Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme 2022 Application Form Portal

Just like the N-power, the Nigerian Jubilee Fellow program has come to stay in order to achieve its aim by empowering Nigerian youths.

The rise of unemployment and poverty in the country is actually bothering the less privileged and virtually, everyone is looking for a way to escape the recession for youths,

the best way of putting an end to such issue is to provide paying jobs as youths are known to be more productive and efficient.

The federal government has launched the Nigerian jubilee fellow program which is similar to the N-power program.

Following its launch, there are several things you need to know concerning the program, its requirements and its history. Sit back and educate yourself as you peruse through the article.

The Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship 2022 Programme :

Things you need to know.

The Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme is a youth empowerment partnership program between the Federal government of Nigeria and the United Nations development program.

The program was actually set up to help young Nigerians overcome the issue of rising unemployment and the Covid – 19 impact which crippled the ability of the youths in terms of productivity.Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme

The program is targeted at young talented Nigerians who are looking to land jobs in the corporate world. The openings are for 20,000 skilled Nigerian youths who are interested in private and public sector organization across various industries in the country.

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They equally claim to empower and engage youths in order to be able to contribute to the expansion of the private sector. The program will serve all of Nigeria from North to south and the east to west ;

ensuring that organizations and youths from all parts of the country can participate through merit – based selection.

The programme targets a broad range of sectors including: start-up economy, innovation and creative industries, the digital and technology sector,

the green economy sector, financial services, key public and international development institutions, research and development, agriculture, real estate, construction, transportation, and health services.

For individuals seeking to know their head office, their head office is located at the UN House, development drive, central business district, Abuja.

The Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme :Objective

The organizers have stated that the aim is to place 20,000 highly skilled Nigerian youths to private and public sectors in different sizes and industries across the country while eliminating poverty and reducing crime among the youths.

Duration of the Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme

The programme lasts for a year which is fully paid and designed to enhance their leadership, competence and job skills. The recruitment follows a monthly stipend with an expanded network, brand and image alongside increased policy influence.

Eligibility and Application process

Following the recent release of the application forms, the organizations have also listed several requirements that candidates are expected to provide or meet up with, in order to eligible for the programme. Below are the requirements :

  • Candidates applying must be a Nigerian citizen and other non-eligible citizens are exempted from the scheme.
  • Candidates must be at least, 30 years of age.
  • Candidates must be able to manage time with an impressive professional attitude.
  • Candidates must have graduated from the University of recent. No earlier than 2017.
  • Candidates must have completed the NYSC scheme and must have obtained the certification.
  • Candidates must have a good verbal and writing communication skills.
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How to apply for the Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme

  • *Visit
  • *click on the’’ apply ‘’icon
  • *fill in the requirements and submit

The Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Employment Scheme

The president of Nigeria, president Muhamadu Buhari, launched the Nigerian jubilee fellowship programme which was actually structured in order to create social opportunities for 20,000 graduates yearly.

Following the speech of President Buhari, he assured the potential candidates that adequate mentorship from experts would be provided in order to support the youths.

Moreover, he said that the program will provide a great network for Nigerian youths to acquire several work experiences in their various fields alongside gaining skills that could be utilized for Good.

The president equally said that focusing on the issue of job creation, persistence in actualizing innovative ideas brought about a 5% growth in the general economy over the second quarter in 2021 which has been recorded as the highest in six years ;

Ensuring Nigerians that the Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme would make the success recorded, improve.

He listed some of the key drivers of economic growth and diversification in the second quarter to include telecommunications, transportation, electricity, agriculture and manufacturing which would definitely improve the economy if willing youths can utilize skills in the actualization of such aim which will definitely lead to the creation of jobs.

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President Buhari said that the programme will be funded with 75 Billion Naira in order to support the youths in the ministry of youth and sports. Furthermore, more eligible Nigerians were encouraged by the president to apply for the programme in order to be open to several opportunities.

He equally said that the issue of unemployment was being looked into and they are committed on tackling the issue as the previous schemes turned out successful in making the Nigerian youth productive.

He equally urged all eligible candidates to apply for the scheme and private organizations to equally help by providing jobs, mentorship programs and sponsorship to the eligible candidates.

The president equally said, in a statement that ‘’ These graduates are recruited to work in agricultural, health and education institutions across the country.

The N-power programme also has a non-graduate component that provides skills to tens of thousands of Nigerians in areas such as technology, masonry, auto repairs, and carpentry’ This actually means that there are lots of opportunities, open to all interested applicants.


It is believed that you’ve gone through the article and picked certain details from it. The scheme is not a waste of time nor resources.

If you feel you can meet up to the requirements and you are eligible, applying for the scheme won’t be a bad idea as it would be beneficial. You can drop your views in the comment section.

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