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NPower Recruitment 2024/2025 : teach, build, tax, health, volunteer,agro AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Unemployment is a major problem in Nigeria, and it is one of the greatest threats to the development of country.  

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If the ever-growing crime rates in the country must reduce, the government must be ready to create more well-paid jobs across the country. This is because there will be no time for crime or any social vice as long as the youths are gainfully employed.

Knowing this at the back of its mind, the Buhari-led administration introduced a laudable way to reduce the employment rate in the country. This method or process is known as the N-Power Scheme.

What Is N-Power Scheme and How Does Function? :

The N-Power Scheme is a strategy deployed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to enhance the productivity level of the Nigerian youths as it is created to help the youth engage in the acquisition of new entrepreneurship and other useful skills.

Through this scheme, the Federal Government has been able to involve the youths in its social and economic plans.

It is also believed that once a certain number of youths will be discharged into the labor market as soon as they are well equipped with the needed ingenuity and skills that will propel them to greatness.

N-Power program has many modules that all youths — irrespective of their course of studies, area of interest and aspect of passion — will be able to enjoy the benefit.

These modules include; N-Power Knowledge, N-Power Volunteer, and N-Power Build. All these modules consist of programs which won’t only serve a job for the applicant but also help them to create jobs for others and improve the country’s economy.

Importance Of The N-Power Scheme’s Program

1) It Provides Employment Opportunities

This government-initiated program helps in the reduction of unemployment as it helps over 500,000 youths to develop new skills that will propel them into money-making activities or jobs at the end of their training.

2) It Provides Massive Support For Government Plans To Eradicate Poverty In The Country

The youths who are trained will also help to boost government’s dream of having a poverty-free country. This is because large portion of the youths – who attended the programme — will be self-reliant.

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3) It Helps To Diversify The Country’s Economy

This program also helps in the enhancement of the Federal government’s mission to diversify the economy.

This is because the scheme allows knowledge-based economy which exposes the participant to global ingenuity, knowledge and certification.

This will help in the promotion of innovation in both the local and foreign market.

Criteria or Requirements To Be Part Of The N-Power Scheme

Each module have its own unique requirements, it is important you possess some criteria to be eligible for the program. This criteria include the following;

1. Attitudinal Requirements

  • A genuine interest in the program you have selected.
  • Pass all the aptitude and attitude test needed to be qualified to take any module
  • Willingness and readiness to leave your comfort zone at all times.
  • Be ready to acquire and develop the needed skills and also put in your best such that you will be pushed to the limit.

2. Graduate Certificate (NOT MANDATORY BUT BENEFICIAL)
While using the registration portal of NPower, all qualifications obtained as a result of applicant’s tertiary education are called “graduate certificate”. These certificates include;

  • Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) qualifications
  • National Diploma (ND)

3. Age Requirement
The N-Power registration is only for those within the range of 18 to 35 years.

How To Register For N-Power Scheme

Below are some steps to take while registering for the N-Power program:

* Visit N-Power Registration Portal And Create Your Login Credentials:

To partake in the scheme, it is important for you to visit the N-Power portal to register after selecting the program of your choice.

This registration contains your login email and password. With this login credentials, you can access the N-Power registration portal when the registration process begins and strictly follow subsequent instructions.

N-Power Modules or Segments

The N-Power scheme is divided into 3 different modules known as the N-Power Knowledge, N-Power Volunteer and N-Power Build. These modules or segments are equally subdivided into divisions.

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1. N-Power Knowledge

This aspect of the N-Power scheme helps to train the youth on Information technology.

This module will help applicants know how to operate as a provider of freelancing services, skilled employee and entrepreneurs. The module comprises of the following sub-categories:

* Creative Program

This program is put in place to train Nigerian youth to become global service exporter. It is a 3-month training program with a class assignment, and group project nationwide. This division includes script development, production, graphic design and animation.

As at today being 14th April 2024, The Npower recruitment form is out.We are going to inform you immediately it’s out.

The following are required to qualify for this division;

  • You must unemployed
  • You must be between age 18 and 35 years.
  • skills in illustration and creative writing is an added advantage for graphic art and scriptwriting category.
  • Excellent skills in solving problems
  • You must pay attention to analysis and details, ready to be taught.

After this training, you can function as an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, film and sound editor, media publisher among others.

* Software Developers

This is another category in the N-Power Knowledge sector, and it deals with the training and empowerment of 10,000 software developers. This program entails intensive training for eleven weeks.

After the training, all participant will be linked with opportunities close to them through another Initiative that will be organised by the government.

At the completion of this program, you have the opportunity to work as an app or web developer and game or system analyst, software tester among others.

2. N-Power Volunteer

This is a module that comprises of a paid volunteers. They will function in some aspect of the public sector for two years and receive payment.

This segment is mainly occupied by graduates who will be able to effect changes in four sections of the economy because it consists of four sub-categories which are discussed below.

* N-Power Agro

Volunteers of this division will be trained by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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After the training, volunteers will provide advisory services for Nigerian farmers. They will also collect data on the asset of Nigerian farmers.

You need a Bachelor degree, National or Higher National Degree in food, crop, animal science or any agriculture-related discipline to be eligible for this segment of the scheme.

After the two years, you can function as farm manager, Agro-entrepreneur, Agricultural extension among others.

* N-Power Teach

Just like N-Power Agro, it requires the same age range, the same duration of service (2year).

However, applicants will be trained on the delivery of quality educational services to their various school of deployment.

After the period of service, they can function as a professional teacher, project supervisor, strategy consultant among others.

* N-Power Health

This division is born out of the decision to make the health sector function more effectively.

These group of volunteers will be trained and be posted to health centres and hospital to utilize their knowledge.

The application criteria are ND, HND, BSc in medicine, Micro Biology, Midwifery, Nursing among others.

When these group of volunteers finish their two years training program, they can function as health education, community health, health research, health, administrators, among others.

* N-Power Tax

This category of volunteers are to increase the number of citizen’s compliance to tax matters.

In view of this, NPower tax volunteers will work as tax Liaison officer to their various communities of deployment after training.

They will primarily engage in customer services, creation on awareness tax, and responding to online enquiries from customers.

Holders of BSc and HNDs in Finance, Law, psychology, Economics and other relevant qualification in social science are criteria of preference.

3. N-Power Build

This is the government’s skills-to-job program that will involve more than seventy thousand participants. This module is termed government skill-to-job. This module alone will involve over 70,000 participants.

This is aimed at developing a group of highly-skilled and component technicians, artisans and professional personnel who will render great and quality services in the construction and building, Utilities, gas and automobile sectors.

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