UNILAG Distance Learning Institute School Fees 2020/2021 DLI

UNILAG Distance Learning Institute School Fees
Distance learning institute, popularly known a DLI, is a fast-growing method of education in Nigeria that doesn’t require student’s 100% physical presence in class or lecture rooms.

What this means is that students can complete their academic programmes successfully without being regular in front of lecturers. In most cases — just as it is with UNILAG, DLI is a five-year, weekend part-time programme that will grant you a BSc degree at the end of everything.

As much as we’re focusing on UNILAG Distance Learning, there is a need to discuss extensively about this method of learning in order to let you know all it entails.

What You Should Know About Distance Learning Institute

* Eligibility Status

There are some certain criteria that you must possess before you can be eligible for any DLI programme. The criteria are discussed below:

  1. You must be 21 years old or older before you can stand a chance of gaining admission into the UNILAG Distance Learning Institute.
  2. You are mandated to have a qualified NECO/ WAEC/ GCE result. Qualified, as used in this context, means that your result includes five credit pass in all important or course-related subjects. You can equally combine your result, but must not be more than two sittings.
  3. As a Direct Entry candidate, it is compulsory that you have a Upper Credit HND to stand a chance.
  4. You must possess a birth certificate, Secondary scholarship testimonial, WAEC certificate and two photographs.
  5. It is compulsory that you pass the institution’s entrance exam if you must be admitted into UNILAG DLI programmes. The exam often comes up in March and April of every year.-However, this year’s entrance exam and the sale of unilag Dli form could be shifted to new month due to Coronavirus outbreak which has affected all tertiary institutions in the country.
  6. You need a good internet connection and a laptop because all assignments and group work are done and submitted online.
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* Programme’s Duration

Just as I have mentioned earlier, this method of learning often last for five years. Although, some courses require additional one year for completion which makes them six-year courses.

You’re only expected to attend lecture just twice in a month and it is only on Saturdays. However, you must be active during online lectures, and you must get all the needed online materials. It is advisable to stay in school during revision and exam weeks which will only last for one month.

* UNILAG’s DLI Available Courses

The UNILAG DLI have some professional courses available, they include: B.Sc In Accounting; B.Sc In Business Administration; B.Sc In Economics; B.Sc In Public Administration; B.Sc In Education Science; B.Sc In Education/Biology; B.Sc in Education/Chemistry; B.Sc in Education/Physics; B.Sc in Education/Mathematics.

* UNILAG DLI School Fees

If we must be very frank with you, we will tell you that the school fees is quite enormous because you’re expected to pay nothing less than….

  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • Biology Education
  • Physics Education
  • Chemistry Education
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The school fees also vary with courses. Tuitions are paid per year and the average school fees is about N140, 000

University of Lagos Postgraduate Part Time School Fees


  • A English: N120, 000


  • Sc Banking and Finance (2 Sessions): N150,000
  • Masters in Business Administration |2 Sessions: N450,000. This excludes departmental dues: N3, 000
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR)|2 Sessions|N112,500
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (IRPM) – N112, 000 PER SESSION
  • Sc Development Finance – N600, 000. The first instalment is N330, 000.
  • Sc Risk Management and Insurance (MRM) – N200, 000


  • Sc Public Health| Community Health|2 Sessions|N150,000; excluding departmental dues between N15, 000 – N20, 000
  • Masters In Public Health – 2 sessions – N150, 000


  • Ed Educational Administration & Planning |Educational Administration|3 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed Comparative Education |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000.00
  • Ed Measurement and Evaluation |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed Sociology |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00
  • PGD Guidance n counselling – N150, 000
  • PGD Education M.Ed. Sandwich – N70, 000
  • Ed Education Sandwich – N70, 000


  • Sc Project Management |Building| 2 Sessions |N150,000.00
  • Masters of Facility Management – N150, 000


  • Masters of Process Engineering (MPE)|2 Sessions|N150, 000
  • Chemical Engineering N150, 000
  • PGD Chemical Engineering N150,000
  • PGD MET & MAT Engineering|2 Sessions|N75,000.00
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  • Masters Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies|4 Semesters|N90,000
  • Master of Law (LLM)|2 Semesters|N150,000


  • Sc Economics |4 Semesters|N150, 000
  • PGD Economics |3 Semesters|N90, 000
  • Sc Geographic Information Systems| 2 Sessions| N120, 000; Course Materials: N45, 000
  • Sc Transport Management and Planning | 3 Semesters| N120, 000
  • PGD Transport Management and Planning | 2 Semesters| N120, 000
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) |2 Semesters| N112, 000
  • Master in Managerial Psychology | 4 Semesters| N150, 000


  • Masters in Environmental Management |4 Semesters|N120,000.00
  • PGD Environmental Management |2 Semesters|N60,000.00
  • Sc Information Technology |2 Sessions|N225,000. It excludes Departmental dues: N7, 000
  • PGD Computer Science|3 Semesters|N150,000
  • PGD Mathematics|3 Semesters|N75,000.00
  • PGD Statistics |3 Semesters|N75,000.00
  • Sc GEOSCIENCE -N150, 000

per year.

Nonetheless, considering the fact that most DLI students are engaged in one service or the other, we believe you should be able to afford the high fee. Luckily, school fees can be paid in installments, though, it attracts extra amount of…


Unilag is one of the most reputable and reliable universities in Nigeria, you can trust its academic excellence. In terms of DLI programmes, UNILAG offers arguably the best service to students as there are only few tertiary institutions that are involved in Distance learning education in Nigeria.

You can visit Unilag dli portal to learn more about the DLI programmes and other related programmes.

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