to NPower Portal and recover your password

The portal is well optimized and it’s quite easy to navigate, so let’s show you how to login to your profile.

It’s important for you to recover your password without it you can not login because your old password will be invalid on this new portal.

So the question comes “how can I be able to recover my password?” here are the procedures:

  • Click on login
  • Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • Enter your N-POWER application emailNasims npower
  • Click on “Send Link”
  • You now have to Check your mail and also follow the instructions given to have your password reset.
  • Now After you have successfully reset your password, please login to update your records.

How to Take NPower Batch C Recruitment Aptitude Test|

Remember that we have all been informed about a compulsory test all have to take and this time the test will be held online.

To begin the NPower Batch C Test online, you have to be prepared first. We believe the test will be very similar to previously set questions. So it’s important you get familiarised with previous questions.

Before taking the online test you should ensure that your profile is up to date, your names must be in the right format, your contact details also should be updated.

Since the test will be online, there will be a button to click when it’s available for you to take the test. But don’t worry you should receive a mail concerning the date and the link to follow up with the test.

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This is the reason you should always check your email or keep visiting this page constantly.

NASIMS ID Verification and Test Portal 2021.

Remember that the Npower Batch C will be done on NASIMS Portal and it will be CBT , the main thing here is for you to recover your password and ensure you regularly login to your profile.

Login to NPower NASIMS CBT Portal|

Here is the login page to the N‑Power NASIMS ID Verification and online computer based test Portal below :

Well the good news is that the long awaited list of shortlisted candidate is finally here for you to access and also verify if you have been shortlisted or not.

You are being timed and you are expected to answer your question within a time frame.

Also note that the test is compulsory for all irrespective of social status and failure to take this test will mean that one’s chances of getting his or her name on the final list of shortlisted candidate is slim

Why NASIMS portal

The new portal was launched for ease of coordination, deployment and management, timely payment of stipends and also to allow beneficiaries access a wide range of industry-specific contents that will widen their opportunities in the labour market.

This means that all registered members of the old portal has been migrated to the new portal. What they did is that they migrated the emails and profile associated with them to the new portal.

But accessing this portal as a first user won’t be possible because your password was not migrated for security reasons. You are only responsible for recovering your password via the recovery option we explained above.

It is important you access your profile on the new N-power portal so as to check your time and date of your online assessment test.

Number of beneficiaries to be recruited on

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development said they reached another Milestone. The programme will see over 500,000 beneficiaries recruited at the beginning ( first stream) but they are not done yet.

Another 500,000 beneficiaries will be added again bringing the total number to 1million Nigerians which comprises of the Batch C.

What does Nasims ID mean?

NASIMS ID is just a unique number used to identify Npower NASIMS applicants.

This ID is assigned to each applicant as they update their accounts when they are migrated from Npower platform to NASIMS platform or upon registration for the Npower programme on

NASIMS ID usually looks like NPWR/2020/12445808.
You can make use of this code to sign into your NASIMS NPower profile. Again if you have any issue you want to resolve its best you reference your NASIMS ID.

How can I retrieve or find my Nasims ID verification?

  • To get your ID retrieve you should first log here : NASIMS portal-
  • If you can’t login to your dashboard, maybe you forgot your password; you can use the recovery option to get your password back.
  • Then click on forgot password, this should be clicked to allow you reset your password.
  • After you have successfully recovered your password, login
  • You get to find your NASIMS ID right there on your dashboard.Npower I'D

It’s important you update your information by clicking on the update link. After doing this, your ID will be shown to you.

How do I know if my npower candidates are shortlisted?

If you have been shortlisted you are going to receive a congratulatory message on your mail and also when you log into your NPower NASIMS dashboard you are going to get the same congratulatory message.

You will also see the Npower Biometric fingerprint enrollment button to click on.

All this signifies that you have been shortlisted successfully


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